Performance History

Criteria for all underlying alternative investments:

EVENT-DRIVEN, SPECIAL SITUATIONS chosen to enhance returns without sacrificing quality.

INDUSTRY AGNOSTIC, but with a targeted 25% maximum weighting to any industry at any given time.

High quality private investments that are challenged by LIMITED ACCESS TO CAPITAL.

Fund Mandates


Alternative Income Fund

 The mandate of Proof's Alternative Income Fund is to invest primarily in alternative private credit and direct investment opportunities with stable distributable cash flows. Permitted investment vehicles include private mortgages, asset backed securities, direct investments, bonds, preferred shares, and other cash-distributing securities.

Alternative Growth Fund

The mandate of Proof’s Alternative Growth Fund is to invest primarily in alternative private equity and direct investment opportunities with strong growth profiles. Permitted investment vehicles include real property and/or securities invested in real property, REITs, private equity investments, bonds offering the prospect of capital appreciation, and other growth-orientated securities.