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utf-8,[mimeType] => text/html,[modifiedDate] => ,[client] => Joomla\Application\Web\WebClient Object ([*platform] => ,[*mobile] => ,[*engine] => ,[*browser] => ,[*browserVersion] => ,[*languages] => Array (),[*encodings] => Array (),[*userAgent] => CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/),[*acceptEncoding] => br,gzip,[*acceptLanguage] => en-US,en;q=0.5,[*robot] => ,[*detection] => Array ([browser] => 1),[*headers] => ),[*document] => Joomla\CMS\Document\HtmlDocument Object ([_links] => Array (),[_custom] => Array (),[template] => ,[baseurl] => ,[params] => ,[_file] => ,[*_template] => ,[*_template_tags] => Array (),[*_caching] => ,[Joomla\CMS\Document\HtmlDocument_html5] => 1,[title] => Wealth Management Services,[description] => Proof Capital Inc. is a private merchant bank and wealth management firm ​based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Offering Wealth Management services, Direct investment alternative assets, Innovative corporate advisory and we put our money where our mouth is. Proof Capital invests along-side its investors to demonstrate our confidence in the quality of our investments.​,[link] => ,[base] => https://proofcapital.ca/%25s,[language] => en-gb,[direction] => ltr,[_generator] => Joomla! - Open Source Content Management,[_mdate] => ,[_tab] => ,[_lineEnd] => ,[_charset] => utf-8,[_mime] => text/html,[_namespace] => ,[_profile] => ,[_scripts] => Array ([JQEASY_JQLIB] => Array ([mime] => text/javascript,[options] => Array ()),[JQEASY_JQNOCONFLICT] => Array ([mime] => text/javascript,[options] => Array ()),[https://proofcapital.ca/templates/g5_hydrogen/js/jquery.min.js] => Array ([type] => text/javascript,[options] => Array ([version] => auto,[relative] => 1,[detectDebug] => ,[framework] => ,[pathOnly] => ,[detectBrowser] => 1)),[/media/jui/js/jquery-noconflict.js] => Array ([type] => text/javascript,[options] => Array ([version] => auto,[relative] => 1,[framework] => ,[pathOnly] => ,[detectBrowser] => 1,[detectDebug] => 1)),[/media/jui/js/jquery-migrate.min.js] => Array ([type] => text/javascript,[options] => Array ([version] => auto,[relative] => 1,[detectDebug] => ,[framework] => ,[pathOnly] => ,[detectBrowser] => 1))),[_script] => Array ([text/javascript] => ;(function ($) { $.ajaxSetup({ headers: { 'X-CSRF-Token': Joomla.getOptions('csrf.token') } }); })(jQuery);),[*scriptOptions] => Array ([csrf.token] => 3cf3492f42d6879d0da0929d21998d8c),[_styleSheets] => Array (),[_style] => Array (),[_metaTags] => Array ([http-equiv] => Array ([content-type] => text/html; charset=utf-8),[name] => Array ([keywords] => Proof Capital, private, merchant, bank, wealth, management, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Wealth Management services, Direct investment alternative assets, Innovative corporate advisory, invests, confidence, quality, investments,[rights] => )),[_engine] => ,[_type] => html,[*mediaVersion] => 692d70e131d09e9a60fb351eb429bbcc),[*language] => Joomla\CMS\Language\Language Object ([*debug] => ,[*default] => en-GB,[*orphans] => Array (),[*metadata] => Array ([name] => English (United Kingdom),[nativeName] => English (United Kingdom),[tag] => en-GB,[rtl] => 0,[locale] => en_GB.utf8, en_GB.UTF-8, en_GB, eng_GB, en, english, english-uk, uk, gbr, britain, england, great britain, uk, united kingdom, united-kingdom,[firstDay] => 0,[weekEnd] => 0,6,[calendar] => gregorian),[*locale] => ,[*lang] => en-GB,[*paths] => Array ([joomla] => Array ([/home/proofcap/public_html/language/en-GB/en-GB.ini] => 1),[lib_joomla] => Array ([/home/proofcap/public_html/language/en-GB/en-GB.lib_joomla.ini] => 1),[com_rsfirewall] => Array ([/home/proofcap/public_html/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_rsfirewall.ini] 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Please check back again soon.,[JON] => On,[JOPTIONS] => Options,[JPAGETITLE] => %1$s - %2$s,[JPREV] => Prev,[JPREVIOUS] => Previous,[JPREVIOUS_TITLE] => Previous article: %s,[JPUBLISHED] => Published,[JREGISTER] => Register,[JREQUIRED] => Required,[JSAVE] => Save,[JSELECT] => Select,[JSHOW] => Show,[JSITE] => Site,[JSTATUS] => Status,[JSTATUS_ASC] => Status ascending,[JSTATUS_DESC] => Status descending,[JSUBMIT] => Submit,[JTAG] => Tags,[JTAG_DESC] => Assign tags to content items. You may select a tag from the pre-defined list or enter a new tag by typing the name in the field and pressing enter.,[JTAG_FIELD_SELECT_DESC] => Select the tag to use.,[JTOOLBAR] => Toolbar,[JTOOLBAR_VERSIONS] => Versions,[JTRASH] => Trash,[JTRASHED] => Trashed,[JTRUE] => True,[JUNPUBLISHED] => Unpublished,[JUSER_TOOLS] => User tools,[JYEAR] => Year,[JYES] => Yes,[JBROWSERTARGET_MODAL] => Modal,[JBROWSERTARGET_NEW] => Open in new window,[JBROWSERTARGET_PARENT] => Open in parent window,[JBROWSERTARGET_POPUP] => Open in popup,[JERROR_ALERTNOAUTHOR] => You are not authorised to view this resource.,[JERROR_ALERTNOTEMPLATE] => The template for this display is not available. Please contact a Site administrator.,[JERROR_AN_ERROR_HAS_OCCURRED] => An error has occurred.,[JERROR_COULD_NOT_FIND_TEMPLATE] => Could not find template "%s".,[JERROR_ERROR] => Error,[JERROR_LAYOUT_AN_OUT_OF_DATE_BOOKMARK_FAVOURITE] => an out-of-date bookmark/favourite,[JERROR_LAYOUT_ERROR_HAS_OCCURRED_WHILE_PROCESSING_YOUR_REQUEST] => An error has occurred while processing your request.,[JERROR_LAYOUT_GO_TO_THE_HOME_PAGE] => Go to the Home Page,[JERROR_LAYOUT_HOME_PAGE] => Home Page,[JERROR_LAYOUT_MIS_TYPED_ADDRESS] => a mistyped address,[JERROR_LAYOUT_NOT_ABLE_TO_VISIT] => You may not be able to visit this page because of:,[JERROR_LAYOUT_PAGE_NOT_FOUND] => The requested page can't be found.,[JERROR_LAYOUT_PLEASE_CONTACT_THE_SYSTEM_ADMINISTRATOR] => If difficulties persist, please contact the System Administrator of this site and report the error below.,[JERROR_LAYOUT_PLEASE_TRY_ONE_OF_THE_FOLLOWING_PAGES] => Please try one of the following pages:,[JERROR_LAYOUT_PREVIOUS_ERROR] => Previous Error,[JERROR_LAYOUT_REQUESTED_RESOURCE_WAS_NOT_FOUND] => The requested resource was not found.,[JERROR_LAYOUT_SEARCH] => You may wish to search the site or visit the home page.,[JERROR_LAYOUT_SEARCH_ENGINE_OUT_OF_DATE_LISTING] => a search engine that has an out-of-date listing for this site,[JERROR_LAYOUT_SEARCH_PAGE] => Search this site,[JERROR_LAYOUT_YOU_HAVE_NO_ACCESS_TO_THIS_PAGE] => you have no access to this page,[JERROR_LOADING_MENUS] => Error loading Menus: %s,[JERROR_LOGIN_DENIED] => You can't access the private section of this site.,[JERROR_NOLOGIN_BLOCKED] => Login denied! Your account has either been blocked or you have not activated it yet.,[JERROR_PAGE_NOT_FOUND] => Page not found,[JERROR_SENDING_EMAIL] => Email could not be sent.,[JERROR_SESSION_STARTUP] => Error starting the session.,[JERROR_TABLE_BIND_FAILED] => hmm %s ...,[JERROR_USERS_PROFILE_NOT_FOUND] => User profile not found,[JFIELD_ACCESS_DESC] => Access level for this content.,[JFIELD_ACCESS_LABEL] => Access,[JFIELD_ALIAS_DESC] => The Alias will be used in the SEF URL. Leave this blank and Joomla! will fill in a default value from the title. This value will depend on the SEO settings (Global Configuration->Site).
Using Unicode will produce UTF-8 aliases. You may also enter manually any UTF-8 character. Spaces and some forbidden characters will be changed to hyphens.
When using default transliteration it will produce an alias in lower case and with dashes instead of spaces. You may enter the Alias manually. Use lowercase letters and hyphens (-). No spaces or underscores are allowed. Default value will be a date and time if the title is typed in non-latin letters .,[JFIELD_ALIAS_LABEL] => Alias,[JFIELD_ALIAS_PLACEHOLDER] => Auto-generate from title,[JFIELD_ALT_PAGE_TITLE_LABEL] => Alternative Page Title,[JFIELD_CATEGORY_DESC] => Category,[JFIELD_FIELDS_CATEGORY_DESC] => Select the category that this field is assigned to.,[JFIELD_LANGUAGE_DESC] => Assign a language to this article.,[JFIELD_LANGUAGE_LABEL] => Language,[JFIELD_META_DESCRIPTION_DESC] => Metadata description.,[JFIELD_META_DESCRIPTION_LABEL] => Meta Description,[JFIELD_META_KEYWORDS_DESC] => Keywords describing the content.,[JFIELD_META_KEYWORDS_LABEL] => Keywords,[JFIELD_META_RIGHTS_DESC] => Describe what rights others have to use this content.,[JFIELD_META_RIGHTS_LABEL] => Content Rights,[JFIELD_ORDERING_DESC] => Ordering of the article within the category.,[JFIELD_ORDERING_LABEL] => Ordering,[JFIELD_PUBLISHED_DESC] => Set publication status.,[JFIELD_TITLE_DESC] => Title for the article.,[JGLOBAL_ADD_CUSTOM_CATEGORY] => Add new Category,[JGLOBAL_ARTICLES] => Articles,[JGLOBAL_FIELDS] => Fields,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_ACCESS_DENIED] => Access Denied,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_ACCESS_GRANTED] => Access Granted,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_BIND_FAILED] => Failed binding to LDAP server,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_CANCEL] => Authentication cancelled,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_CURL_NOT_INSTALLED] => Curl isn't installed.,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_EMPTY_PASS_NOT_ALLOWED] => Empty password not allowed.,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_FAIL] => Authentication failed,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_FAILED] => Failed to authenticate: %s,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_INCORRECT] => Incorrect username/password,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_INVALID_PASS] => Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet.,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_INVALID_SECRETKEY] => The two factor authentication Secret Key is invalid.,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_NO_BIND] => Unable to bind to LDAP,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_NO_CONNECT] => Unable to connect to LDAP server,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_NO_REDIRECT] => Could not redirect to server: %s,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_NO_USER] => Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet.,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_NOT_CONNECT] => Unable to connect to authentication service.,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_NOT_CREATE_DIR] => Could not create the FileStore folder %s. Please check the effective permissions.,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_PASS_BLANK] => LDAP can't have blank password,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_UNKNOWN_ACCESS_DENIED] => Result Unknown. Access Denied,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_USER_BLACKLISTED] => User is blacklisted.,[JGLOBAL_AUTH_USER_NOT_FOUND] => Unable to find user,[JGLOBAL_AUTO] => Auto,[JGLOBAL_CATEGORY_NOT_FOUND] => Category not found,[JGLOBAL_CENTER] => Center,[JGLOBAL_CHECK_ALL] => Check All Items,[JGLOBAL_CLICK_TO_SORT_THIS_COLUMN] => Select to sort by this column,[JGLOBAL_COLLAPSE_CATEGORIES] => Show less categories,[JGLOBAL_CREATED_DATE_ON] => Created on %s,[JGLOBAL_CUSTOM_CATEGORY] => New Categories,[JGLOBAL_DESCRIPTION] => Description,[JGLOBAL_DISPLAY_NUM] => Display #,[JGLOBAL_EDIT] => Edit,[JGLOBAL_EDIT_TITLE] => Edit article,[JGLOBAL_EMAIL] => Email,[JGLOBAL_EMAIL_DOMAIN_NOT_ALLOWED] => The email domain %s is not allowed. Please enter another email address.,[JGLOBAL_EMAIL_TITLE] => Email this link to a friend,[JGLOBAL_EXPAND_CATEGORIES] => Show more categories,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_ADD] => Add,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_CATEGORIES_CHOOSE_CATEGORY_DESC] => Categories that are within this category will be displayed.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_CATEGORIES_CHOOSE_CATEGORY_LABEL] => Select a Top Level Category,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_CATEGORIES_DESC_DESC] => If you enter some text in this field, it will replace the Top Level Category Description, if it has one.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_CATEGORIES_DESC_LABEL] => Alternative Description,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_CREATED_BY_ALIAS_DESC] => Uses another name than the author's for display.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_CREATED_BY_ALIAS_LABEL] => Author's Alias,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_CREATED_BY_DESC] => The user who created this.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_CREATED_BY_LABEL] => Created By,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_CREATED_DESC] => Created Date.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_CREATED_LABEL] => Created Date,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_FEATURED_DESC] => Assign the article to the featured blog layout.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_FEATURED_LABEL] => Featured,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_FIELD_CACHETIME_DESC] => The number of minutes before the cache is refreshed.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_FIELD_ORDERING_DESC] => Order items will be displayed in.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_FIELD_ORDERING_LABEL] => Order,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_GROUPS] => Field Groups,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_ID_DESC] => Record number in the database.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_ID_LABEL] => ID,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_LAYOUT_DESC] => Default layout to use for items.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_LAYOUT_LABEL] => Choose a Layout,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_MODIFIED_LABEL] => Modified Date,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_MODIFIED_BY_DESC] => The user who did the last modification.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_MODIFIED_BY_LABEL] => Modified By,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_MOVE] => Move,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_NUM_CATEGORY_ITEMS_DESC] => Number of categories to display for each level.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_NUM_CATEGORY_ITEMS_LABEL] => Number of Categories,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_PUBLISH_DOWN_DESC] => An optional date to stop publishing.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_PUBLISH_DOWN_LABEL] => Finish Publishing,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_PUBLISH_UP_DESC] => An optional date to start publishing.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_PUBLISH_UP_LABEL] => Start Publishing,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_REMOVE] => Remove,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_SHOW_BASE_DESCRIPTION_DESC] => Show description of the top level category or alternatively replace with the text from the description field found in the menu item. If using Root as a top level category, the description field has to be filled.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_SHOW_BASE_DESCRIPTION_LABEL] => Top Level Category Description,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_VERSION_NOTE_DESC] => Enter an optional note for this version of the item.,[JGLOBAL_FIELD_VERSION_NOTE_LABEL] => Version Note,[JGLOBAL_FILTER_BUTTON] => Filter,[JGLOBAL_FILTER_LABEL] => Filter,[JGLOBAL_FULL_TEXT] => Full Text,[JGLOBAL_GT] => >,[JGLOBAL_HELPREFRESH_BUTTON] => Refresh,[JGLOBAL_HITS] => Hits,[JGLOBAL_HITS_ASC] => Hits ascending,[JGLOBAL_HITS_COUNT] => Hits: %s,[JGLOBAL_HITS_DESC] => Hits descending,[JGLOBAL_ICON_SEP] => |,[JGLOBAL_INHERIT] => Inherit,[JGLOBAL_INTRO_TEXT] => Intro Text,[JGLOBAL_KEEP_TYPING] => Keep typing ...,[JGLOBAL_LEFT] => Left,[JGLOBAL_LIST_ALIAS] => (Alias: %s),[JGLOBAL_LIST_ALIAS_NOTE] => (Alias: %s, Note: %s),[JGLOBAL_LOOKING_FOR] => Looking for,[JGLOBAL_LT] => <,[JGLOBAL_MAXIMUM_UPLOAD_SIZE_LIMIT] => Maximum upload size: %s,[JGLOBAL_NEWITEMSLAST_DESC] => New items default to the last position. Ordering can be changed after this item has been saved.,[JGLOBAL_NO_MATCHING_RESULTS] => No Matching Results,[JGLOBAL_NUM] => #,[JGLOBAL_OTPMETHOD_NONE] => Disable Two Factor Authentication,[JGLOBAL_PASSWORD] => Password,[JGLOBAL_PASSWORD_RESET_REQUIRED] => You are required to reset your password before proceeding.,[JGLOBAL_PREVIEW_POSITION] => Position: %s,[JGLOBAL_PREVIEW_STYLE] => Style: %s,[JGLOBAL_PRINT] => Print,[JGLOBAL_PRINT_TITLE] => Print article < %s >,[JGLOBAL_RECORD_NUMBER] => Record ID: %d,[JGLOBAL_REMEMBER_ME] => Remember me,[JGLOBAL_REMEMBER_MUST_LOGIN] => For security reasons you must login before editing your personal information.,[JGLOBAL_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND] => Resource not found,[JGLOBAL_RIGHT] => Right,[JGLOBAL_ROOT] => Root,[JGLOBAL_SECRETKEY] => Secret Key,[JGLOBAL_SECRETKEY_HELP] => If you have enabled two factor authentication in your user account please enter your secret key. If you do not know what this means, you can leave this field blank.,[JGLOBAL_SELECT_AN_OPTION] => Select an option,[JGLOBAL_SELECT_NO_RESULTS_MATCH] => No results match,[JGLOBAL_SELECT_SOME_OPTIONS] => Select some options,[JGLOBAL_SORT_BY] => Sort Table By:,[JGLOBAL_START_PUBLISH_AFTER_FINISH] => Item start publishing date must be before finish publishing date,[JGLOBAL_SUBCATEGORIES] => Subcategories,[JGLOBAL_SUBHEADING_DESC] => Optional text to show as a subheading.,[JGLOBAL_TITLE] => Title,[JGLOBAL_TITLE_ASC] => Title ascending,[JGLOBAL_TITLE_DESC] => Title descending,[JGLOBAL_TYPE_OR_SELECT_CATEGORY] => Type or Select a Category,[JGLOBAL_TYPE_OR_SELECT_SOME_OPTIONS] => Type or select some options,[JGLOBAL_TYPE_OR_SELECT_SOME_TAGS] => Type or select some tags,[JGLOBAL_USE_GLOBAL] => Use Global,[JGLOBAL_USE_GLOBAL_VALUE] => Use Global (%s),[JGLOBAL_USERNAME] => Username,[JGLOBAL_VALIDATION_FORM_FAILED] => Invalid form,[JGLOBAL_YOU_MUST_LOGIN_FIRST] => Please login first,[JGRID_HEADING_ACCESS] => Access,[JGRID_HEADING_ACCESS_ASC] => Access ascending,[JGRID_HEADING_ACCESS_DESC] => Access descending,[JGRID_HEADING_ID] => ID,[JGRID_HEADING_ID_ASC] => ID ascending,[JGRID_HEADING_ID_DESC] => ID descending,[JGRID_HEADING_LANGUAGE] => Language,[JGRID_HEADING_LANGUAGE_ASC] => Language ascending,[JGRID_HEADING_LANGUAGE_DESC] => Language descending,[JGRID_HEADING_ORDERING_ASC] => Ordering ascending,[JGRID_HEADING_ORDERING_DESC] => Ordering descending,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_ADAPTER_MYSQL] => The MySQL adapter 'mysql' is not available.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_ADAPTER_MYSQLI] => The MySQL adapter 'mysqli' is not available.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_CONNECT_DATABASE] => Unable to connect to the Database: %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_CONNECT_MYSQL] => Could not connect to MySQL.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_DATABASE_CONNECT] => Could not connect to database.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_LOAD_DATABASE_DRIVER] => Unable to load Database Driver: %s,[JLIB_ERROR_INFINITE_LOOP] => Infinite loop detected in JError.,[JOPTION_DO_NOT_USE] => - None Selected -,[JOPTION_SELECT_ACCESS] => - Select Access -,[JOPTION_SELECT_AUTHOR] => - Select Author -,[JOPTION_SELECT_CATEGORY] => - Select Category -,[JOPTION_SELECT_LANGUAGE] => - Select Language -,[JOPTION_SELECT_PUBLISHED] => - Select Status -,[JOPTION_SELECT_MAX_LEVELS] => - Select Max Levels -,[JOPTION_SELECT_MONTH] => - Select Month -,[JOPTION_SELECT_TAG] => - Select Tag -,[JOPTION_USE_DEFAULT] => - Use Default -,[JSEARCH_FILTER_CLEAR] => Clear,[JSEARCH_FILTER_LABEL] => Filter,[JSEARCH_FILTER_SUBMIT] => Search,[JSEARCH_FILTER] => Search,[DATE_FORMAT_LC] => l, d F Y,[DATE_FORMAT_LC1] => l, d F Y,[DATE_FORMAT_LC2] => F d, Y,[DATE_FORMAT_LC3] => F d, Y,[DATE_FORMAT_LC4] => Y-m-d,[DATE_FORMAT_LC5] => Y-m-d H:i,[DATE_FORMAT_LC6] => Y-m-d H:i:s,[DATE_FORMAT_JS1] => y-m-d,[DATE_FORMAT_CALENDAR_DATE] => %Y-%m-%d,[DATE_FORMAT_CALENDAR_DATETIME] => %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S,[DATE_FORMAT_FILTER_DATE] => Y-m-d,[DATE_FORMAT_FILTER_DATETIME] => Y-m-d H:i:s,[JANUARY_SHORT] => Jan,[JANUARY] => January,[FEBRUARY_SHORT] => Feb,[FEBRUARY] => February,[MARCH_SHORT] => Mar,[MARCH] => March,[APRIL_SHORT] => Apr,[APRIL] => April,[MAY_SHORT] => May,[MAY] => May,[JUNE_SHORT] => Jun,[JUNE] => June,[JULY_SHORT] => Jul,[JULY] => July,[AUGUST_SHORT] => Aug,[AUGUST] => August,[SEPTEMBER_SHORT] => Sep,[SEPTEMBER] => September,[OCTOBER_SHORT] => Oct,[OCTOBER] => October,[NOVEMBER_SHORT] => Nov,[NOVEMBER] => November,[DECEMBER_SHORT] => Dec,[DECEMBER] => December,[SAT] => Sat,[SATURDAY] => Saturday,[SUN] => Sun,[SUNDAY] => Sunday,[MON] => Mon,[MONDAY] => Monday,[TUE] => Tue,[TUESDAY] => Tuesday,[WED] => Wed,[WEDNESDAY] => Wednesday,[THU] => Thu,[THURSDAY] => Thursday,[FRI] => Fri,[FRIDAY] => Friday,[DECIMALS_SEPARATOR] => .,[THOUSANDS_SEPARATOR] => ,,[PHPMAILER_PROVIDE_ADDRESS] => You must provide at least one recipient email address.,[PHPMAILER_MAILER_IS_NOT_SUPPORTED] => Mailer is not supported.,[PHPMAILER_EXECUTE] => Could not execute: ,[PHPMAILER_EXTENSION_MISSING] => Extension missing: ,[PHPMAILER_INSTANTIATE] => Could not start mail function.,[PHPMAILER_AUTHENTICATE] => SMTP Error! 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Please contact a site administrator.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_NO_CONNECT] => JFTP: :connect: Could not connect to host ' %1$s ' on port ' %2$s ',[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_NO_CONNECT_SOCKET] => JFTP: :connect: Could not connect to host ' %1$s ' on port ' %2$s '. Socket error number: %3$s and error message: %4$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :connect: Bad response. Server response: %s [Expected: 220],[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_BAD_USERNAME] => JFTP: :login: Bad Username. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 331]. Username sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_BAD_PASSWORD] => JFTP: :login: Bad Password. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 230]. Password sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_PWD_BAD_RESPONSE_NATIVE] => FTP: :pwd: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_PWD_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :pwd: Bad response. Server response: %s [Expected: 257],[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_SYST_BAD_RESPONSE_NATIVE] => JFTP: :syst: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_SYST_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :syst: Bad response. Server response: %s [Expected: 215],[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_CHDIR_BAD_RESPONSE_NATIVE] => JFTP: :chdir: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_CHDIR_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :chdir: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 250]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_REINIT_BAD_RESPONSE_NATIVE] => JFTP: :reinit: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_REINIT_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :reinit: Bad response. Server response: %s [Expected: 220],[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_RENAME_BAD_RESPONSE_NATIVE] => JFTP: :rename: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_RENAME_BAD_RESPONSE_FROM] => JFTP: :rename: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 350]. From path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_RENAME_BAD_RESPONSE_TO] => JFTP: :rename: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 250]. To path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_CHMOD_BAD_RESPONSE_NATIVE] => JFTP: :chmod: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_CHMOD_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :chmod: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 250]. Path sent: %2$s. Mode sent: %3$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_DELETE_BAD_RESPONSE_NATIVE] => JFTP: :delete: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_DELETE_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :delete: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 250]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_MKDIR_BAD_RESPONSE_NATIVE] => JFTP: :mkdir: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_MKDIR_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :mkdir: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 257]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_RESTART_BAD_RESPONSE_NATIVE] => JFTP: :restart: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_RESTART_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :restart: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 350]. Restart point sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_CREATE_BAD_RESPONSE_BUFFER] => JFTP: :create: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_CREATE_BAD_RESPONSE_PASSIVE] => JFTP: :create: Unable to use passive mode.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_CREATE_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :create: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 150 or 125]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_CREATE_BAD_RESPONSE_TRANSFER] => JFTP: :create: Transfer Failed. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 226]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_READ_BAD_RESPONSE_BUFFER] => JFTP: :read: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_READ_BAD_RESPONSE_PASSIVE] => JFTP: :read: Unable to use passive mode.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_READ_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :read: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 150 or 125]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_READ_BAD_RESPONSE_TRANSFER] => JFTP: :read: Transfer Failed. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 226]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_GET_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :get: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_GET_PASSIVE] => JFTP: :get: Unable to use passive mode.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_GET_WRITING_LOCAL] => JFTP: :get: Unable to open local file for writing. Local path: %s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_GET_BAD_RESPONSE_RETR] => JFTP: :get: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 150 or 125]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_GET_BAD_RESPONSE_TRANSFER] => JFTP: :get: Transfer Failed. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 226]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_STORE_PASSIVE] => JFTP: :store: Unable to use passive mode.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_STORE_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :store: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_STORE_READING_LOCAL] => JFTP: :store: Unable to open local file for reading. Local path: %s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_STORE_FIND_LOCAL] => JFTP: :store: Unable to find local file. Local path: %s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_STORE_BAD_RESPONSE_STOR] => JFTP: :store: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 150 or 125]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_STORE_DATA_PORT] => JFTP: :store: Unable to write to data port socket.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_STORE_BAD_RESPONSE_TRANSFER] => JFTP: :store: Transfer Failed. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 226]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_WRITE_PASSIVE] => JFTP: :write: Unable to use passive mode.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_WRITE_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :write: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_WRITE_BAD_RESPONSE_STOR] => JFTP: :write: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 150 or 125]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_WRITE_DATA_PORT] => JFTP: :write: Unable to write to data port socket.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_WRITE_BAD_RESPONSE_TRANSFER] => JFTP: :write: Transfer Failed. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 226]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_APPEND_PASSIVE] => JFTP: :append: Unable to use passive mode,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_APPEND_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :append: Bad response,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_APPEND_BAD_RESPONSE_APPE] => JFTP: :append: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 150 or 125]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_APPEND_DATA_PORT] => JFTP: :append: Unable to write to data port socket,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_APPEND_BAD_RESPONSE_TRANSFER] => JFTP: :append: Transfer Failed. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 226]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_SIZE_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :size: Bad response,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_SIZE_PASSIVE] => JFTP: :size: Unable to use passive mode,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_LISTNAMES_PASSIVE] => JFTP: :listNames: Unable to use passive mode,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_LISTNAMES_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :listNames: Bad response,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_LISTNAMES_BAD_RESPONSE_NLST] => JFTP: :listNames: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 150 or 125]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_LISTNAMES_BAD_RESPONSE_TRANSFER] => JFTP: :listNames: Transfer Failed. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 226]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_LISTDETAILS_BAD_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :listDetails: Bad response.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_LISTDETAILS_PASSIVE] => JFTP: :listDetails: Unable to use passive mode.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_LISTDETAILS_BAD_RESPONSE_LIST] => JFTP: :listDetails: Bad response. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 150 or 125]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_LISTDETAILS_BAD_RESPONSE_TRANSFER] => JFTP: :listDetails: Transfer Failed. Server response: %1$s [Expected: 226]. Path sent: %2$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_LISTDETAILS_UNRECOGNISED] => JFTP: :listDetails: Unrecognised folder listing format.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_PUTCMD_UNCONNECTED] => JFTP: :_putCmd: Not connected to the control port.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_PUTCMD_SEND] => JFTP: :_putCmd: Unable to send command: %s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_VERIFYRESPONSE] => JFTP: :_verifyResponse: Timeout or unrecognised response while waiting for a response from the server. Server response: %s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_PASSIVE_CONNECT_PORT] => JFTP: :_passive: Not connected to the control port.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_PASSIVE_RESPONSE] => JFTP: :_passive: Timeout or unrecognised response while waiting for a response from the server. Server response: %s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_PASSIVE_IP_OBTAIN] => JFTP: :_passive: Unable to obtain IP and port for data transfer. Server response: %s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_PASSIVE_IP_VALID] => JFTP: :_passive: IP and port for data transfer not valid. Server response: %s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_PASSIVE_CONNECT] => JFTP: :_passive: Could not connect to host %1$s on port %2$s. Socket error number: %3$s and error message: %4$s,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_MODE_BINARY] => JFTP: :_mode: Bad response. Server response: %s [Expected: 200]. Mode sent: Binary.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_JFTP_MODE_ASCII] => JFTP: :_mode: Bad response. Server response: %s [Expected: 200]. Mode sent: Ascii.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_HELPER_SETCREDENTIALSFROMREQUEST_FAILED] => Looks like User's credentials are no good.,[JLIB_CLIENT_ERROR_LDAP_ADDRESS_NOT_AVAILABLE] => Address not available.,[JLIB_CMS_WARNING_PROVIDE_VALID_NAME] => Please provide a valid, non-blank title.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_BIND_FAILED_INVALID_SOURCE_ARGUMENT] => %s: :bind failed. Invalid source argument.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_ARTICLE_UNIQUE_ALIAS] => Another article from this category has the same alias (remember it may be a trashed item).,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_CATEGORY_UNIQUE_ALIAS] => Another category with the same parent category has the same alias (remember it may be a trashed item).,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_CHECK_FAILED] => %s: :check Failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_CHECKIN_FAILED] => %s: :check-in failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_CHECKOUT_FAILED] => %s: :check-out failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_CHILD_ROWS_CHECKED_OUT] => Child rows checked out.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_CLASS_DOES_NOT_SUPPORT_ORDERING] => %s does not support ordering.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_CLASS_IS_MISSING_FIELD] => Missing field in the database: %s   %s.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_CLASS_NOT_FOUND_IN_FILE] => Table class %s not found in file.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_DATABASE_UPGRADE_FAILED] => MySQL Database Upgrade failed. Please check the Database Fixer.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_DELETE_CATEGORY] => Left-Right data inconsistency. Can't delete category.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_DELETE_FAILED] => %s: :delete failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_DELETE_ROOT_CATEGORIES] => Root categories can't be deleted.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_EMAIL_INUSE] => The email address you entered is already in use. Please enter another email address.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_EMPTY_ROW_RETURNED] => The database row is empty.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_FUNCTION_FAILED] => DB function failed with error number %s
%s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_GET_NEXT_ORDER_FAILED] => %s: :getNextOrder failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_GET_TREE_FAILED] => %s: :getTree Failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_GETNODE_FAILED] => %s: :_getNode Failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_GETROOTID_FAILED] => %s: :getRootId Failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_HIT_FAILED] => %s: :hit failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_INVALID_LOCATION] => %s: :setLocation - Invalid location.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_INVALID_NODE_RECURSION] => %s: :move Failed - Can't move the node to be a child of itself.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_INVALID_PARENT_ID] => Invalid parent ID.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_LANGUAGE_NO_TITLE] => The language should have a title.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_LANGUAGE_UNIQUE_IMAGE] => A content language already exists with this Image.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_LANGUAGE_UNIQUE_LANG_CODE] => A content language already exists with this Language Tag.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_LANGUAGE_UNIQUE_SEF] => A content language already exists with this URL Language Code.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MENUTYPE] => Some menu items or some menu modules related to this menutype are checked out by another user or the default menu item is in this menu.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MENUTYPE_CHECKOUT] => The user checking out does not match the user who checked out this menu and/or its linked menu module.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MENUTYPE_EMPTY] => Menu type empty.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MENUTYPE_EXISTS] => Menu type exists: %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MENU_CANNOT_UNSET_DEFAULT] => The Language parameter for this menu item must be set to 'All'. At least one Default menu item must have Language set to All, even if the site is multilingual.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MENU_CANNOT_UNSET_DEFAULT_DEFAULT] => At least one menu item has to be set as Default.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MENU_UNPUBLISH_DEFAULT_HOME] => Can't unpublish default home.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MENU_DEFAULT_CHECKIN_USER_MISMATCH] => The current home menu for this language is checked out.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MENU_UNIQUE_ALIAS] => The alias %1$s is already being used by %2$s menu item in the %3$s menu (remember it may be a trashed item).,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MENU_UNIQUE_ALIAS_ROOT] => Another menu item has the same alias in Root (remember it may be a trashed item). Root is the top level parent.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MENU_HOME_NOT_COMPONENT] => The home menu item must be a component.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MENU_HOME_NOT_UNIQUE_IN_MENU] => A menu should have only one Default home.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MENU_ROOT_ALIAS_COMPONENT] => A first level menu item alias can't be 'component'.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MENU_ROOT_ALIAS_FOLDER] => A first level menu item alias can't be '%s' because '%s' is a sub-folder of your joomla installation folder.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MOVE_FAILED] => %s: :move failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MUSTCONTAIN_A_TITLE_CATEGORY] => Category must have a title.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MUSTCONTAIN_A_TITLE_EXTENSION] => Extension must have a title.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MUSTCONTAIN_A_TITLE_MENUITEM] => Menu Item must have a title.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MUSTCONTAIN_A_TITLE_MODULE] => Module must have a title.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_MUSTCONTAIN_A_TITLE_UPDATESITE] => Update site must have a title.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_NEGATIVE_NOT_PERMITTED] => %s can't be negative.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_NO_ROWS_SELECTED] => No rows selected.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED_FILE_NOT_FOUND] => Table %s not supported. File not found.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_NULL_PRIMARY_KEY] => Null primary key not allowed.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_ORDERDOWN_FAILED] => %s: :orderDown Failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_ORDERUP_FAILED] => %s: :orderUp Failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_PLEASE_ENTER_A_USER_NAME] => Please enter a username.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_PLEASE_ENTER_YOUR_NAME] => Please enter your name.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_PUBLISH_FAILED] => %s: :publish failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_REBUILD_FAILED] => %s: :rebuild Failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_REBUILDPATH_FAILED] => %s: :rebuildPath Failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_REORDER_FAILED] => %s: :reorder failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_REORDER_UPDATE_ROW_FAILED] => %s: :reorder update the row %s failed - %s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_ROOT_NODE_NOT_FOUND] => Root node not found.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_STORE_FAILED_UPDATE_ASSET_ID] => The asset_id field could not be updated.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_STORE_FAILED] => %1$s: :store failed
%2$s,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_USERGROUP_PARENT_ID_NOT_VALID] => There has to be at least one root usergroup,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_USERGROUP_TITLE] => User group must have a title.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_USERGROUP_TITLE_EXISTS] => User group title already exists. Title must be unique with the same parent.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_USERLEVEL_NAME_EXISTS] => Level with the name "%s" already exists.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_USERNAME_CANNOT_CHANGE] => Can't use this username.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_USERNAME_INUSE] => Username in use.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_VALID_AZ09] => Please enter a valid username. No space at beginning or end, at least %d characters, must not have the following characters: < > \ " ' % ; ( ) & and be less than 150 characters long.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_VALID_MAIL] => The email address you entered is invalid. Please enter another email address.,[JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_VIEWLEVEL] => Viewlevel must have a title.,[JLIB_DATABASE_FUNCTION_NOERROR] => DB function reports no errors.,[JLIB_DATABASE_QUERY_FAILED] => Database query failed (error # %s): %s,[JLIB_DOCUMENT_ERROR_UNABLE_LOAD_DOC_CLASS] => Unable to load document class.,[JLIB_ENVIRONMENT_SESSION_EXPIRED] => Your session has expired. Please log in again.,[JLIB_ENVIRONMENT_SESSION_INVALID] => Invalid session cookie. Please check that you have cookies enabled in your web browser.,[JLIB_ERROR_COMPONENTS_ACL_CONFIGURATION_FILE_MISSING_OR_IMPROPERLY_STRUCTURED] => The %s component's ACL configuration file is either missing or improperly structured.,[JLIB_EVENT_ERROR_DISPATCHER] => JEventDispatcher: :register: Event handler not recognised. Handler: %s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_BZIP_NOT_SUPPORTED] => BZip2 Not Supported.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_BZIP_UNABLE_TO_READ] => Unable to read archive (bz2).,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_BZIP_UNABLE_TO_WRITE] => Unable to write archive (bz2).,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_BZIP_UNABLE_TO_WRITE_FILE] => Unable to write file (bz2).,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_GZIP_NOT_SUPPORTED] => GZlib Not Supported.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_GZIP_UNABLE_TO_READ] => Unable to read archive (gz).,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_GZIP_UNABLE_TO_WRITE] => Unable to write archive (gz).,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_GZIP_UNABLE_TO_WRITE_FILE] => Unable to write file (gz).,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_GZIP_UNABLE_TO_DECOMPRESS] => Unable to decompress data.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_TAR_UNABLE_TO_READ] => Unable to read archive (tar).,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_TAR_UNABLE_TO_DECOMPRESS] => Unable to decompress data.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_TAR_UNABLE_TO_CREATE_DESTINATION] => Unable to create destination.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_TAR_UNABLE_TO_WRITE_ENTRY] => Unable to write entry.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ZIP_NOT_SUPPORTED] => Zlib Not Supported.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ZIP_UNABLE_TO_READ] => Unable to read archive (zip).,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ZIP_INFO_FAILED] => Get ZIP Information failed.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ZIP_UNABLE_TO_CREATE_DESTINATION] => Unable to create destination.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ZIP_UNABLE_TO_WRITE_ENTRY] => Unable to write entry.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ZIP_UNABLE_TO_READ_ENTRY] => Unable to read entry.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ZIP_UNABLE_TO_OPEN_ARCHIVE] => Unable to open archive.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ZIP_INVALID_ZIP_DATA] => Invalid ZIP data.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_STREAM_FAILED] => Failed to register string stream.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_UNKNOWNARCHIVETYPE] => Unknown Archive type.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_UNABLE_TO_LOAD_ARCHIVE] => Unable to load archive.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_JFILE_FIND_COPY] => JFile: :copy: Can't find or read file: %s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_JFILE_STREAMS] => JFile: :copy(%1$s, %2$s): %3$s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_COPY_FAILED] => Copy failed.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_COPY_FAILED_ERR01] => Copy failed: %1$s to %2$s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_DELETE_FAILED] => Failed deleting %s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_CANNOT_FIND_SOURCE_FILE] => Can't find source file.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_JFILE_MOVE_STREAMS] => JFile: :move: %s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_RENAME_FILE] => Rename failed.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_READ_UNABLE_TO_OPEN_FILE] => JFile: :read: Unable to open file: %s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_WRITE_STREAMS] => JFile: :write(%1$s): %2$s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_UPLOAD] => JFile: :upload: %s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_WARNFS_ERR01] => Warning: Failed to change file permissions!,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_WARNFS_ERR02] => Warning: Failed to move file!,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_WARNFS_ERR03] => Warning: File %s not uploaded for security reasons!,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_WARNFS_ERR04] => Warning: Failed to move file: %1$s to %2$s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_FIND_SOURCE_FOLDER] => Can't find source folder.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_FOLDER_EXISTS] => Folder already exists.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_FOLDER_CREATE] => Unable to create target folder.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_FOLDER_OPEN] => Unable to open source folder.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_FOLDER_LOOP] => Infinite loop detected.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_FOLDER_PATH] => Path not in open_basedir paths.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_COULD_NOT_CREATE_DIRECTORY] => Could not create folder.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_DELETE_BASE_DIRECTORY] => You can't delete a base folder.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_PATH_IS_NOT_A_FOLDER] => JFolder: :delete: Path is not a folder. Path: %s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_FOLDER_DELETE] => JFolder: :delete: Could not delete folder. Path: %s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_FOLDER_RENAME] => Rename failed: %s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_PATH_IS_NOT_A_FOLDER_FILES] => JFolder: :files: Path is not a folder. Path: %s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_PATH_IS_NOT_A_FOLDER_FOLDER] => JFolder: :folder: Path is not a folder. Path: %s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_STREAMS_FILE_SIZE] => Failed to get file size. This may not work for all streams!,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_STREAMS_FILE_NOT_OPEN] => File not open.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_STREAMS_FILENAME] => File name not set.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_NO_DATA_WRITTEN] => Warning: No data written.,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_STREAMS_FAILED_TO_OPEN_WRITER] => Failed to open writer: %s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_STREAMS_FAILED_TO_OPEN_READER] => Failed to open reader: %s,[JLIB_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_STREAMS_NOT_UPLOADED_FILE] => Not an uploaded file!,[JLIB_FILTER_PARAMS_ALNUM] => Alpha Numeric,[JLIB_FILTER_PARAMS_FLOAT] => Float,[JLIB_FILTER_PARAMS_INTEGER] => Integer,[JLIB_FILTER_PARAMS_RAW] => Raw,[JLIB_FILTER_PARAMS_SAFEHTML] => Safe HTML,[JLIB_FILTER_PARAMS_TEL] => Telephone,[JLIB_FILTER_PARAMS_TEXT] => Text,[JLIB_FORM_BUTTON_CLEAR] => Clear,[JLIB_FORM_BUTTON_SELECT] => Select,[JLIB_FORM_CHANGE_IMAGE] => Change Image,[JLIB_FORM_CHANGE_IMAGE_BUTTON] => Change Image Button,[JLIB_FORM_CHANGE_USER] => Select User,[JLIB_FORM_ERROR_FIELDS_CATEGORY_ERROR_EXTENSION_EMPTY] => Extension attribute is empty in the category field.,[JLIB_FORM_ERROR_FIELDS_GROUPEDLIST_ELEMENT_NAME] => Unknown element type: %s,[JLIB_FORM_ERROR_NO_DATA] => No data.,[JLIB_FORM_ERROR_VALIDATE_FIELD] => Invalid xml field.,[JLIB_FORM_ERROR_XML_FILE_DID_NOT_LOAD] => XML file did not load.,[JLIB_FORM_FIELD_INVALID] => Invalid field: ,[JLIB_FORM_INPUTMODE] => latin,[JLIB_FORM_INVALID_FORM_OBJECT] => Invalid Form Object: :%s,[JLIB_FORM_INVALID_FORM_RULE] => Invalid Form Rule: :%s,[JLIB_FORM_MEDIA_PREVIEW_ALT] => Selected image.,[JLIB_FORM_MEDIA_PREVIEW_EMPTY] => No image selected.,[JLIB_FORM_MEDIA_PREVIEW_SELECTED_IMAGE] => Selected image.,[JLIB_FORM_MEDIA_PREVIEW_TIP_TITLE] => Preview,[JLIB_FORM_SELECT_USER] => Select a User,[JLIB_FORM_VALIDATE_FIELD_INVALID] => Invalid field: %s,[JLIB_FORM_VALIDATE_FIELD_REQUIRED] => Field required: %s,[JLIB_FORM_VALIDATE_FIELD_RULE_MISSING] => Validation Rule missing: %s,[JLIB_FORM_VALIDATE_FIELD_URL_SCHEMA_MISSING] => Invalid URL: URL schema is missing in %1$s. Please add one of the following at the beginning: %2$s.,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_CACHE_APC] => Alternative PHP Cache,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_CACHE_APCU] => APC User Cache,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_CACHE_CACHELITE] => Cache_Lite,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_CACHE_EACCELERATOR] => eAccelerator,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_CACHE_FILE] => File,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_CACHE_MEMCACHE] => Memcache,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_CACHE_MEMCACHED] => Memcached (Experimental),[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_CACHE_REDIS] => Redis,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_CACHE_WINCACHE] => Windows Cache,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_CACHE_XCACHE] => XCache,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_SESSION_APC] => Alternative PHP Cache,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_SESSION_APCU] => APC User Cache,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_SESSION_DATABASE] => Database,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_SESSION_EACCELERATOR] => eAccelerator,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_SESSION_MEMCACHE] => Memcache,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_SESSION_MEMCACHED] => Memcached (Experimental),[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_SESSION_NONE] => PHP,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_SESSION_REDIS] => Redis,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_SESSION_WINCACHE] => Windows Cache,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_SESSION_XCACHE] => XCache,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_TIMEZONE_UTC] => Universal Time, Coordinated (UTC),[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_FROM_TEMPLATE] => From Template,[JLIB_FORM_VALUE_INHERITED] => Inherited,[JLIB_HTML_ACCESS_MODIFY_DESC_CAPTION_ACL] => ACL,[JLIB_HTML_ACCESS_MODIFY_DESC_CAPTION_TABLE] => Table,[JLIB_HTML_ACCESS_SUMMARY_DESC_CAPTION] => ACL Summary Table,[JLIB_HTML_ACCESS_SUMMARY_DESC] => Shown below is an overview of the permission settings for this article. Select the tabs above to customise these settings by action.,[JLIB_HTML_ACCESS_SUMMARY] => Summary.,[JLIB_HTML_ADD_TO_ROOT] => Add to root.,[JLIB_HTML_ADD_TO_THIS_MENU] => Add to this menu.,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_ACCESS_LABEL] => Set Access Level,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_ACCESS_LABEL_DESC] => Not making a selection will keep the original access levels when processing.,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_COPY] => Copy,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_FLIPORDERING_LABEL] => Reverse the ordering of all articles in the selected categories,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_LANGUAGE_LABEL] => Set Language,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_LANGUAGE_LABEL_DESC] => Not making a selection will keep the original language when processing.,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_LANGUAGE_NOCHANGE] => - Keep original Language -,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_MENU_LABEL] => To Move or Copy your selection please select a Category.,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_MOVE] => Move,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_MOVE_QUESTION] => Do you want to move the items or make a copy of them?,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_NO_CATEGORY] => - Don't move or copy -,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_NOCHANGE] => - Keep original Access Levels -,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_TAG_LABEL] => Add Tag,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_TAG_LABEL_DESC] => Add a tag to selected items.,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_TAG_NOCHANGE] => - Keep original Tags -,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_USER_LABEL] => Set User.,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_USER_LABEL_DESC] => Not making a selection will keep the original user when processing.,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_USER_NOCHANGE] => - Keep original User -,[JLIB_HTML_BATCH_USER_NOUSER] => No User.,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_ABOUT_THE_CALENDAR] => About the Calendar,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_CLOSE] => Close,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_DATE_SELECTION] => Date selection:\n,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_DISPLAY_S_FIRST] => Display %s first,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_DRAG_TO_MOVE] => Drag to move.,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_GO_TODAY] => Go to today,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_GREEN] => Green,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_HOLD_MOUSE] => - Hold mouse button on any of the buttons above for faster selection.,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_MONTH_SELECT] => - Use the < and > buttons to select month\n,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_NEXT_MONTH_HOLD_FOR_MENU] => Select to move to the next month. Select and hold for a list of the months.,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_NEXT_YEAR_HOLD_FOR_MENU] => Select to move to the next year. Select and hold for a list of years.,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_OPEN_CALENDAR] => Open the calendar,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_PREV_MONTH_HOLD_FOR_MENU] => Select to move to the previous month. Select and hold for a list of the months.,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_PREV_YEAR_HOLD_FOR_MENU] => Select to move to the previous year. Select and hold for a list of years.,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_SELECT_DATE] => Select a date.,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_SHIFT_CLICK_OR_DRAG_TO_CHANGE_VALUE] => (Shift-)Select or Drag to change the value.,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_TIME] => Time:,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_TODAY] => Today,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_TT_DATE_FORMAT] => %a, %b %e,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_WK] => wk,[JLIB_HTML_BEHAVIOR_YEAR_SELECT] => - Use the « and » buttons to select year\n,[JLIB_HTML_BUTTON_BASE_CLASS] => Could not load button base class.,[JLIB_HTML_BUTTON_NO_LOAD] => Could not load button %s (%s);,[JLIB_HTML_BUTTON_NOT_DEFINED] => Button not defined for type = %s,[JLIB_HTML_CALENDAR] => Calendar,[JLIB_HTML_CHECKED_OUT] => Checked out,[JLIB_HTML_CHECKIN] => Check-in,[JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING] => This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,[JLIB_HTML_DATE_RELATIVE_DAYS] => %s days ago.,[JLIB_HTML_DATE_RELATIVE_DAYS_1] => %s day ago.,[JLIB_HTML_DATE_RELATIVE_DAYS_0] => %s days ago.,[JLIB_HTML_DATE_RELATIVE_HOURS] => %s hours ago.,[JLIB_HTML_DATE_RELATIVE_HOURS_1] => %s hour ago.,[JLIB_HTML_DATE_RELATIVE_HOURS_0] => %s hours ago.,[JLIB_HTML_DATE_RELATIVE_LESSTHANAMINUTE] => Less than a minute ago.,[JLIB_HTML_DATE_RELATIVE_MINUTES] => %s minutes ago.,[JLIB_HTML_DATE_RELATIVE_MINUTES_1] => %s minute ago.,[JLIB_HTML_DATE_RELATIVE_MINUTES_0] => %s minutes ago.,[JLIB_HTML_DATE_RELATIVE_WEEKS] => %s weeks ago.,[JLIB_HTML_DATE_RELATIVE_WEEKS_1] => %s week ago.,[JLIB_HTML_DATE_RELATIVE_WEEKS_0] => %s weeks ago.,[JLIB_HTML_EDIT_MENU_ITEM] => Edit menu item.,[JLIB_HTML_EDIT_MENU_ITEM_ID] => Item ID: %s,[JLIB_HTML_EDIT_MODULE] => Edit module,[JLIB_HTML_EDIT_MODULE_IN_POSITION] => Position: %s,[JLIB_HTML_EDITOR_CANNOT_LOAD] => Can't load the editor.,[JLIB_HTML_END] => End,[JLIB_HTML_ERROR_FUNCTION_NOT_SUPPORTED] => Function not supported.,[JLIB_HTML_ERROR_NOTFOUNDINFILE] => %s: :%s not found in file.,[JLIB_HTML_ERROR_NOTSUPPORTED_NOFILE] => %s: :%s not supported. File not found.,[JLIB_HTML_ERROR_NOTSUPPORTED] => %s: :%s not supported.,[JLIB_HTML_GOTO_PAGE] => Go to page %s,[JLIB_HTML_GOTO_POSITION] => Go to %s page,[JLIB_HTML_MOVE_DOWN] => Move Down,[JLIB_HTML_MOVE_UP] => Move Up,[JLIB_HTML_NO_PARAMETERS_FOR_THIS_ITEM] => There are no parameters for this item.,[JLIB_HTML_NO_RECORDS_FOUND] => No records found.,[JLIB_HTML_PAGE_CURRENT] => Page %s,[JLIB_HTML_PAGE_CURRENT_OF_TOTAL] => Page %s of %s,[JLIB_HTML_PAGINATION] => Pagination,[JLIB_HTML_PLEASE_MAKE_A_SELECTION_FROM_THE_LIST] => Please first make a selection from the list.,[JLIB_HTML_PUBLISH_ITEM] => Publish Item,[JLIB_HTML_PUBLISHED_EXPIRED_ITEM] => Published, but has Expired.,[JLIB_HTML_PUBLISHED_FINISHED] => Finish: %s,[JLIB_HTML_PUBLISHED_ITEM] => Published and is Current.,[JLIB_HTML_PUBLISHED_PENDING_ITEM] => Published, but is Pending.,[JLIB_HTML_PUBLISHED_START] => Start: %s,[JLIB_HTML_RESULTS_OF] => Results %s - %s of %s,[JLIB_HTML_SAVE_ORDER] => Save Order,[JLIB_HTML_SELECT_STATE] => Select State,[JLIB_HTML_START] => Start,[JLIB_HTML_UNPUBLISH_ITEM] => Unpublish Item,[JLIB_HTML_VIEW_ALL] => View All,[JLIB_HTML_SETDEFAULT_ITEM] => Set default,[JLIB_HTML_UNSETDEFAULT_ITEM] => Unset default,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT] => Aborting language installation: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_ALREADYINSTALLED] => Extension is already installed.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_ALREADY_EXISTS] => Extension %1$s: Extension %2$s already exists.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_BUILDADMINMENUS_FAILED] => Error building Administrator Menus.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_COPY_MANIFEST] => Component %1$s: Could not copy PHP manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_COPY_SETUP] => Component %1$s: Could not copy setup file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_FAIL_ADMIN_FILES] => Component %s: Failed to copy administrator files.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_FAIL_SITE_FILES] => Component %s: Failed to copy site files.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_INSTALL_COPY_SETUP] => Component Install: Could not copy setup file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_INSTALL_CUSTOM_INSTALL_FAILURE] => Component Install: Custom install routine failure.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_INSTALL_MANIFEST] => Component Install: Could not copy PHP manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_INSTALL_PHP_INSTALL] => Component Install: Could not copy PHP install file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_INSTALL_PHP_UNINSTALL] => Component Install: Could not copy PHP uninstall file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_INSTALL_ROLLBACK] => Component Install: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_INSTALL_SQL_ERROR] => Component Install: SQL error file %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_UPDATESITEMENUS_FAILED] => Component Install: Failed to update menu items.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_UPDATE_ADMIN_ELEMENT] => Component Update: The XML file did not have an administration element.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_UPDATE_COPY_SETUP] => Component Update: Could not copy setup file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_UPDATE_MANIFEST] => Component Update: Could not copy PHP manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_UPDATE_PHP_INSTALL] => Component Update: Could not copy PHP install file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_UPDATE_PHP_UNINSTALL] => Component Update: Could not copy PHP uninstall file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_UPDATE_ROLLBACK] => Component Update: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_COMP_UPDATE_SQL_ERROR] => Component Update: SQL error file %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_CREATE_DIRECTORY] => Extension %1$s: Failed to create folder: %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_DEBUG] => Installation unexpectedly stopped:,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_DETECTMANIFEST] => Unable to detect manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_DIRECTORY] => Extension %1$s: Another %2$s is already using the named folder: %3$s. Are you trying to install the same extension again?,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_ERROR_DELETING_EXTENSIONS_RECORD] => Could not delete the extension's record from the database.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_EXTENSIONNOTVALID] => Extension is not valid.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_FILE_INSTALL_COPY_SETUP] => Files Install: Could not copy setup file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_FILE_INSTALL_CUSTOM_INSTALL_FAILURE] => Files Install: Custom install routine failure.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_FILE_INSTALL_FAIL_SOURCE_DIRECTORY] => Files Install: Failed to find source folder: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_FILE_INSTALL_ROLLBACK] => Files Install: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_FILE_INSTALL_SQL_ERROR] => Files %1$s: SQL error file %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_FILE_ROLLBACK] => Files Install: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_FILE_SAME_NAME] => Files Install: Another extension with same name already exists.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_FILE_UPDATE_SQL_ERROR] => Files Update: SQL error file %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_INSTALL_CUSTOM_INSTALL_FAILURE] => Extension %s: Custom install routine failure.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_LIB_COPY_FILES] => Library %s: Could not copy files from the source.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_LIB_INSTALL_ALREADY_INSTALLED] => Library Install: Library already installed.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_LIB_INSTALL_COPY_SETUP] => Library Install: Could not copy setup file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_LIB_INSTALL_CORE_FOLDER] => Library Install: Library has the same name as a core folder.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_LIB_INSTALL_FAILED_TO_CREATE_DIRECTORY] => Library Install: Failed to create folder: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_LIB_INSTALL_NOFILE] => Library Install: No library file specified.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_LIB_INSTALL_ROLLBACK] => Library Install: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_LOAD_DETAILS] => Failed to load extension details.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_MANIFEST] => Extension %1$s: Could not copy PHP manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_METHODNOTSUPPORTED] => Method not supported for this extension type.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_METHODNOTSUPPORTED_TYPE] => Method not supported for this extension type: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_MOD_COPY_FILES] => Module %s: Could not copy files from the source.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_MOD_INSTALL_COPY_SETUP] => Module Install: Could not copy setup file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_MOD_INSTALL_CREATE_DIRECTORY] => Module %1$s: Failed to create folder: %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_MOD_INSTALL_CUSTOM_INSTALL_FAILURE] => Module Install: Custom install routine failure.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_MOD_INSTALL_DIRECTORY] => Module %1$s: Another module is already using folder: %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_MOD_INSTALL_MANIFEST] => Module Install: Could not copy PHP manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_MOD_INSTALL_NOFILE] => Module %s: No module file specified.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_MOD_INSTALL_SQL_ERROR] => Module %1$s: SQL error file %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_MOD_ROLLBACK] => Module %1$s: %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_MOD_UNINSTALL_UNKNOWN_CLIENT] => Module Uninstall: Unknown client type [%s],[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_MOD_UNKNOWN_CLIENT] => Module %1$s: Unknown client type [%2$s],[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_NOINSTALLPATH] => Install path does not exist.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_NOUPDATEPATH] => Update path does not exist.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PACK_INSTALL_COPY_SETUP] => Package Install: Could not copy setup file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PACK_INSTALL_CREATE_DIRECTORY] => Package Install: Failed to create folder: %s.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PACKAGE_INSTALL_CUSTOM_INSTALL_FAILURE] => Package Install: Custom install routine failure.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PACKAGE_INSTALL_MANIFEST] => Installation failed: Could not copy PHP manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PACK_INSTALL_ERROR_EXTENSION] => Package %1$s: There was an error installing an extension: %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PACK_INSTALL_NO_FILES] => Package %s: There were no files to install!,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PACK_INSTALL_NO_PACK] => Package %s: No package file specified.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PACK_INSTALL_ROLLBACK] => Package Install: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PLG_COPY_FILES] => Plugin %s: Could not copy files from the source.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PLG_INSTALL_ALLREADY_EXISTS] => Plugin %1$s: Plugin %2$s already exists.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PLG_INSTALL_COPY_SETUP] => Plugin %s: Could not copy setup file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PLG_INSTALL_CREATE_DIRECTORY] => Plugin %1$s: Failed to create folder: %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PLG_INSTALL_CUSTOM_INSTALL_FAILURE] => Plugin Install: Custom install routine failure.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PLG_INSTALL_DIRECTORY] => Plugin %1$s: Another plugin is already using folder: %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PLG_INSTALL_MANIFEST] => Plugin %s: Could not copy PHP manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PLG_INSTALL_NO_FILE] => Plugin %s: No plugin file specified.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PLG_INSTALL_ROLLBACK] => Plugin %1$s: %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PLG_INSTALL_SQL_ERROR] => Plugin %1$s: SQL error file %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PLG_UNINSTALL_SQL_ERROR] => Plugin Uninstall: SQL error file %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_REFRESH_MANIFEST_CACHE] => Refresh Manifest Cache failed: %s Extension is not currently installed.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_REFRESH_MANIFEST_CACHE_VALID] => Refresh Manifest Cache failed: Extension is not valid.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_ROLLBACK] => Extension %1$s: %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_SQL_ERROR] => Extension %1$s: SQL error processing query: %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_TPL_INSTALL_ALREADY_INSTALLED] => Template Install: Template already installed.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_TPL_INSTALL_ANOTHER_TEMPLATE_USING_DIRECTORY] => Template Install: There is already a Template using the named folder: %s. Are you trying to install the same template again?,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_TPL_INSTALL_COPY_FILES] => Template Install: Could not copy files from the %s source.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_TPL_INSTALL_COPY_SETUP] => Template Install: Could not copy setup file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_TPL_INSTALL_FAILED_CREATE_DIRECTORY] => Template Install: Failed to create folder: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_TPL_INSTALL_ROLLBACK] => Template Install: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_TPL_INSTALL_UNKNOWN_CLIENT] => Template Install: Unknown client type [%s],[JLIB_INSTALLER_AVAILABLE_UPDATE_PHP_VERSION] => For the extension %1$s version %2$s is available, but it requires at least PHP version %3$s while your system only has %4$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_AVAILABLE_UPDATE_DB_MINIMUM] => For the extension %1$s version %2$s is available, but your current database %3$s is version %4$s and is not supported. Please contact your web host to update your Database version to at least version %5$s.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_AVAILABLE_UPDATE_DB_TYPE] => For the extension %1$s version %2$s is available, but your current database %3$s is not supported anymore.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_PURGED_UPDATES] => Cleared updates,[JLIB_INSTALLER_FAILED_TO_PURGE_UPDATES] => Failed to clear updates.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_DEFAULT_STYLE] => %s - Default,[JLIB_INSTALLER_DISCOVER] => Discover,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_CANNOT_UNINSTALL_CHILD_OF_PACKAGE] => The %s extension is part of a package which does not allow individual extensions to be uninstalled.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_DISCOVER_STORE_DETAILS] => Component Discover install: Failed to store component details.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_FAILED_TO_CREATE_DIRECTORY] => Component %1$s: Failed to create folder: %2$s.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_INSTALL_ADMIN_ELEMENT] => Component Install: The XML file did not have an administration element.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_INSTALL_DIR_ADMIN] => Component Install: Another component is already using folder: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_INSTALL_DIR_SITE] => Component Install: Another component is already using folder: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_INSTALL_FAILED_TO_CREATE_DIRECTORY_ADMIN] => Component Install: Failed to create administrator folder: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_INSTALL_FAILED_TO_CREATE_DIRECTORY_SITE] => Component Install: Failed to create site folder: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_REFRESH_MANIFEST_CACHE] => Component Refresh manifest cache: Failed to store component details.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_REMOVING_ADMIN_MENUS_FAILED] => Could not delete the Administrator menus.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_UNINSTALL_CUSTOM] => Component Uninstall: Custom Uninstall script unsuccessful.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_UNINSTALL_FAILED_DELETE_CATEGORIES] => Component Uninstall: Unable to delete the component categories.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_UNINSTALL_ERRORREMOVEMANUALLY] => Component Uninstall: Can't uninstall. Please remove manually.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_UNINSTALL_ERRORUNKOWNEXTENSION] => Component Uninstall: Unknown Extension.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_UNINSTALL_FAILED_REMOVE_DIRECTORY_ADMIN] => Component Uninstall: Unable to remove the component administrator folder.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_UNINSTALL_FAILED_REMOVE_DIRECTORY_SITE] => Component Uninstall: Unable to remove the component site folder.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_UNINSTALL_NO_OPTION] => Component Uninstall: Option field empty, can't remove files.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_UNINSTALL_SQL_ERROR] => Component Uninstall: SQL error file %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_UNINSTALL_WARNCORECOMPONENT] => Component Uninstall: Trying to uninstall a core component.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_UPDATE_FAILED_TO_CREATE_DIRECTORY_ADMIN] => Component Update: Failed to create administrator folder: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_COMP_UPDATE_FAILED_TO_CREATE_DIRECTORY_SITE] => Component Update: Failed to create site folder: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_CREATE_DIRECTORY] => JInstaller: :Install: Failed to create folder: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_CREATE_FOLDER_FAILED] => Failed to create folder [%s],[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_DEPRECATED_FORMAT] => Deprecated install format (client="both"), use package installer in future.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_DISCOVER_INSTALL_UNSUPPORTED] => A %s extension can not be installed using the discover method. Please install this extension from Extension Manager: Install.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_DOWNGRADE] => Sorry! You cannot downgrade from version %s to %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_DOWNLOAD_SERVER_CONNECT] => Error connecting to the server: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_FAIL_COPY_FILE] => JInstaller: :Install: Failed to copy file %1$s to %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_FAIL_COPY_FOLDER] => JInstaller: :Install: Failed to copy folder %1$s to %2$s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_FAILED_READING_NETWORK_RESOURCES] => Failed reading network resource: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_FILE_EXISTS] => JInstaller: :Install: File already exists %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_FILE_FOLDER] => Error on deleting file or folder %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_FILE_UNINSTALL_INVALID_MANIFEST] => Files Uninstall: Invalid manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_FILE_UNINSTALL_INVALID_NOTFOUND_MANIFEST] => Files Uninstall: Manifest file invalid or not found.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_FILE_UNINSTALL_LOAD_ENTRY] => Files Uninstall: Could not load extension entry.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_FILE_UNINSTALL_LOAD_MANIFEST] => Files Uninstall: Could not load manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_FILE_UNINSTALL_SQL_ERROR] => Files Uninstall: SQL error file %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_FILE_UNINSTALL_WARNCOREFILE] => File Uninstall: Trying to uninstall core files.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_FOLDER_IN_USE] => Another extension is already using folder [%s],[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_LANG_DISCOVER_STORE_DETAILS] => Language Discover install: Failed to store language details.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_LANG_UNINSTALL_DEFAULT] => This language can't be uninstalled as long as it is defined as a default language.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_LANG_UNINSTALL_DIRECTORY] => Language Uninstall: Unable to remove the specified Language folder.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_LANG_UNINSTALL_ELEMENT_EMPTY] => Language Uninstall: Element is empty, can't uninstall files.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_LANG_UNINSTALL_PATH_EMPTY] => Language Uninstall: Language path is empty, can't uninstall files.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_LANG_UNINSTALL_PROTECTED] => This language can't be uninstalled. It is protected in the database (usually en-GB).,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_LIB_DISCOVER_STORE_DETAILS] => Library Discover install: Failed to store library details.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_LIB_REFRESH_MANIFEST_CACHE] => Library Refresh manifest cache: Failed to store library details.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_LIB_UNINSTALL_INVALID_MANIFEST] => Library Uninstall: Invalid manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_LIB_UNINSTALL_INVALID_NOTFOUND_MANIFEST] => Library Uninstall: Manifest file invalid or not found.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_LIB_UNINSTALL_LOAD_MANIFEST] => Library Uninstall: Could not load manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_LIB_UNINSTALL_WARNCORELIBRARY] => Library Uninstall: Trying to uninstall a core library.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_LOAD_XML] => JInstaller: :Install: Failed to load XML File: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_MOD_DISCOVER_STORE_DETAILS] => Module Discover install: Failed to store module details.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_MOD_REFRESH_MANIFEST_CACHE] => Module Refresh manifest cache: Failed to store module details.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_MOD_UNINSTALL_ERRORUNKOWNEXTENSION] => Module Uninstall: Unknown Extension.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_MOD_UNINSTALL_EXCEPTION] => Module Uninstall: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_MOD_UNINSTALL_INVALID_NOTFOUND_MANIFEST] => Module Uninstall: Manifest file invalid or not found.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_MOD_UNINSTALL_SQL_ERROR] => Module Uninstall: SQL error file %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_MOD_UNINSTALL_WARNCOREMODULE] => Module Uninstall: Trying to uninstall a core module: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_NO_CORE_LANGUAGE] => No core pack exists for the language [%s],[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_NO_FILE] => JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_NO_LANGUAGE_TAG] => The package did not specify a language tag. Are you trying to install an old language package?,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_NOTFINDJOOMLAXMLSETUPFILE] => JInstaller: :Install: Can't find Joomla XML setup file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_NOTFINDXMLSETUPFILE] => JInstaller: :Install: Can't find XML setup file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PACK_REFRESH_MANIFEST_CACHE] => Package Refresh manifest cache: Failed to store package details.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PACK_SETTING_PACKAGE_ID] => Could not record the package ID for this package's extensions.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PACK_UNINSTALL_INVALID_MANIFEST] => Package Uninstall: Invalid manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PACK_UNINSTALL_INVALID_NOTFOUND_MANIFEST] => Package Uninstall: Manifest file invalid or not found: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PACK_UNINSTALL_LOAD_MANIFEST] => Package Uninstall: Could not load manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PACK_UNINSTALL_MANIFEST_NOT_REMOVED] => Package Uninstall: Errors were detected, manifest file not removed!,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PACK_UNINSTALL_MISSINGMANIFEST] => Package Uninstall: Missing manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PACK_UNINSTALL_NOT_PROPER] => Package Uninstall: This extension may have already been uninstalled or might not have been uninstall properly: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PACK_UNINSTALL_WARNCOREPACK] => Package Uninstall: Trying to uninstall core package.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PLG_DISCOVER_STORE_DETAILS] => Plugin Discover install: Failed to store plugin details.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PLG_REFRESH_MANIFEST_CACHE] => Plugin Refresh manifest cache: Failed to store plugin details.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PLG_UNINSTALL_ERRORUNKOWNEXTENSION] => Plugin Uninstall: Unknown Extension.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PLG_UNINSTALL_FOLDER_FIELD_EMPTY] => Plugin Uninstall: Folder field empty, can't remove files.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PLG_UNINSTALL_INVALID_MANIFEST] => Plugin Uninstall: Invalid manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PLG_UNINSTALL_INVALID_NOTFOUND_MANIFEST] => Plugin Uninstall: Manifest file invalid or not found.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PLG_UNINSTALL_LOAD_MANIFEST] => Plugin Uninstall: Could not load manifest file.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PLG_UNINSTALL_WARNCOREPLUGIN] => Plugin Uninstall: Trying to uninstall a core plugin: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_SQL_ERROR] => JInstaller: :Install: Error SQL %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_SQL_FILENOTFOUND] => JInstaller: :Install: SQL File not found %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_SQL_READBUFFER] => JInstaller: :Install: SQL File Buffer Read Error.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_TPL_DISCOVER_STORE_DETAILS] => Template Discover install: Failed to store template details.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_TPL_REFRESH_MANIFEST_CACHE] => Template Refresh manifest cache: Failed to store template details.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_TPL_UNINSTALL_ERRORUNKOWNEXTENSION] => Template Uninstall: Unknown Extension.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_TPL_UNINSTALL_INVALID_CLIENT] => Template Uninstall: Invalid client.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_TPL_UNINSTALL_INVALID_NOTFOUND_MANIFEST] => Template Uninstall: Manifest file invalid or not found.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_TPL_UNINSTALL_TEMPLATE_DEFAULT] => Template Uninstall: Can't remove default template.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_TPL_UNINSTALL_TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY] => Template Uninstall: Folder does not exist, can't remove files.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_TPL_UNINSTALL_TEMPLATE_ID_EMPTY] => Template Uninstall: Template ID is empty, can't uninstall files.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_TPL_UNINSTALL_WARNCORETEMPLATE] => Template Uninstall: Trying to uninstall a core template: %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CLIENT_TYPE] => Unknown Client Type [%s],[JLIB_INSTALLER_FILE_ERROR_MOVE] => Error on moving file %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_INCORRECT_SEQUENCE] => Downgrading from version %1$s to version %2$s is not allowed.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_INSTALL] => Install,[JLIB_INSTALLER_MINIMUM_JOOMLA] => You don't have the minimum Joomla version requirement of J%s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_MINIMUM_PHP] => Your server doesn't meet the minimum PHP version requirement of %s,[JLIB_INSTALLER_NOTICE_LANG_RESET_USERS] => Language set to Default for %d users.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_NOTICE_LANG_RESET_USERS_1] => Language set to Default for %d user.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_UNINSTALL] => Uninstall,[JLIB_INSTALLER_UPDATE] => Update,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_EXTENSION_INVALID_CLIENT_IDENTIFIER] => Invalid client identifier specified in extension manifest.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_ERROR_PACK_UNINSTALL_UNKNOWN_EXTENSION] => Trying to uninstall unknown extension from package. This extension may have already been removed earlier.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_NOT_ERROR] => If the error is related to the installation of TinyMCE language files it has no effect on the installation of the language(s). Some language packs created prior to Joomla! 3.2.0 may try to install separate TinyMCE language files. As these are now included in the core they no longer need to be installed.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_UPDATE_LOG_QUERY] => Ran query from file %1$s. Query text: %2$s.,[JLIB_INSTALLER_WARNING_UNABLE_TO_INSTALL_CONTENT_LANGUAGE] => Unable to create a content language for %s language: %s,[JLIB_JS_AJAX_ERROR_CONNECTION_ABORT] => A connection abort has occurred while fetching the JSON data.,[JLIB_JS_AJAX_ERROR_NO_CONTENT] => No content was returned.,[JLIB_JS_AJAX_ERROR_OTHER] => An error has occurred while fetching the JSON data: HTTP %s status code.,[JLIB_JS_AJAX_ERROR_PARSE] => A parse error has occurred while processing the following JSON data:
%s,[JLIB_JS_AJAX_ERROR_TIMEOUT] => A timeout has occurred while fetching the JSON data.,[JLIB_LANGUAGE_ERROR_CANNOT_LOAD_METAFILE] => Could not load %s language XML file from %s.,[JLIB_LANGUAGE_ERROR_CANNOT_LOAD_METADATA] => Could not load %s metadata from %s.,[JLIB_LOGIN_AUTHORISATION] => Your access has been authorised.,[JLIB_LOGIN_DENIED] => Your access has been denied.,[JLIB_LOGIN_EXPIRED] => Your authentication has expired.,[JLIB_MAIL_FUNCTION_DISABLED] => The mail() function has been disabled and the mail can't be sent.,[JLIB_MAIL_FUNCTION_OFFLINE] => The mail function has been disabled by an administrator.,[JLIB_MAIL_INVALID_EMAIL_SENDER] => JMail: : Invalid email Sender: %s, JMail: :setSender(%s).,[JLIB_MEDIA_ERROR_UPLOAD_INPUT] => Unable to upload file.,[JLIB_MEDIA_ERROR_WARNFILENAME] => File name must only have alphanumeric characters and no spaces.,[JLIB_MEDIA_ERROR_WARNFILETOOLARGE] => This file is too large to upload.,[JLIB_MEDIA_ERROR_WARNFILETYPE] => This file type is not supported.,[JLIB_MEDIA_ERROR_WARNIEXSS] => Possible IE XSS Attack found.,[JLIB_MEDIA_ERROR_WARNINVALID_IMG] => Not a valid image.,[JLIB_MEDIA_ERROR_WARNINVALID_MIME] => Invalid mime type detected.,[JLIB_MEDIA_ERROR_WARNINVALID_MIMETYPE] => Illegal mime type detected: %s,[JLIB_MEDIA_ERROR_WARNNOTADMIN] => Uploaded file is not an image file and you do not have permission.,[JLIB_MENUS_PRESET_JOOMLA] => Preset - Joomla,[JLIB_MENUS_PRESET_MODERN] => Preset - Modern,[JLIB_NO_EDITOR_PLUGIN_PUBLISHED] => Unable to display an editor because no editor plugin is published.,[JLIB_PLUGIN_ERROR_LOADING_PLUGINS] => Error loading Plugins: %s,[JLIB_REGISTRY_EXCEPTION_LOAD_FORMAT_CLASS] => Unable to load format class.,[JLIB_RULES_ACTION] => Action,[JLIB_RULES_ALLOWED] => Allowed,[JLIB_RULES_ALLOWED_ADMIN] => Allowed (Super User),[JLIB_RULES_ALLOWED_INHERITED] => Allowed (Inherited),[JLIB_RULES_CALCULATED_SETTING] => Calculated Setting,[JLIB_RULES_CONFLICT] => Conflict,[JLIB_RULES_DATABASE_FAILURE] => Failed storing the data to the database.,[JLIB_RULES_DENIED] => Denied,[JLIB_RULES_GROUP] => %s,[JLIB_RULES_GROUPS] => Groups,[JLIB_RULES_INHERIT] => Inherit,[JLIB_RULES_INHERITED] => Inherited,[JLIB_RULES_NOT_ALLOWED] => Not Allowed,[JLIB_RULES_NOT_ALLOWED_ADMIN_CONFLICT] => Conflict,[JLIB_RULES_NOT_ALLOWED_DEFAULT] => Not Allowed (Default),[JLIB_RULES_NOT_ALLOWED_INHERITED] => Not Allowed (Inherited),[JLIB_RULES_NOT_ALLOWED_LOCKED] => Not Allowed (Locked),[JLIB_RULES_NOT_SET] => Not Set,[JLIB_RULES_NOTICE_RECALCULATE_GROUP_PERMISSIONS] => Super User permissions changed. Save or reload to recalculate this group permissions.,[JLIB_RULES_NOTICE_RECALCULATE_GROUP_CHILDS_PERMISSIONS] => Permissions changed in a group with child groups. Save or reload to recalculate the child groups permissions.,[JLIB_RULES_REQUEST_FAILURE] => Failed sending the data to server.,[JLIB_RULES_SAVE_BEFORE_CHANGE_PERMISSIONS] => Please save before changing permissions.,[JLIB_RULES_SELECT_ALLOW_DENY_GROUP] => Allow or deny %s for users in the %s group.,[JLIB_RULES_SELECT_SETTING] => Select New Setting,[JLIB_RULES_SETTING_NOTES] => If you change the setting, it will apply to this and all child groups, components and content. Note that Denied will overrule any inherited setting and also the setting in any child group, component or content. In the case of a setting conflict, Deny will take precedence. Not Set is equivalent to Denied but can be changed in child groups, components and content.,[JLIB_RULES_SETTING_NOTES_ITEM] => If you change the setting, it will apply to this item. Note that:
Inherited means that the permissions from global configuration, parent group and category will be used.
Denied means that no matter what the global configuration, parent group or category settings are, the group being edited can't take this action on this item.
Allowed means that the group being edited will be able to take this action for this item (but if this is in conflict with the global configuration, parent group or category it will have no impact; a conflict will be indicated by Not Allowed (Inherited) under Calculated Settings).,[JLIB_RULES_SETTINGS_DESC] => Manage the permission settings for the user groups below. See notes at the bottom.,[JLIB_STEMMER_INVALID_STEMMER] => Invalid stemmer type %s,[JLIB_UNKNOWN] => Unknown,[JLIB_UPDATER_ERROR_COLLECTION_FOPEN] => The PHP allow_url_fopen setting is disabled. This setting must be enabled for the updater to work.,[JLIB_UPDATER_ERROR_COLLECTION_OPEN_URL] => Update: :Collection: Could not open %s,[JLIB_UPDATER_ERROR_COLLECTION_PARSE_URL] => Update: :Collection: Could not parse %s,[JLIB_UPDATER_ERROR_EXTENSION_OPEN_URL] => Update: :Extension: Could not open %s,[JLIB_UPDATER_ERROR_EXTENSION_PARSE_URL] => Update: :Extension: Could not parse %s,[JLIB_UPDATER_ERROR_OPEN_UPDATE_SITE] => Update: Could not open update site #%d "%s", URL: %s,[JLIB_USER_ERROR_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED_LOAD_PLUGIN] => JAuthentication: :authenticate: Failed to load plugin: %s,[JLIB_USER_ERROR_AUTHENTICATION_LIBRARIES] => JAuthentication: :__construct: Could not load authentication libraries.,[JLIB_USER_ERROR_BIND_ARRAY] => Unable to bind array to user object.,[JLIB_USER_ERROR_CANNOT_CHANGE_SUPER_USER] => A user is not allowed to change permissions of a Super User group.,[JLIB_USER_ERROR_CANNOT_CHANGE_OWN_GROUPS] => A user is not allowed to change permissions of their own group(s).,[JLIB_USER_ERROR_CANNOT_CHANGE_OWN_PARENT_GROUPS] => A user is not allowed to change permissions of their own group(s) parent group(s).,[JLIB_USER_ERROR_CANNOT_DEMOTE_SELF] => You can't remove your own Super User permissions.,[JLIB_USER_ERROR_CANNOT_REUSE_PASSWORD] => You can't reuse your current password, please enter a new password.,[JLIB_USER_ERROR_ID_NOT_EXISTS] => JUser: :_load: User %s does not exist.,[JLIB_USER_ERROR_NOT_SUPERADMIN] => Only users with Super User permissions can change other Super User user accounts.,[JLIB_USER_ERROR_PASSWORD_NOT_MATCH] => Passwords do not match. Please re-enter password.,[JLIB_USER_ERROR_UNABLE_TO_FIND_USER] => Unable to find a user with given activation string.,[JLIB_USER_ERROR_UNABLE_TO_LOAD_USER] => JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID: %s,[JLIB_USER_EXCEPTION_ACCESS_USERGROUP_INVALID] => User group does not exist.,[JLIB_UTIL_ERROR_APP_INSTANTIATION] => Application Startup Error.,[JLIB_UTIL_ERROR_CONNECT_DATABASE] => JDatabase: :getInstance: Could not connect to database
joomla.library: %1$s - %2$s,[JLIB_UTIL_ERROR_DOMIT] => DommitDocument is deprecated. Use DomDocument instead.,[JLIB_UTIL_ERROR_LOADING_FEED_DATA] => Error loading feed data.,[JLIB_UTIL_ERROR_XML_LOAD] => Failed loading XML file.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_403_FORBIDDEN] => 403: Access Forbidden,[COM_RSFIREWALL_YOUR_COUNTRY_HAS_BEEN_BLACKLISTED] => Your location (%s) has been blacklisted.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ACCESS_TO_INSTALLER_DISABLED] => Access to the Joomla! installer is disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MALWARE_DETECTED] => Malware detected.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_REFERER_BLOCKED] => Referer blocked.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_LFI_ATTEMPTED] => Local file inclusion attempted.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_RFI_ATTEMPTED] => Remote file inclusion attempted.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_NULLCODE_IN_URI] => Nullcode in URI.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_SQLI_ATTEMPTED] => SQL injection attempted.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_XSS_ATTEMPTED] => XSS attempted.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_UPLOAD_MULTIPLE_EXTS_ERROR] => There was an attempt to upload a file with multiple extensions.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_UPLOAD_EXTENSION_ERROR] => There was an attempt to upload a blacklisted extension.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_UPLOAD_SHELL] => There was an attempt to upload a malware script.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_LOGIN_ERROR] => There was an attempt to access the backend login by supplying an incorrect Additional Backend Password.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_LOGIN_OK] => The backend has been accessed by using a correct Additional Backend Password.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_CORE_FILES_MODIFIED] => A core Joomla! file has been modified.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_PROTECTED_FILES_MODIFIED] => A protected file has been modified.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_LOGIN_ATTEMPT_KNOWN] => There was an unsuccessful attempt to login into the backend section of your website using a known username.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_LOGIN_ATTEMPT_UNKNOWN] => There was an unsuccessful attempt to login into the backend section of your website using an unknown username.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_GEOIP_BLOCKED] => GeoIP blocked.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_EMPTY_USER_AGENT] => Empty user agent detected.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_PERL_USER_AGENT] => «perl» user agent detected.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_CURL_USER_AGENT] => «cURL» user agent detected.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_JAVA_USER_AGENT] => «Java» user agent detected.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_MOZILLA_USER_AGENT] => «Mozilla impersonator» user agent detected.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_DANGEROUS_USER_AGENT] => Dangerous user agent detected.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_SESSION_INJECTION_ATTEMPT] => Session injection attempted and blocked.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_UNAUTHORIZED_USER_REGISTRATION_ATTEMPT] => Unauthorized user registration attempted and blocked.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_IP_BLOCKED] => IP blocked.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_DNSBL_LISTED] => This IP is listed in a spam database.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_PROTECTED_USER_CHANGE_ATTEMPT] => There was an attempt to change a protected user.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DNSBL_LISTED] => This form has not been submitted because your IP is listed in a spam database. If you feel this is an error, please contact the webmaster.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_NEW_ADMINS_CREATED] => There was an attempt to create users with administrative privileges.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_REFERER_BLOCKED] => Referer blocked.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_URI] => URI: %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MATCH] => Match: %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_LOGIN_ATTEMPT_USERNAME_DETAILS] => Username requested: %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_LOGIN_ATTEMPT_PASSWORD_DETAILS] => Password requested: %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COUNTRY_CODE] => Country code: %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_USER_AGENT] => User agent: %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MISSING_USER] => Missing user '%s' from db. Re-added.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MODIFIED_DATA] => User '%s' change attempt: column '%s' value attempted to change from '%s' to '%s'. Prevented.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_AUTOBANNED_REPEAT_OFFENDER] => Repeat offender (Autobanned),[COM_RSFIREWALL_AUTOBANNED_TOO_MANY_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS] => Too many login attempts (Autobanned),[COM_RSFIREWALL_AUTOBANNED_TOO_MANY_BACKEND_PASSWORD_ATTEMPTS] => Too many backend password attempts (Autobanned),[COM_RSFIREWALL_PLEASE_LOGIN_TO_CONTINUE] => Please login to continue.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PROTECTED_AREA] => Protected Area,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PASSWORD] => Password,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOGIN] => Access,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ERROR] => Error,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PASSWORD_INCORRECT] => The password you have entered is not correct.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FRONTEND_MESSAGE] => RSFirewall! is only an administration component - it doesn't have a front-end page.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PLEASE_ENTER_THE_IMAGE_CODE] => Please enter the code in the image.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CAPTCHA_CODE_NOT_CORRECT] => The code you've entered did not match the one in the image!,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PASSWORD_MIN_LENGTH] => Password needs to be at least %d characters long.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PASSWORD_MIN_UPPERCASE] => Password needs a minimum of %d uppercase characters.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PASSWORD_MIN_LOWERCASE] => Password needs a minimum of %d lowercase characters.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PASSWORD_MIN_SYMBOLS] => Password needs a minimum of %d symbols.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PASSWORD_MIN_INTEGERS] => Password needs a minimum of %d integers.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CURRENT_LOCATION] => Current location:,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ADD_SELECTED_ITEMS] => Add selected items,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ADD_SELECT] => Select,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FOLDERS_OR_FILES] => Folders / Files,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSIONS] => Permissions,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SIZE] => Size,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FEED_URL] => RSS Feed URL,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FEED_URL_DESC] => This is the URL of the feed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FEED_LIMIT] => Show newest,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FEED_SHOW_NEWEST] => Entries to show,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FEED_SHOW_NEWEST_DESC] => This is the number of entries to show (most recent entries will be shown).,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ADDING_NEW_FEED] => Adding new feed,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EDITING_FEED] => Editing feed '%s',[COM_RSFIREWALL_FEED_COULD_NOT_CONNECT] => Could not connect to '%s' to retrieve feeds. Please make sure this is a correct URL.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIGURATION] => RSFirewall! Configuration,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIGURATION_SAVED] => The RSFirewall! configuration has been successfully saved.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_UPDATES] => Updates,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LICENSE_CODE] => Please enter your code to receive updates,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LICENSE_CODE_DESC] => Please insert your code so that you will have access to updates and support.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BLOCK_COUNTRY] => Country Blocking,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BLOCK_COUNTRY_DESC] => Country blocking will block all IPs that appear to be coming from these countries. This is not 100% foolproof - you might be blocking legitimate requests in the process.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_UPLOAD] => Upload,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DOWNLOAD_GEOIP_DB_LITE] => Download GeoLite2-Country.mmdb,[COM_RSFIREWALL_UPDATE_GEOIP_DB_LITE] => Update GeoLite2-Country.mmdb,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DOWNLOAD_GEOIP_SERVER_ERROR] => Download unsuccessful, server error encountered: %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_DB_UPDATE_INSTRUCTIONS] => Last modified: %s It seems you haven't updated your database in a while. Click the button below to update it.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_DB_UNKNOWN_NAME] => The name of this database is unknown: %s. Please download GeoIP.dat.gz or GeoIPv6.dat.gz,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_LITE_DB] => GeoLite2 Country Database,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_DB_LITE_DOWNLOAD_INSTRUCTIONS] => Blocking countries relies on a 3rd party database; you can download it automatically by clicking on the button below. If the download fails, you can always upload it manually afterwards.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_SETUP_CORRECTLY] => All requirements are setup correctly. You are able to use the Country Blocking feature.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_DOCUMENTATION_LINK] => For a step by step tutorial regarding obtaining GeoLite2-Country.mmdb, please click here,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_DB_EXISTS_NOT_WRITABLE] => The database file already exists in %s and is not writable.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_DB_FOLDER_NOT_WRITABLE] => The folder %s is not writable.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_DB_INCORRECT_FORMAT] => The GeoIP database is not in the correct file format (only mmdb is allowed)!,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_DB_UNABLE_TO_READ] => Could not open %s for reading!,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_DB_UNABLE_TO_WRITE] => Could not write to %s!,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_DB_CANNOT_DOWNLOAD] => It seems downloading the file has failed; you can manually upload it by selecting the file from your computer:,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_DB_CANNOT_DOWNLOAD_CONTINUED] => To start the upload, click on the Save button from the toolbar after you've selected the file.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_DB_TRY_TO_DOWNLOAD_MANUALLY] => Try to download this file manually from here: %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_COULD_NOT_UPLOAD] => The GeoIP.dat file could not be uploaded!,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_UPLOAD_ERR_INI_SIZE] => The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_UPLOAD_ERR_FORM_SIZE] => The uploaded file exceeds the MAX_FILE_SIZE directive that was specified in the HTML form.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_UPLOAD_ERR_PARTIAL] => The uploaded file was only partially uploaded.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_UPLOAD_ERR_NO_TMP_DIR] => Missing a temporary folder.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_UPLOAD_ERR_CANT_WRITE] => Failed to write file to disk.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_UPLOAD_ERR_EXTENSION] => A PHP extension stopped the file upload.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SELECT_COUNTRY_TO_BLOCK] => Blocked countries,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SELECT_COUNTRY_TO_BLOCK_DESC] => Countries that are selected here will be blocked from visiting your website.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_UPLOADED] => The GeoIP.dat database has been uploaded.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_OTHER] => Other,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SELECT_CONTINENT_TO_BLOCK] => Blocked continents,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SELECT_CONTINENT_TO_BLOCK_DESC] => Continent blocking will automatically select the countries based on the specified continent. The IPs belonging to those countries will no longer be able to access your Joomla! installation.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_PHP_COMPAT_ERROR] => PHP Version Compatibility Error,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GEOIP_PHP_COMPAT_ERROR_DESC] => Your PHP version (%s) is not compatible with the GeoLite2 Library which maps IPs to countries; please update your PHP version to use this feature.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BACKEND_PASSWORD] => Backend Password,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BACKEND_PASSWORD_DESC] => Prevents unwanted access to your backend.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_BACKEND_PASSWORD] => Enable,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_BACKEND_PASSWORD_DESC] => By setting this to Yes, you will be greeted with an additional password when accessing your /administrator URL. This prevents brute-force password attempts.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_TYPE_BACKEND_PASSWORD] => Type password,[COM_RSFIREWALL_TYPE_BACKEND_PASSWORD_DESC] => Please supply an Additional Backend Password with at least 6 characters.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_RETYPE_BACKEND_PASSWORD] => Retype password,[COM_RSFIREWALL_RETYPE_BACKEND_PASSWORD_DESC] => Please retype the password.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BACKEND_PASSWORDS_DO_NOT_MATCH] => The backend passwords do not match! Please verify that both passwords are the same.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BACKEND_PASSWORD_IS_SET] => The password has been set. If you would like to change it, please type the new password in the fields below, otherwise just leave them blank.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BACKEND_PASSWORD_IS_NOT_SET] => The password has not been set.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BACKEND_PASSWORD_LENGTH_ERROR] => Please use a password of at least 6 characters.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BACKEND_LOGIN] => Backend login,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CAPTURE_BACKEND_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS] => Capture login attempts,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CAPTURE_BACKEND_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS_DESC] => By enabling this, everytime a user fails to login in the /administrator section will trigger an event in the System Logs.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_STORE_USERNAME_PASSWORD_ATTEMPT] => Store passwords,[COM_RSFIREWALL_STORE_USERNAME_PASSWORD_ATTEMPT_DESC] => Set whether to store the passwords used in the failed login attempts or not.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_AUTOMATIC_BLACKLISTING] => Automatic Blacklisting,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_AUTOBAN] => Automatic blacklisting,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_AUTOBAN_DESC] => Automatic blacklisting will automatically add to the blacklist repeat offenders based on the minimum number of attempts specified below.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_AUTOBAN_LOGIN] => Automatic blacklisting for /administrator login,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_AUTOBAN_LOGIN_DESC] => With this option enabled, failed backend logins will lead to an automatic ban. This option is independent from the CAPTCHA challenge configurable below.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_AUTOBAN_ATTEMPTS] => # of attempts,[COM_RSFIREWALL_AUTOBAN_ATTEMPTS_DESC] => This is the minimum number of attempts before the attacker will be added to the blacklist and banned from your website.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SYSTEM_CHECK] => System Check,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SYSTEM_CHECK_DESC] => Configuration options for the System Check.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NUM_OF_FILES_FOLDERS] => Number of files/folders to check in a cycle,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NUM_OF_FILES_FOLDERS_DESC] => This is the number of files/folders to check in one cycle. If you set a higher value there's a good chance you will run out of memory and the System Check will not finish. Please use a lower value if you are experiencing issues. The default value is 300.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_REQUEST_TIMEOUT] => Pause between requests (seconds),[COM_RSFIREWALL_REQUEST_TIMEOUT_DESC] => Specify a pause (in seconds) between requests. Some servers might need this in order to avoid being flagged by their firewall as an attacker.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MAX_RETRIES] => Max retries (Malware check),[COM_RSFIREWALL_MAX_RETRIES_DESC] => Specify the number of retries after a server error is encountered (to bypass server limitations when doing the Malware check step).,[COM_RSFIREWALL_RETRIES_TIMEOUT] => Pause between retries (seconds),[COM_RSFIREWALL_RETRIES_TIMEOUT_DESC] => Specify a pause (in seconds) between retries.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECK_MD5] => Use MD5 Signature DB,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECK_MD5_DESC] => By setting this to Yes the System Check will take into account an MD5 database to check the PHP files against; please note that this is rather resource intensive.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IGNORE_FILES_FOLDERS] => Ignore files and folders,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IGNORE_FILES_FOLDERS_DESC] => During the System Check these folders and/or files will be ignored. Warning! If you select a folder, all its files and subfolders will be ignored as well.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_SYSTEM_CHECK_LOGGING] => Enable Logging,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_SYSTEM_CHECK_LOGGING_DESC] => Set this to Yes if you want to debug the RSFirewall! System Check. The output will be added to the Joomla! logs folder, under the filename 'rsfirewall.log'.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILE_PERMISSIONS] => File Permissions,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILE_PERMISSIONS_DESC] => By default we recommend 644 file permissions. However, if your server requires something else please change this value so that the System Check will check if your permissions match.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FOLDER_PERMISSIONS] => Folder Permissions,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FOLDER_PERMISSIONS_DESC] => By default we recommend 755 folder permissions. However, if your server requires something else please change this value so that the System Check will check if your permissions match.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SYSTME_CHECK_LAST_RUN] => Last run: %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NEVER] => Never,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GOOGLE_SAFE_BROWSING_LABEL] => Google Safe Browsing API Key - Sever Key,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GOOGLE_SAFE_BROWSING_DESC] => Safe Browsing is a Google service that enables applications to check URLs against Google's constantly updated lists of suspected phishing, malware, and unwanted software pages.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ACTIVE_SCANNER] => Active Scanner,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ACTIVE_SCANNER_DESC] => Actively protects your Joomla! website through the RSFirewall! System Plugin.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_ACTIVE_SCANNER] => Enable Active Scanner,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_ACTIVE_SCANNER_DESC] => By enabling the Active Scanner all the protections will be enabled on your Joomla! website.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_ACTIVE_SCANNER_BACKEND] => Enable Active Scanner in the /administrator section,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_ACTIVE_SCANNER_BACKEND_DESC] => By setting this to Yes the PHP, JS and SQL protections will be triggered in the backend as well. This should only be enabled if you don't trust people that have access to your /administrator section.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_EXTRA_LOGGING] => Log all blocked attempts,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_EXTRA_LOGGING_DESC] => By setting this to Yes, every single attempt that's stopped by RSFirewall! will be logged. This is useful for debugging your website in case you have false alerts. We recommend setting this to No once you are done so that automated attacks don't fill your log.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_VERIFY_GENERATOR] => Remove the generator meta tag,[COM_RSFIREWALL_VERIFY_GENERATOR_DESC] => Removing the generator meta tag from your website's template will protect you from spambots or attackers that target Joomla! websites,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DOS] => Denial of Service,[COM_RSFIREWALL_VERIFY_USER_AGENTS] => Deny access to the following User Agents,[COM_RSFIREWALL_VERIFY_USER_AGENTS_DESC] => The following User Agents are usually automated requests to your website and should not be allowed.
empty User Agents are usually DoS attack attempts or automated connections to your website
perl scripts are used for automated connections to your website
cURL is used for automated connections to your website
Java performs automated connections as well
Mozilla Impersonators are automated scripts trying to impersonate a legitimate browser,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ABUSIVE_IPS] => Protect forms from abusive IPs,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ABUSIVE_IPS_DESC] => Enabling this option will protect your forms from abusive IPs by checking if they exist in a PBL list.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DENY_REFERER] => Deny access to the following referers,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DENY_REFERER_DESC] => Referers are visitors coming from another website (domain). You can block multiple domains by specifying them each on a new line. You can also use wildcards, such as *.domain.com which will block any requests coming from all subdomains of domain.com (eg. www.domain.com, images.domain.com etc). Remember to add domain.com to the list as well, otherwise only subdomains will be blocked when using wildcards. You can also use wildcards anywhere in the domain name, eg. blocked-domain.*, blocked*domain.com,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MONITOR_CORE] => Check core Joomla! files integrity,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MONITOR_CORE_DESC] => Checks a few core Joomla! files for integrity, like the Joomla! login and index.php,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EMPTY_USER_AGENTS] => empty User Agents,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MOZILLA_IMPERSONATOR] => Mozilla Impersonators,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CAPTCHA] => CAPTCHA,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_BACKEND_CAPTCHA] => Enable CAPTCHA,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_BACKEND_CAPTCHA_DESC] => This will prompt a CAPTCHA security code in the /administrator section. CAPTCHA will appear after the number of failed login attempts you specify below.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BACKEND_CAPTCHA] => # of failed login attempts,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BACKEND_CAPTCHA_DESC] => Activate CAPTCHA after this number of failed login attempts. CAPTCHA will show up in the /administrator section.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PHP_PROTECTIONS] => PHP Protections,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LFI_INCLUSION] => Local file inclusion,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LFI_INCLUSION_DESC] => This disallows directory traversal techniques (such as controller=../../../etc/passwd) that might allow an attacker to read sensitive files by exploiting poorly coded extensions.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_RFI_INCLUSION] => Remote file inclusion,[COM_RSFIREWALL_RFI_INCLUSION_DESC] => This disallows access to URLs (such as controller=http://www.malicious-site.com/exploit.txt) that might allow an attacker to download and run malicious scripts by exploiting poorly coded extensions.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_PROTECTIONS_FOR] => Enable protections for,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_PROTECTIONS_FOR_DESC] => Form data (POST) enables filtering for information submitted through forms (eg. article editing, user registration etc)
URL data (GET) enables filtering for variables that are located in the URL (eg. http://www.yoursite.com/index.php?option=com_test&parameter1=value1),[COM_RSFIREWALL_POST_DATA] => Form data (POST),[COM_RSFIREWALL_GET_DATA] => URL data (GET),[COM_RSFIREWALL_SQL_PROTECTIONS] => SQL Protections,[COM_RSFIREWALL_JS_PROTECTIONS] => JS Protections,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILTER_JS] => Filter Javascript,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILTER_JS_DESC] => By setting this to Yes, the Javascript will be filtered instead of the connection being dropped.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_UPLOADS] => Uploads,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILTER_UPLOADS] => Filter Uploads,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILTER_UPLOADS_DESC] => By settings this to Yes, the uploads will be deleted instead of the connection being dropped.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_VERIFY_MULTIPLE_EXTS] => Check for multiple file extensions,[COM_RSFIREWALL_VERIFY_MULTIPLE_EXTS_DESC] => Uploading files with multiple extensions might trick your or any other user that the file has a safe extension.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_VERIFY_FILES] => Check for known malware,[COM_RSFIREWALL_VERIFY_FILES_DESC] => Verify uploaded files for known malware patterns, such as PHP shell scripts.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DENY_EXTENSIONS] => Banned extensions,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DENY_EXTENSIONS_DESC] => Files with the following extensions will be deleted as soon as they've been uploaded to the temporary directory on your server. If you enable the "Multiple extensions check", this will check all the files extensions, as opposed to the last one.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOCKDOWN] => Lockdown,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOCKDOWN_DESC] => These options will actively lockdown your administrators and disable the access to the Joomla! installer page, regardless of ACL settings.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MONITOR_USERS] => Protect the following users from any changes,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MONITOR_USERS_DESC] => This will create a snapshot of the selected users. If any changes will happen to any of them, it will get reverted back immediately. If you want to update your snapshot, you will have to deselect all the users, press Apply and then select the users again and finally Save the configuration.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DISABLE_ACCESS_TO_INSTALLER] => Disable access to the Joomla! installer,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DISABLE_ACCESS_TO_INSTALLER_DESC] => By setting this to Yes, the Joomla! installer will no longer be accessible.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DISABLE_CREATION_OF_NEW_ADMINS] => Disable the creation of new Backend users,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DISABLE_CREATION_OF_NEW_ADMINS_DESC] => By setting this to yes, new users that can login in the /administrator section will be deleted as soon as they are created. Keep in mind that new users (such as the ones added in the Registered group) will not be affected, unless you are trying to add administration rights to them (in this case, they will be deleted as well).,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DISABLE_CREATION_OF_NEW_ADMINS_WARNING] => RSFirewall!: You have '%s' enabled. Creating a new user with Super Administrator rights (able to login in the backend) will delete it instantly. Adding such rights to an existing user will also cause the user to get deleted immediately. Please proceed with caution.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ACTIVE_SCANNER_IS_ENABLED] => The RSFirewall! Active Scanner is enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ACTIVE_SCANNER_IS_DISABLED] => The RSFirewall! Active Scanner is disabled. None of the protections below will work.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MONITOR_FILES] => Monitor the following files for changes,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MONITOR_FILES_DESC] => If any of the following files will be changed, you will be alerted by email and an entry will be posted in the System Log.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECK_PROXY_IP_HEADERS] => Grab IP from Proxy Headers,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECK_PROXY_IP_HEADERS_DESC] => Some servers are behind a proxy or firewall and will not provide the correct IP. If this is your case, contact the proxy provider and ask them through what header are they sending the real IP. Otherwise just leave these all checked by default and RSFirewall! will attempt to grab the IP by looking through all of them.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_OPEN_FILE_MANAGER] => Open File Manager,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CLOSE_FILE_MANAGER] => Close,[COM_RSFIREWALL_VERIFY_EMAILS] => Convert email addresses from plain text to images,[COM_RSFIREWALL_VERIFY_EMAILS_DESC] => This setting will convert all email addresses from plain text to images, in the same way as the Email Cloaking plugin will convert them to Javascript.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EMAIL_TEXT_COLOR] => Email image text color,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EMAIL_TEXT_COLOR_DESC] => This is the hexadecimal color value of the text inside the generated image.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECK_USER_PASSWORD] => Check User Password Strength,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECK_USER_PASSWORD_DESC] => This will check the password strength when editing a user in the backend.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOGGING_UTILITY] => Logging Utility,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOGGING_UTILITY_DESC] => Logs any events that trigger RSFirewall! so that you can review them.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SEND_EMAILS] => Email address(es),[COM_RSFIREWALL_SEND_EMAILS_DESC] => Send an email to the following email address(es) when an event occurs. Please specify every address on a new line if you would like multiple email addresses to be notified.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ALERT_LEVELS] => Include these alert levels,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ALERT_LEVELS_DESC] => Please tick the levels for which you would like to receive email notifications.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DAYS_LOG_HISTORY] => # days to keep log history,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DAYS_LOG_HISTORY_DESC] => Log entries older than this number of days will be automatically deleted, to keep the database fresh and prevent it from overloading.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NUMBER_EVENTS_SYSTEM_OVERVIEW] => # events to show,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NUMBER_EVENTS_SYSTEM_OVERVIEW_DESC] => Number of events that will be shown in the System Overview.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_HOUR_LIMIT] => # emails per hour,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_HOUR_LIMIT_DESC] => This is the maximum number of emails that will be sent to the specified addresses within an hour. Set this to a lower number if your inbox is spammed during attacks or if your hosting provider allows only a certain amount of emails to be sent every hour.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IPV4_WHOIS] => IPv4 Whois Service,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IPV4_WHOIS_DESC] => This will appear as a link on the IP in the System Logs area. You can pass the {ip} placeholder to grab the IP address. Works only for IPv4 addresses.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IPV6_WHOIS] => IPv6 Whois Service,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IPV6_WHOIS_DESC] => This will appear as a link on the IP in the System Logs area. You can pass the {ip} placeholder to grab the IP address. Works only for IPv6 addresses.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXPORT_CONFIGURATION] => Export,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IMPORT_CONFIGURATION] => Import,[COM_RSFIREWALL_UPLOAD_CONFIGURATION_JSON] => Upload configuration.json,[COM_RSFIREWALL_UPLOAD_CONFIGURATION_JSON_DESC] => This allows you to restore a previously exported RSFirewall! Configuration.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIGURATION_JSON_INCORRECT_FORMAT] => Please upload only configuration.json files!,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIGURATION_JSON_NOT_READABLE] => Uploaded file is not readable in server's temp directory: %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIGURATION_JSON_NO_CONTENTS] => No contents found in uploaded file.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIGURATION_JSON_NOT_DECODED] => Could not decode JSON data from uploaded file.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIGURATION_UPDATE_CODE] => Upload license code from configuration.json,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIGURATION_UPDATE_CODE_DESC] => By setting this to Yes the Update Code from the configuration.json file will also be taken into account. Set this to No if you want to keep the code you've written in your current config.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSION_SYSTEM_CHECK] => Run System Check,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSION_SYSTEM_CHECK_DESC] => Allow users in this group to run the System Check.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSION_DB_CHECK] => Run Database Check,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSION_DB_CHECK_DESC] => Allow users in this group to run the Database Check.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSION_VIEW_LOGS] => View System Logs,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSION_VIEW_LOGS_DESC] => Allow users in this group to view the System Logs.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSION_MANAGE_LISTS] => Manage Blacklist/Whitelist,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSION_MANAGE_LISTS_DESC] => Allow users in this group to view and edit the Blacklist/Whitelist section.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSION_MANAGE_EXCEPTIONS] => Manage Exceptions,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSION_MANAGE_EXCEPTIONS_DESC] => Allow users in this group to view and edit the Exceptions section.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSION_MANAGE_FEEDS] => Manage RSS Feeds,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSION_MANAGE_FEEDS_DESC] => Allow users in this group to view and edit the RSS Feeds section.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSION_VIEW_UPDATES] => View Updates,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PERMISSION_VIEW_UPDATES_DESC] => Allow users in this group to access the Updates section.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PRODUCT_VERSION] => Version,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COPYRIGHT_NAME] => Copyright,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LICENSE_NAME] => License,[COM_RSFIREWALL_UPDATE_CODE] => Update Code,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PLEASE_ENTER_YOUR_CODE_IN_THE_CONFIGURATION] => Please enter your code in the Configuration.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_WARNING_PLUGIN_DISABLED] => Warning! System - RSFirewall! Active Scanner has been disabled. You will not be protected.
,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ATTACKS_BLOCKED_PAST_MONTH] => Attacks blocked in the past 30 days,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ATTACKS_BLOCKED_REGION_BASED] => Attacks blocked region based,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LAST_MESSAGES_FROM_SYSTEM_LOG] => Last %d messages from the System Log,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FEEDS] => RSS Feeds,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FEED] => Feed - %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FEED_TITLE] => Title,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FEED_DATE] => Feed Date,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILES_MODIFIED] => Files that have been modified,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILES_MODIFIED_DATE] => Date,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILES_FILE_PATH] => File path,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ORIGINAL_HASH] => Original hash,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MODIFIED_HASH] => Modified hash,[COM_RSFIREWALL_HASH_CHANGED_SUCCESS] => The hashes have been updated.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECK_SYSTEM] => Perform the System Check,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ERROR_CHECK] => Error! ,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ERROR_CHECK_RETRYING] => Received error from server, retrying in 10 seconds...,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ERROR_FIX] => Error! ,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DETAILS_BUTTON] => Details,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ACTION] => Action,[COM_RSFIREWALL_RESULT] => Result,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SCAN_IS_IN_PROGRESS] => Please wait while scanning completes...,[COM_RSFIREWALL_HTTP_ERROR_RESPONSE_CODE] => Error when connecting, response code returned is %d.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IE_WARNING_DESC] => You are using an older version of the Internet Explorer which may affect your browsing experience. We advise that you run the System Check on a newer version of this browser or another modern browser.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GRADE_FINISHED] => Scanning has finished.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GRADE_FINISHED_DESC] => RSFirewall! has computed a grade based on your website's security level. Please keep in mind that there are areas that RSFirewall! cannot cover, so don't rely on this grade as a definite indicator of your website's security.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GRADE_NOT_FINISHED] => Scanning could not finish!,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GRADE_NOT_FINISHED_DESC] => The scanning process was intrerrupted by a server error. Please scroll bellow for more information regarding the error. It is advisable to contact your hosting provider if they have a server-side firewall that's blocking you.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SYSTEM_CHECK_HAS_DEBUG] => This server has the PHP 'Xdebug' module enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SYSTEM_CHECK_HAS_DEBUG_DESC] => You can see it on your website by going to System - System Information - PHP Information and searching for 'xdebug'. This PHP module prevents the correct functioning of the System Check. Please disable it (ask your hosting provider for details on how to do this) and try again. Once this PHP module is disabled, the below button will be clickable.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SCANNING_IN_PROGRESS_LEAVE] => Scanning is still in progress - are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILESYSTEM_ERROR_COPY_FAILED] => Failed to copy file,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILESYSTEM_FILES_COPIED] => Files copied from remote server,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BUTTON_FAILED] => Failed,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BUTTON_PROCESSING] => Processing,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BUTTON_SUCCESS] => Success,[COM_RSFIREWALL_JOOMLA_CONFIGURATION] => Joomla! Configuration,[COM_RSFIREWALL_JOOMLA_VERSION_CHECK] => Checking if you have the latest Joomla! version,[COM_RSFIREWALL_JOOMLA_VERSION_OK] => You are running %s.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_JOOMLA_VERSION_NOT_OK] => You are running %s. Please update to %s.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_JOOMLA_VERSION_ALPHA] => You are running a non-stable version of Joomla! (%s). This is not recommended for production websites.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_JOOMLA_VERSION_DETAILS] => Please update to the latest version of Joomla!. Ensuring that you have the latest version of Joomla! will keep you protected from known vulnerabilities.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FIREWALL_VERSION_CHECK] => Checking if you have the latest RSFirewall! version,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FIREWALL_VERSION_OK] => You are running %s.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FIREWALL_VERSION_NOT_OK] => You are running %s. Please update to %s.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FIREWALL_VERSION_DETAILS] => Please update to the latest version of RSFirewall!. Ensuring that you have the latest version of RSFirewall! will increase your protection as we make improvements to the extension.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECKING_SQL_PASSWORD] => Checking if you have a weak database password,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SQL_PASSWORD_OK] => Your database password is strong enough.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SQL_PASSWORD_NOT_OK] => Your database password is too simple - '%s'.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EMPTY_PASSWORD] => empty password,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SQL_PASSWORD_DETAILS] => Please choose a stronger password for your database. A weak password might be discovered with brute force attacks, allowing complete access to your website.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECKING_ADMIN_USER] => Checking if the default 'admin' user is active.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ADMIN_USER_OK] => An 'admin' username was not found in your database.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ADMIN_USER_NOT_OK] => An 'admin' username with ID %d was found in your database.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ADMIN_USER_DETAILS] => Please rename the 'admin' username to something else. It's a known fact that 'admin' is the default username created during the installation of Joomla! and potential attackers might exploit this information.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NEW_USERNAME] => New username:,[COM_RSFIREWALL_RENAME_ADMIN] => Rename 'admin' user to '%s',[COM_RSFIREWALL_RENAME_ADMIN_SUCCESS] => The 'admin' user has been successfully renamed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PLEASE_CHOOSE_ANOTHER_USERNAME] => Please choose a different username.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECKING_FTP_PASSWORD] => Checking if you have set your FTP password,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FTP_PASSWORD_OK] => You do not have your FTP password stored in the Global Configuration.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FTP_PASSWORD_NOT_OK] => You have your FTP password stored in the Global Configuration.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FTP_PASSWORD_DETAILS] => Please remove the FTP password stored in the Global Configuration. Anyone with access to your Global Configuration will have access to your files as well and, potentially, your website's hosting panel account.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_REMOVE_FTP_PASSWORD] => Remove FTP password,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECKING_SEF] => Checking if you have Search Engine Friendly URLs enabled,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SEF_ENABLED] => You have SEF enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SEF_DISABLED] => You do not have SEF enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SEF_DETAILS] => Please enable SEF from the Global Configuration. Search Engine Friendly (SEF) links will prevent attackers that target specific installations of Joomla! from finding your website.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENABLE_SEF] => Enable SEF,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECKING_CONFIGURATION_INTEGRITY] => Checking the integrity of configuration.php,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIGURATION_OK] => Your configuration.php file is correct.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIGURATION_NOT_OK] => Your configuration.php file is not correct.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIGURATION_DETAILS] => The configuration.php has been modified. This might be the result of a hack or a manual edit. Below you will see a list of lines that have been added. If you don't recognize the lines below it's safe to rebuild your configuration.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIGURATION_LINE] => Line %d:,[COM_RSFIREWALL_REBUILD_CONFIGURATION] => Rebuild configuration.php,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIGURATION_SAVED_ERROR] => Could not save configuration.php. Please make sure you have write permissions.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIGURATION_SAVED_SUCCESS] => Successfully saved configuration.php.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECKING_WEAK_PASSWORDS] => Checking if any admin users have weak passwords,[COM_RSFIREWALL_WEAK_PASSWORDS_DETAILS] => The users listed below are using weak passwords sensitive to brute force attacks.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_WEAK_PASSWORDS_OK] => There were no administrators with weak passwords found.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_WEAK_PASSWORDS_N_FOUND] => You have %d administrators using weak passwords.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_WEAK_PASSWORDS_N_FOUND_1] => You have %d administrator using a weak password.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_USERNAME] => Username,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECKING_SESSION_LIFETIME] => Checking your session lifetime,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SESSION_LIFETIME_OK] => Your session lifetime is %d minutes.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SESSION_LIFETIME_NOT_OK] => Your session lifetime is too high (%d minutes)! We recommend at most 15 minutes.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SESSION_LIFETIME_DETAILS] => Please decrease your session lifetime from the Global Configuration. Having a high session time might leave your account exposed if you are away from a logged in computer for a long time and other people might have physical access to it.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DECREASE_SESSION] => Decrease session lifetime to 15 minutes,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECKING_TEMPORARY_FILES] => Checking if there are any files left in the Joomla! temporary folder,[COM_RSFIREWALL_TEMPORARY_FILES_OK] => You have no files left in your temporary folder.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_TEMPORARY_FILES_NOT_OK] => You have some files left in your temporary folder.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_TEMPORARY_FILES_DETAILS] => Your Joomla! temporary folder is set to %s. Below is a list of files and folders found in your temporary folder.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MORE_FOLDERS] => %d more folders,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MORE_FILES] => %d more files,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EMPTY_TEMPORARY_FOLDER] => Empty the temporary folder,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_DELETE_TEMPORARY_FILES] => Could not delete the files and/or folders inside the temporary folder. Please delete them manually.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EMPTIED_TEMPORARY_FOLDER] => The temporary folder has been emptied.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_TEMPORARY_FOLDER_INCORRECTLY_SET] => The temporary folder is incorrectly set to %s and cannot be emptied.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECKING_HTACCESS] => Checking for %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_HTACCESS_FOUND] => A %s file was found in the root of your Joomla! website,[COM_RSFIREWALL_HTACCESS_NOT_FOUND] => A %s file was not found in the root of your Joomla! website,[COM_RSFIREWALL_HTACCESS_DETAILS] => Joomla! offers some basic protection against known exploits through the default %s file. Please rename the supplied %s (found in your Joomla! website's root) to %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_RENAME_HTACCESS] => Rename %s to %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_HTACCESS_READ_ERROR] => The %s file could not be loaded from your Joomla! root. Please make sure the file exists and/or is readable.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_HTACCESS_SAVED_ERROR] => Could not save %s. Please make sure you have write permissions.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_HTACCESS_SAVED_SUCCESS] => Successfully saved %s.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECKING_TEMPORARY_OUTSIDE] => Checking if the Joomla! temporary folder is publicly accessible,[COM_RSFIREWALL_TEMPORARY_OUTSIDE_OK] => The Joomla! temporary folder is not publicly accessible over the web.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_TEMPORARY_OUTSIDE_NOT_OK] => The Joomla! temporary folder is publicly accessible.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_TEMPORARY_OUTSIDE_DETAILS] => You'll need to set the Joomla! temporary folder (currently located in %s) in any location above %s so it won't be publicly accessible over the web.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECKING_SESSION_HANDLER] => Checking your Session Handler,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SESSION_HANDLER_OK] => Your Session Handler is set to '%s'.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SESSION_HANDLER_NOT_OK] => Your Session Handler is set to 'Database'.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SESSION_HANDLER_DETAILS] => By default, all new Joomla! installations have the Session Handler set as 'Database'. The session consists of non-persistent cookies that hold information about the visitor (for example, if he's logged in or not). However, in light of the remote code execution vulnerability discovered in all versions of Joomla! prior to 3.4.6, we recommend setting the Session Handler to 'PHP' and let PHP handle it. You and your visitors will not see any difference, nor is there any benefit of keeping the session inside your database.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FIX_SESSION_HANDLER] => Change Session Handler to 'PHP',[COM_RSFIREWALL_SURE_CHANGE_SESSION_HANDLER] => Are you sure you want to change your Session Handler? Please note that after doing this, the current session will be destroyed and you will be logged out. You will have to login again.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GOOGLE_SAFE_BROWSER_VALID] => Your website is not blacklisted on Google Safe Browsing lists.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GOOGLE_SAFE_BROWSER_INVALID] => Your website is marked as %s on Google Safe Browsing lists.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GOOGLE_SAFE_BROWSER_INVALID_DETAILS] => Safe Browsing alerts webmasters if their sites have been hacked and provides information to help clean up the problem.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECKING_GOOGLE_SAFE_BROWSER] => Checking if your website is blacklisted,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GOOGLE_SAFE_BROWSER_BAD_REQUEST] => Could not check Google Safe Browsing: Bad Request,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GOOGLE_SAFE_BROWSER_BAD_API_KEY] => Could not check Google Safe Browsing: API key not authorized. Make sure you've enabled the Google Safe Browsing API (not the Legacy one) from your Google API Manager Console. If you've set any restrictions for your key, remove them. After you're done go to System > Clear Cache > select Administrator from the dropdown and click on the 'Delete All' button from the toolbar to clear the cache and try again.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GOOGLE_SAFE_BROWSER_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE] => Could not check Google Safe Browsing: service unavailable,[COM_RSIFREWALL_SOMETHING_WENT_WRONG] => Something went wrong,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GOOGLE_SAFE_BROWSER_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR] => Internal server error - retry your request,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GOOGLE_SAFE_BROWSER_TIMEOUT] => Deadline exceeded (timeout) - retry your request,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GOOGLE_SAFE_BROWSER_NO_API_KEY] => No API Key configured in RSFirewall! configuration.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GOOGLE_SAFE_BROWSER_STEP_SKIPPED] => Checking if your website is blacklisted by Google requires an API key setup. You can add your API key in Firewall Configuration - System Check. You can get your key by following instructions from here.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_GOOGLE_SAFE_BROWSER_HOW_TO_GET_KEY] => You can get your key by following instructions from here.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ADDITIONAL_BACKEND_PASSWORD_ENABLED] => Checking if the Backend Password is enabled,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ADDITIONAL_BACKEND_PASSWORD_OK] => The Backend Password is enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ADDITIONAL_BACKEND_PASSWORD_NOT_OK] => The Backend Password is disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ADDITIONAL_BACKEND_PASSWORD_DETAILS] => We suggest enabling the Backend Password in order to prevent public access to the /administrator URL. Go to Firewall Configuration,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SERVER_CONFIGURATION] => Server Configuration,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PHP_DIRECTIVE] => PHP Directive,[COM_RSFIREWALL_REGISTER_GLOBALS_ON] => register_globals is On. This could allow an attacker to overwrite variables in the scripts running on your website. We recommend this setting be Off.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_REGISTER_GLOBALS_OFF] => register_globals is Off.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SAFE_MODE_ON] => safe_mode is On. This feature was supposed to harden your PHP configuration, instead it created more problems. This has been deprecated since PHP 5.3 and removed in 5.4. We recommend this setting be Off.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SAFE_MODE_OFF] => safe_mode is Off.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ALLOW_URL_INCLUDE_ON] => allow_url_include is On. This could allow an attacker to execute remote code, if you have PHP scripts that perform include() and require() without sanitization. We recommend this setting be Off.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ALLOW_URL_INCLUDE_OFF] => allow_url_include is Off.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_OPEN_BASEDIR_ON] => open_basedir is used.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_OPEN_BASEDIR_OFF] => open_basedir is not used. This restricts PHP access to only the paths specified in this directive.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DISABLE_FUNCTIONS_ON] => disable_functions is used.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DISABLE_FUNCTIONS_OFF] => disable_functions is not used. Please add the following: %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DISABLE_FUNCTIONS_INCOMPLETE] => disable_functions is missing the following: %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXPOSE_PHP_ON] => expose_php is On. This could allow attackers to retrieve information about your PHP version. We recommend this setting be Off.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXPOSE_PHP_OFF] => expose_php is Off.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FIX_PHP] => Attempt to fix PHP Configuration,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PHP_ERROR_DESC] => RSFirewall! will attempt to fix your PHP settings if the configuration is not secure by creating a local php.ini file in the root of your hosting account. If the hosting provider allows this, the php.ini file will be read and the new settings will take effect. If it does not work, then it means that the hosting provider does not allow the reading of local php.ini files. Please contact your hosting provider and/or system administrator in order to get this enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PHP_INI_SAVED_SUCCESS] => Successfully saved php.ini. Remember: If it doesn't seem to take effect, try copying the php.ini file in the /administrator folder as well.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PHP_INI_SAVED_ERROR] => Could not save php.ini in %s. Please make sure you have write permissions.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PHP_INI_INSTRUCTIONS] => You'll have to copy the text below, paste it in a file called php.ini and upload it (through FTP) to the root of your Joomla! installation. If it does not work, remember to copy it in the /administrator folder as well as some hosting providers might need it there as well. If it still doesn't work, then it means your hosting provider is not accepting local php.ini files.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SCAN_RESULT] => File Integrity,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SCANNING_JOOMLA_HASHES] => Scanning the integrity of your Joomla! (CMS) files,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SCANNING_JOOMLA_HASHES_PROGRESS] => Scanning (%d%%),[COM_RSFIREWALL_NO_HASHES_FOUND] => Could not start scanning because no hashes have been found for this version of Joomla! (%s). Please have patience until these will be available, either through a new version of RSFirewall! is released (usually 1 or 2 days) or downloadable directly (if you've added your license code).,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NO_HASHES_FOR_ALPHA] => You are running a non-stable version of Joomla! (%s) - hashes for this version will never be available since it's not recommended for production websites. Once the stable version comes out, hashes for the stable version will be released.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CODE_FOR_HASHES] => Could not start downloading hashes for this Joomla! version without an update code - https://www.rsjoomla.com/support/documentation/general-faq/where-do-i-find-my-license-code-.html,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_WRITE_HASH_FILE] => Could not write hash file to %s. Please make sure the folder permissions are correct.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_READ_HASH_FILE] => Could not open %s for reading. Please make sure you have read permissions.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_HASHES_CORRECT] => No files are modified from your Joomla! (CMS) installation. This includes just the files that are present in the default installation of Joomla!, not your 3rd party extensions and templates.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_HASHES_INCORRECT] => RSFirewall! found %d files modified in your Joomla! Installation. Please review the files by clicking on the green details button.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILE_HAS_BEEN_IGNORED] => This file has been ignored from the System Check.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILES_READDED_TO_CHECK] => Entry removed from database, the file will be scanned during the next system check,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILES_READD_ERROR] => RSFirewall! encountered an error when trying to remove this entry from the database, please try again and if the error persists, contact our customer support,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILE_HAS_BEEN_MODIFIED] => The file has been modified.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILE_HAS_BEEN_MODIFIED_AGO] => The file has been modified %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_VIEW_DIFF] => View differences,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILE_IS_MISSING] => The file is missing.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ACCEPT_CHANGES] => Accept changes for the selected files,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ACCEPT_CHANGES_WARNING] => Warning! Accepting the changes means that the next time the scan will be performed these files will be ignored, unless they are modified again. There is no way to revert the files back to their original state unless you inspect them yourself in order to verify what changes have been made.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_THE_CHANGES_HAVE_BEEN_ACCEPTED] => The changes have been accepted.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILE_NOT_FOUND] => %s: file not found.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILE_NOT_READABLE] => %s: file not readable.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NOT_A_FILE] => %s: path is not a file.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOCAL_FILE] => Your version (Local file): %s has been modified %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_REMOTE_FILE] => Original (Remote file): %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DIFF_MIN_2513] => Differences are available starting with Joomla! 2.5.13 only. Please consider updating your Joomla! installation to a newer version for this feature to work.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SCANNING_FOLDERS] => Scanning your folders,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FOLDER_IS_NOT_A_VALID_FOLDER] => %s is not a valid folder!,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FOLDER_CANNOT_BE_OPENED] => Cannot open folder %s!,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FOLDER_PERMISSIONS_INCORRECT] => You have %d folders with possibly insecure permissions.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FOLDER_PERMISSIONS_CORRECT] => There are no folders with insecure permissions.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PLEASE_WAIT_WHILE_BUILDING_DIRECTORY_STRUCTURE] => Please wait while building directory structure... %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ATTEMPT_TO_FIX_FOLDER_PERMISSIONS] => Attempt to fix the permissions (%d) on the selected folders,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FIX_FOLDER_PERMISSIONS_WARNING] => Warning! This will attempt to set the selected folders to %d permissions. If you have any folders that might need different permissions, please deselect them. Changing permissions will only work if your server configuration allows it. Otherwise, you'll need to connect to your FTP server and change the permissions manually.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FIX_FOLDER_PERMISSIONS_DONE] => The fix has been applied. Below you'll see the results of the operation.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SCANNING_FILES] => Scanning your files,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILE_PERMISSIONS_INCORRECT] => You have %d files with possibly insecure permissions.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILE_PERMISSIONS_CORRECT] => There are no files with insecure permissions.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PLEASE_WAIT_WHILE_BUILDING_FILE_STRUCTURE] => Please wait while building files structure... %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ATTEMPT_TO_FIX_FILE_PERMISSIONS] => Attempt to fix the permissions (%d) on the selected files,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FIX_FILE_PERMISSIONS_WARNING] => Warning! This will attempt to set the selected files to %d permissions. If you have any files that might need different permissions, please deselect them. Changing permissions will only work if your server configuration allows it. Otherwise, you'll need to connect to your FTP server and change the permissions manually.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FIX_FILE_PERMISSIONS_DONE] => The fix has been applied. Below you'll see the results of the operation.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ITEMS_LEFT] => Working... %d items left,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SCANNING_FILES_FOR_MALWARE] => Scanning your files for common malware,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SCANNING_AGAINST_SIGNATURES] => Scanning your files against %d common malware signatures,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NO_MALWARE_SIGNATURES] => There are no malware signatures in your database!,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_READ_FILE] => Could not open file %s for reading.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BIG_FILE_PLEASE_SKIP] => The following file is very large (%s) and RSFirewall! cannot verify it: %s. Please add it to be skipped in the Firewall Configuration - System Check area.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_MALWARE_PLEASE_REVIEW_FILES] => We've found a total of %d malware scripts inside your files. Please review them manually as the scan might have detected false alerts.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NO_MALWARE_FOUND] => There were no known malware files found in your Joomla! folder. Please keep in mind that the malware database is limited and may not detect all variants.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BASE64_IN_FILE] => Possible PHP injection - base64_decode(),[COM_RSFIREWALL_SUSPICIOUS_FILE_IN_ROOT] => Suspicious file found in the root path of your installation.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SUSPICIOUS_FILE_IN_FOLDER] => Suspicious file found in the '%s' folder.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SUSPICIOUS_HIDDEN_FILE] => Suspicious filename found. Files with a dot in front of them are usually hidden by the operating system.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SUSPICIOUS_SPACE_FILE] => Suspicious filename found. Files with spaces in the front of the filename are usually placed by attackers to avoid being detected.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IGNORE_FILES] => Ignore these files,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IGNORE_FILES_WARNING] => Warning! Ignoring these files means that the next time the scan will be performed, these files will no longer be checked for malware. If you want to revert the process go to 'Firewall Configuration / System Check' and delete them manually from the 'Ignore files and folders' field.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IGNORE_FILES_SUCCESS] => These files will be ignored the next time you'll run a System Check.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_VIEW_FILE] => View file contents,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IGNORED_FILES_ALERT_WARNING] => The files listed below are being ignored from the System Check. If you wish to include them in the scan, simply click on the Remove button next to each file.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_VIEW_IGNORED] => View ignored files,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SERVER_DATABASE] => Server Database,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CHECK_DB] => Perform the Database Check,[COM_RSFIREWALL_TABLE_NAME] => Table Name,[COM_RSFIREWALL_TABLE_ENGINE] => Engine,[COM_RSFIREWALL_TABLE_COLLATION] => Collation,[COM_RSFIREWALL_TABLE_ROWS] => # of Rows,[COM_RSFIREWALL_TABLE_DATA] => Data (KB),[COM_RSFIREWALL_TABLE_INDEX] => Index (KB),[COM_RSFIREWALL_TABLE_OVERHEAD] => Overhead (KB),[COM_RSFIREWALL_DB_CHECK_UNSUPPORTED] => Unfortunately, the database checking feature is not supported for your database version (or you do not have any MyISAM tables in your installation). Don't worry - this means that your tables are fine and there's no point in checking them.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_OPTIMIZE_REPAIR_RESULT] => Optimize: %s, Repair: %s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NOT_SUPPORTED] => Not supported,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ONLY_TABLES_WITH_MYISAM_STORAGE_ENGINE_DESC] => Repairing & optimizing tables can only be performed on MyISAM tables. If you see fewer tables, don't worry - your other tables are fine and there's no point in checking them.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_1] => Generic event.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_MASTER_PASSWORD_DISABLED] => The Master Password has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_MASTER_PASSWORD_ENABLED] => The Master Password has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_MASTER_PASSWORD_CHANGED] => The Master Password has been changed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BLACKLIST_UPDATED] => The Blacklist has been updated.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_ACTIVE_SCANNER_DISABLED] => The RSFirewall! Active Scanner has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_ACTIVE_SCANNER_ENABLED] => The RSFirewall! Active Scanner has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_GENERATOR_DISABLED] => Removal of the generator meta tag has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_GENERATOR_ENABLED] => Removal of the generator meta tag has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_DOS_DISABLED] => The verification for DoS attacks has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_DOS_ENABLED] => The verification for DoS attacks has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_AGENTS_DISABLED] => The verification for malware in User-Agents has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_AGENTS_ENABLED] => The verification for malware in User-Agents has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_SQL_DISABLED] => The verification for SQL injections has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_SQL_ENABLED] => The verification for SQL injections has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_SQL_SKIP_CHANGED] => The list of components to be skipped when checking for SQL injections has been updated.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_PHP_DISABLED] => The verification for PHP injections has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_PHP_ENABLED] => The verification for PHP injections has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_PHP_SKIP_CHANGED] => The list of components to be skipped when checking for PHP injections has been updated.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_JS_SKIP_CHANGED] => The list of components to be skipped when checking for JS injections has been updated.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_JS_DISABLED] => The verification for JS injections has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_JS_ENABLED] => The verification for JS injections has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_MULTIPLE_EXTS_DISABLED] => The verification for multiple file extensions has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_MULTIPLE_EXTS_ENABLED] => The verification for multiple file extensions has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_UPLOAD_DISABLED] => Scanning for malware in uploaded files has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_UPLOAD_ENABLED] => Scanning for malware in uploaded files has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_VERIFY_EXTENSIONS_CHANGED] => The banned extensions list has been updated.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_MONITOR_CORE_DISABLED] => The verification of core Joomla! files has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_MONITOR_CORE_ENABLED] => The verification of core Joomla! files has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_MONITOR_FILES_CHANGED] => The monitoring of custom files has been changed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_MONITOR_USERS_CHANGED] => The monitoring of users has been changed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_ACCESS_CONTROL_DISABLED] => The Backend Access Control has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_ACCESS_CONTROL_ENABLED] => The Backend Access Control has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_ACCESS_USERS_CHANGED] => Backend access of users has been changed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_ACCESS_COMPONENTS_CHANGED] => Backend access of components has been changed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_PASSWORD_DISABLED] => The Backend Password has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_PASSWORD_ENABLED] => The Backend Password has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_PASSWORD_CHANGED] => The Backend Password has been changed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_WHITELIST_CHANGED] => The Backend Whitelist has been changed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_LOG_EMAILS_CHANGED] => The alert email list has been changed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_LOG_ALERT_LEVEL_CHANGED] => The alert level has been changed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_LOG_HISTORY_CHANGED] => The number of days to keep the System Log has been changed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_LOG_OVERVIEW_CHANGED] => The number of events to show in the System Overview has been changed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_MASTER_LOGIN_OK] => Logged in with a correct Master Password.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_MASTER_LOGIN_ERROR] => There was an attempt to login with an incorrect Master Password.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_LOG_EMPTIED] => The System Log has been emptied.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_LOCKDOWN_ENABLED] => The System Lockdown has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_LOCKDOWN_DISABLED] => The System Lockdown has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_LOGIN_USER_ERROR] => There was an attempt to login in the backend with a forbidden username.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_OPTION_ERROR] => There was an attempt to access a forbidden option in the backend.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_START_SYSTEM_CHECK] => The System Check has been started.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_CAPTCHA_CHANGED] => The backend CAPTCHA has been modified.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_CAPTCHA_ENABLED] => The backend CAPTCHA has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BACKEND_CAPTCHA_DISABLED] => The backend CAPTCHA has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_BLOCKED_COUNTRIES_CHANGED] => The list of blocked countries has been changed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_AUTOBAN_DISABLED] => The automatically blacklisting feature has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_AUTOBAN_ENABLED] => The automatically blacklisting feature has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_AUTOBAN_ATTEMPTS_CHANGED] => The minimum number of attempts for automatically blacklisting has been changed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_AUTOBAN_LOGIN_DISABLED] => The automatically blacklisting for /administrator login feature has been disabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EVENT_AUTOBAN_LOGIN_ENABLED] => The automatically blacklisting for /administrator login feature has been enabled.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_FILTER] => Filter,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ALERT_LEVEL] => Alert level,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_DATE_EVENT] => Date of event,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_IP_ADDRESS] => IP address,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_USER_ID] => User ID,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_USERNAME] => Username,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_PAGE] => Page,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_REFERER] => Referer,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NO_REFERER] => No referer,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_DESCRIPTION] => Description,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_DEBUG_VARIABLES] => Debug information,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EMPTY_LOG] => Empty the log,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DOWNLOAD_LOG] => Download,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_EMPTIED] => The System Log has been emptied.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ADD_FROM_LOG_ITEM_SAVED_OK] => %d items have been added to the list.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_ADD_BLACKLIST] => Add to Blacklist,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_ADD_WHITELIST] => Add to Whitelist,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BLACKLISTED] => Blacklisted,[COM_RSFIREWALL_WHITELISTED] => Whitelisted,[COM_RSFIREWALL_UNBLOCK] => Unblock,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BLOCK] => Block,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_ERROR] => Error!,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_WARNING] => Warning!,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ERROR_UNBLOCK] => Could not unblock this IP - this IP address might have already been removed.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NOT_ENOUGH_RESULTS_TO_OUTPUT] => Could not output results - not enough data.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_OPEN_PHP_OUTPUT] => Could not open php://output,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_WRITE_PHP_OUTPUT] => Could not write to php://output,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SHOW] => Show,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SELECT_LEVEL] => - Select Level -,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LEVEL_LOW] => low,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LEVEL_MEDIUM] => medium,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LEVEL_HIGH] => high,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LEVEL_CRITICAL] => critical,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SELECT_BLOCKED_STATUS] => - Select Blocked Status -,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BLOCKED] => Blocked,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NOT_BLOCKED] => Not blocked,[COM_RSFIREWALL_YOU_BANNED_US] => You've blocked the US - this will also block legitimate requests from servers located in the US (such as search engines and other websites: Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter etc).,[COM_RSFIREWALL_WEBSITE] => Website,[COM_RSFIREWALL_USERIP] => User IP,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LOG_EMAIL_SUBJECT] => [%1$s] [IP: %3$s] RSFirewall! for %2$s,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EMAIL_NOTICE] => This email was sent because the RSFirewall! component is monitoring your Joomla! website. Notifications can be changed in the Firewall Configuration area, under the Logging Utility tab.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IP_ADDRESS] => IP Address,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IP_ADDRESS_DESC] => Add a new IP address to the list. You can use wildcards anywhere, for example 192.168.1.* will match any address from to,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IP_ADDRESSES] => IP Addresses
Each on a new line,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IP_ADDRESSES_DESC] => Add new IP address to the list. Please add each IP on a new line. You can use wildcards anywhere, for example 192.168.1.* will match any address from to,[COM_RSFIREWALL_SELECT_TYPE] => - Select Type -,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LIST_TYPE] => List Type,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LIST_TYPE_DESC] => Set the type of the list - blacklist (banned) or whitelist (no protections triggered).,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LIST_TYPE_0] => Blacklist,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LIST_TYPE_1] => Whitelist,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LIST_REASON] => Reason,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LIST_REASON_DESC] => This reason will show up to the attacker when he visits your site and finds himself banned.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_LIST_DATE] => Date added,[COM_RSFIREWALL_YOUR_IP_ADDRESS_IS] => Your IP address is currently detected as %s.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_BULK_ITEM_SAVED_OK] => %d items have been added to the list.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ADDING_NEW_IP] => Adding new IP,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ADDING_NEW_IP_BULK] => Adding multiple IPs,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EDITING_IP] => Editing IP '%s',[COM_RSFIREWALL_BULK_ADD] => Bulk Add,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IP_ALREADY_IN_DB] => '%s' is already in the %s database - please specify a different value.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IP_MASK_ERROR] => Selected range cannot be added because it will block all IP addresses from visiting your website.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IP_SERVER_ERROR] => You cannot block your own server IP.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IP_FOUND_IN_RANGE] => Specified IP (%s) matches a range that's already in the database (%s).,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NETWORK_MASK_OUTSIDE_RANGE] => Network mask supplied '%s' is out of range '%s'.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_UNPACK_IP] => Could not unpack IP address '%s'.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_CONVERT_TO_LONG] => Could not convert IP address '%s' to numeric (long) format.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_COULD_NOT_TRANSFORM_PTON] => Could not transform IP address '%s' to packed representation.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PROTOCOL_ERROR] => Could not determine protocol version for IP address '%s'. Please make sure that the IP address is typed correctly.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PROTOCOL_METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED] => Method '%s' not supported by class '%s'.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NO_STARTING_IP] => No starting IP supplied.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NO_ENDING_IP] => No ending IP supplied.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_STARTING_IP_PROTOCOL_MISMATCH] => The starting IP supplied is not an IPv%d address.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ENDING_IP_PROTOCOL_MISMATCH] => The ending IP supplied is not an IPv%d address.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_NETWORK_PROTOCOL_MISMATCH] => The network IP supplied is not an IPv%d address.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IP_ERROR] => Please insert a correct IP address.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_N_ITEMS_DELETED] => %d items successfully deleted,[COM_RSFIREWALL_N_ITEMS_DELETED_1] => One item successfully deleted,[COM_RSFIREWALL_N_ITEMS_PUBLISHED] => %d items successfully published,[COM_RSFIREWALL_N_ITEMS_UNPUBLISHED] => %d items successfully unpublished,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_TYPE] => Exception Type,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_TYPE_DESC] => User Agent will match either the exact client User Agent or a part of it (if regular expressions are used)
URL will match the URL or parts of the URL (if regular expressions are used)
Component will match all the pages from the component (just type the component name, eg. com_search).,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_TYPE_UA] => User Agent,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_TYPE_URL] => URL,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_TYPE_COM] => Component,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_MATCH] => Match,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_MATCH_DESC] => Please specify either the full string to match or a regular expression (if regular expressions are used).,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_USE_REGEX] => Use regular expressions,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_USE_REGEX_DESC] => You can use regular expressions to match an exception eg. utm_source=(.*?). If set to No, the exception will match the string given here by using a simple string comparison so please make sure to add the full string you are expecting.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_SKIP_PHP] => Skip PHP Protections,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_SKIP_PHP_DESC] => Set this to Yes if you would like to skip PHP protections.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_SKIP_JS] => Skip JS Protections,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_SKIP_JS_DESC] => Set this to Yes if you would like to skip JS protections.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_SKIP_SQL] => Skip SQL Protections,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_SKIP_SQL_DESC] => Set this to Yes if you would like to skip SQL protections.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_SKIP_UPLOADS] => Skip Upload Protections,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_SKIP_UPLOADS_DESC] => Set this to Yes if you would like to skip upload protections.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_REASON] => Reason,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_REASON_DESC] => This reason is only for internal use - it is not displayed anywhere on your website.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EXCEPTION_DATE] => Date added,[COM_RSFIREWALL_EDITING_EXCEPTION] => Editing exception,[COM_RSFIREWALL_ADDING_NEW_EXCEPTION] => Adding new exception,[COM_RSFIREWALL_UPDATE_INSTRUCTIONS] => Updating is now done through Extensions > Manage > Update. Please make sure you have added your Update Code in the RSFirewall! Configuration. This page is left as a reminder and will be removed in the future.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_UPDATE_CLICK_HERE_TO_READ] => Click here to find out more.,[COM_RSFIREWALL_PLEASE_COMPLETE_ALL_FIELDS] => Please complete all required fields (marked with *).,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIRM_DELETE] => Are you sure you want to delete the selected items?,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIRM_OVERWRITE_LOCAL_FILE] => Are you sure you want to overwrite the local file with the remote one?,[COM_RSFIREWALL_DOWNLOAD_ORIGINAL] => Download original,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IGNORED_FILE_REASON] => Reason,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IGNORED_FILE_FILE] => File,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IGNORED_FILE_DATE] => Date,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IGNORED_FILE_DELETE_FROM_DB] => Remove,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IGNORED_FILE_TITLE] => Ignored Files,[COM_RSFIREWALL_CONFIRM_UNIGNORE] => Are you sure you want to remove this entry from the database ?,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IGNORED_FILE_FLAG] => Changes accepted,[COM_RSFIREWALL_IGNORED_FILE_FLAGM] => Missing file,[PLG_SYSTEM_LOGROTATION] => System - Log Rotation,[PLG_SYSTEM_LOGROTATION_XML_DESCRIPTION] => This plugin periodically rotates system log files.,[PLG_SYSTEM_LOGROTATION_CACHETIMEOUT_LABEL] => Log Rotation (in days),[PLG_SYSTEM_LOGROTATION_CACHETIMEOUT_DESC] => How often should the logs be rotated.,[PLG_SYSTEM_LOGROTATION_LOGSTOKEEP_DESC] => The maximum number of old logs to keep.,[PLG_SYSTEM_LOGROTATION_LOGSTOKEEP_LABEL] => Maximum Logs,[PLG_SYSTEM_OSSYSTEM] => System - Joomlashack System Support,[PLG_SYSTEM_OSSYSTEM_DESCRIPTION] => A system plugin which supports Joomlashack/Alledia extensions.,[JOOMLASHACK_FOOTER_LIKE_THIS_EXTENSION] => Like this extension?,[JOOMLASHACK_FOOTER_GO_PRO_MORE_FEATURES] => Go Pro to access more features,[JOOMLASHACK_FOOTER_LEAVE_A_REVIEW_ON_JED] => Leave a review on the JED,[PLG_SYSTEM_RSFPPDF_DESC] => RSForm! Pro PDF Plugin allows you to attach submissions to emails in PDF format.,[RSFP_PDF_PLUGIN_DESC] => RSForm! Pro PDF Plugin allows you to attach submissions to emails in PDF format.,[RSFP_PDF_SUBMISSION] => PDF Submission,[RSFP_PDF_SUBMISSION_DESC] => The RSForm! Pro PDF Plugin allows you to attach the user's submission in PDF format to any email.,[RSFP_PDF_ATTACHMENT] => PDF Attachment,[RSFP_PHP_PDF_SCRIPTS] => PHP PDF Pre-Processing Scripts,[RSFP_PDF_SEND_USER_EMAIL] => Attach to User Email,[RSFP_PDF_SEND_USER_EMAIL_DESC] => Set this to Yes if you want to attach the submission to the User Email in PDF format.,[RSFP_PDF_SEND_USER_EMAIL_FILENAME] => Filename,[RSFP_PDF_SEND_USER_EMAIL_FILENAME_DESC] => This is the name of the filename that will get attached. The extension '.pdf' will be added automatically.,[RSFP_PDF_SEND_USER_EMAIL_LAYOUT] => PDF Layout (HTML),[RSFP_PDF_SEND_USER_EMAIL_LAYOUT_DESC] => This is the HTML Layout. It will automatically get converted to PDF and will be attached to the User Email.,[RSFP_PDF_SEND_USER_EMAIL_PHP] => User PDF Pre-processing PHP Script,[RSFP_PDF_SEND_USER_EMAIL_PHP_DESC] => This is the PHP code that will be called before the PDF is generated.
The $args array contains information regarding the submission & form.
The $info variable contains layout, filename and other pdf-related info. Remember to not include the <?php and ?> tags.,[RSFP_PDF_SEND_ADMIN_EMAIL] => Attach to Admin Email,[RSFP_PDF_SEND_ADMIN_EMAIL_DESC] => Set this to Yes if you want to attach the submission to the Admin Email in PDF format.,[RSFP_PDF_SEND_ADMIN_EMAIL_FILENAME] => Filename,[RSFP_PDF_SEND_ADMIN_EMAIL_FILENAME_DESC] => This is the name of the filename that will get attached. The extension '.pdf' will be added automatically.,[RSFP_PDF_SEND_ADMIN_EMAIL_LAYOUT] => PDF Layout (HTML),[RSFP_PDF_SEND_ADMIN_EMAIL_LAYOUT_DESC] => This is the HTML Layout. It will automatically get converted to PDF and will be attached to the Admin Email.,[RSFP_PDF_SEND_ADMIN_EMAIL_PHP] => Admin PDF Pre-processing PHP Script,[RSFP_PDF_SEND_ADMIN_EMAIL_PHP_DESC] => This is the PHP code that will be called before the PDF is generated.
The $args array contains information regarding the submission & form.
The $info variable contains layout, filename and other pdf-related info. Remember to not include the <?php and ?> tags.,[RSFP_PDF_CONFIG] => PDF,[RSFP_PDF_FONT] => Font,[RSFP_PDF_FONT_DESC] => Select the default font for the PDF. Remember that not all fonts support all characters, so choose the correct font if you would like unicode support.,[RSFP_PDF_DEJAVU_SANS] => DejaVu Sans (Unicode),[RSFP_PDF_FIREFLYSUNG] => Firefly (Unicode),[RSFP_PDF_COURIER] => Courier,[RSFP_PDF_HELVETICA] => Helvetica,[RSFP_PDF_TIMES] => Times Roman,[RSFP_PDF_ORIENTATION] => Orientation,[RSFP_PDF_ORIENTATION_DESC] => This is the orientation of the PDF generated.,[RSFP_PDF_PORTRAIT] => portrait,[RSFP_PDF_LANDSCAPE] => landscape,[RSFP_PDF_PAPER] => Paper Size,[RSFP_PDF_PAPER_DESC] => This is the paper size of the PDF generated (by default a4).,[RSFP_PDF_ALLOW_REMOTE_RESOURCES] => Allow Remote Resources,[RSFP_PDF_ALLOW_REMOTE_RESOURCES_DESC] => By default this option is disabled. If enabled, the PDF library will allow specifying remote resources (such as images, stylesheets) in your HTML code. For example, specifying src='http://www.somesite.com/someimage.jpg' in your img tag means the image will be downloaded on your server. Please use this with caution.,[RSFP_PDF_LIBRARY] => PDF Library,[RSFP_PDF_LIBRARY_DESC] => Select which library to use to create the PDF file. dompdf has better CSS and graphics support, while mPDF has RTL support.,[RSFP_PDF_DOMPDF] => dompdf,[RSFP_PDF_MPDF] => mPDF,[RSFP_PDF_USER_PASSWORD] => User Password,[RSFP_PDF_USER_PASSWORD_DESC] => This password will prompt the user when opening the PDF. Leave blank for none.,[RSFP_PDF_OWNER_PASSWORD] => Owner Password,[RSFP_PDF_OWNER_PASSWORD_DESC] => This password will prompt the user when opening the PDF. Make sure it is different than the User Password. Leave blank for none.,[RSFP_PDF_OPTIONS] => Allowed Options
(hold CTRL and click to de-select),[RSFP_PDF_OPTIONS_DESC] => Specifies which actions can be performed on the generated PDF.,[RSFP_PDF_OPTION_PRINT] => Print the document,[RSFP_PDF_OPTION_MODIFY] => Modify the document,[RSFP_PDF_OPTION_COPY] => Extract contents (copy),[RSFP_PDF_OPTION_ADD] => Comment in the document,[PLG_SYSTEM_RSFPPAYPAL_DESC] => RSForm!Pro - PayPal Plugin allows you to add the PayPal payment procedure to your form.,[RSFP_PAYPAL_COMPONENT] => (Payment) PayPal,[RSFP_PAYPAL_LABEL] => PayPal,[RSFP_PAYPAL_EMAIL] => PayPal E-mail Account,[RSFP_PAYPAL_TEST] => Live Mode,[RSFP_PAYPAL_CURRENCY] => Currency,[RSFP_PAYPAL_RETURN] => Return URL,[RSFP_PAYPAL_CANCEL] => Cancel URL,[RSFP_PAYPAL_LANGUAGE] => Language code,[PAYPAL_LANGUAGES_CODES] => For allowable values, see Countries and Regions Supported by PayPal.,[RSFP_PAYPAL_TAX_TYPE] => Tax Type,[RSFP_PAYPAL_TAX_VALUE] => Tax Value,[RSFP_PAYPAL_TAX_TYPE_FIXED] => Fixed Rate,[RSFP_PAYPAL_TAX_TYPE_PERCENT] => Percent (%),[PLG_SYSTEM_RSFFPAYMENT_DESC] => RSForm!Pro - Payment Plugin allows you to calculate the total price for your items and select a payment method.,[RSFP_PAYMENT] => Payment,[RSFP_SPRODUCT] => Single Product,[RSFP_MPRODUCT] => Multiple Products,[RSFP_DONATION] => Donation,[RSFP_DISCOUNT] => Discount,[RSFP_TOTAL] => Total,[RSFP_CHOOSE_PAYMENT] => Choose Payment,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_RADIOGROUP] => Radio Group,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOW_PAYMENT_ICONS] => Show Payment Icons,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOW_PAYMENT_ICONS_DESC] => By setting this to Yes, extra classes as well as icons will be added to every payment method.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_COUPONS] => Coupon Codes,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_COUPONS_DESC] => Add each value on a new line in the form of discount|code.
For example:
5%|DISCOUNT5 (which will give a 5% discount)
15|ANOTHERCODE (which will give a flat 15 discount).
You can also use PHP code in here to generate your discount codes.,[RSFP_PAYMENT_CURRENCY] => Currency,[RSFP_PAYMENT_THOUSANDS] => Thousands Separator,[RSFP_PAYMENT_DECIMAL_SEPARATOR] => Decimal Separator,[RSFP_PAYMENT_NR_DECIMALS] => Number of Decimals,[RSFP_PAYMENT_MASK] => Product Price Mask,[RSFP_PAYMENT_MASK_DESC] => This is how the products will be shown in the frontend. Please use the following placeholders: {product} shows the product name, {price} shows the price and {currency} shows the currency. You don't need to use them all so you can always hardcode the values if you need to do so, eg. {product} ${price},[RSFP_PAYMENT_TOTAL_MASK] => Total Price Mask,[RSFP_PAYMENT_TOTAL_MASK_DESC] => This is how the total price will be shown in the frontend. Please use the following placeholders: {price} shows the price and {currency} shows the currency. You don't need to use them all so you can always hardcode the values if you need to do so, eg. ${price},[RSFP_PAYMENT_STATUS] => Payment Status,[RSFP_PAYMENT_STATUS_0] => Pending,[RSFP_PAYMENT_STATUS_1] => Accepted,[RSFP_PAYMENT_STATUS_-1] => Denied,[RSFP_PAYMENT_TRANSACTION_ID] => Transaction ID,[RSFP_PAYMENT_SURE_CONFIRM] => Are you sure you want to confirm this payment and change its status to Accepted? This will trigger all plugins that run after payment is confirmed, as well as resend emails.,[RSFP_PAYMENT_CONFIRM] => Confirm Payment,[RSFP_PAYMENT_CONFIRM_DESC] => Confirming a payment is used when for some reason the gateway did not confirm it or when using Wire Transfer methods were payment is confirmed manually by you.,[RSFP_PAYMENT_CANNOT_CONFIRM_A_MISSING_SUBMISSION] => Cannot confirm a missing submission.,[RSFP_PAYMENT_CONFIRMED] => Payment has been confirmed and status has been changed to Accepted.,[RSFP_PAYMENT_EMAIL_SETTINGS] => Payment Email Settings,[RSFP_PAYMENT_EMAIL_SETTINGS_DESC] => These settings allow you to send the emails only when the payment has been confirmed by the payment gateway.,[RSFP_PAYMENT_USER_EMAIL] => Defer User Email,[RSFP_PAYMENT_USER_EMAIL_DESC] => By setting this to Yes, the User Email will not be sent until payment is received. If set to No, the User Email will be sent as soon as the user submits the form.,[RSFP_PAYMENT_ADMIN_EMAIL] => Defer Admin Email,[RSFP_PAYMENT_ADMIN_EMAIL_DESC] => By setting this to Yes, the Admin Email will not be sent until payment is received. If set to No, the Admin Email will be sent as soon as the user submits the form.,[RSFP_PAYMENT_ADDITIONAL_EMAILS] => Defer Additional Emails,[RSFP_PAYMENT_ADDITIONAL_EMAILS_DESC] => By setting this to Yes, the Additional Emails will not be sent until payment is received. If set to No, the Additional Emails will be sent as soon as the user submits the form.,[RSFP_PAYMENT_DISABLE_DEFER_OFFLINE_PAYMENT] => Disable Deferring Emails for Offline Payments,[RSFP_PAYMENT_DISABLE_DEFER_OFFLINE_PAYMENT_DESC] => By setting this to Yes the Defer Email Options set above will be ignored.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SELECT_FIRST_ITEM] => Select First Item By Default,[PLG_SYSTEM_RSFPPAYMENT_MENU_LABEL] => Payment Options,[PLG_SYSTEM_RSFPPAYMENT_SHOW_ONLY_ACCEPTED_PAYMENTS] => Show Only Accepted Payments,[PLG_SYSTEM_RSFPPAYMENT_SHOW_ONLY_ACCEPTED_PAYMENTS_DESC] => Set this to Yes if you would like to display only payments with the 'Accepted' status.,[PLG_SYSTEM_RSFPOFFLINEPAYMENT_DESC] => RSForm!Pro - Offline Payment Plugin allows you to add an offline payment procedure to your form.,[RSFP_OFFLINE_PAYMENT] => (Payment) Offline,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_WIRE] => Wire transfer details,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TAXTYPE] => Tax Type,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TAXTYPE_DESC] => Choose between a percentage or a fixed value, added as a tax to the total cost of the payment.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TAX] => Tax,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TAX_DESC] => This is the value that will be added to the total cost if this payment method is chosen by the submitter.,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_PERCENT] => Percent (%),[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_FIXED] => Fixed,[PLG_SYSTEM_REGULARLABS] => System - Regular Labs Library,[PLG_SYSTEM_REGULARLABS_DESC] => Regular Labs Library - used by Regular Labs extensions,[REGULAR_LABS_LIBRARY] => Regular Labs Library,[REGULAR_LABS_LIBRARY_DESC] => [[%1:warning%]]The Regular Labs extensions need this plugin and will not function without it.

Regular Labs extensions include:[[%2:extensions%]],[REGULAR_LABS_LIBRARY_DESC_WARNING] => Do not uninstall or disable this plugin if you are using any Regular Labs extensions.,[COM_CONFIG_RL_ACTIONLOG_FIELDSET_LABEL] => User Actions Log,[COM_CONFIG_RL_TAG_SYNTAX_FIELDSET_LABEL] => Tag Syntax,[COM_MODULES_DESCRIPTION_FIELDSET_LABEL] => Description,[COM_PLUGINS_DESCRIPTION_FIELDSET_LABEL] => Description,[COM_PLUGINS_RL_BEHAVIOUR_FIELDSET_LABEL] => Behaviour,[COM_PLUGINS_RL_DEFAULT_SETTINGS_FIELDSET_LABEL] => Default Settings,[COM_PLUGINS_RL_MEDIA_FIELDSET_LABEL] => Media,[COM_PLUGINS_RL_SETTINGS_ADMIN_MODULE_FIELDSET_LABEL] => Administrator Module Options,[COM_PLUGINS_RL_SETTINGS_EDITOR_BUTTON_FIELDSET_LABEL] => Editor Button Options,[COM_PLUGINS_RL_SETTINGS_SECURITY_FIELDSET_LABEL] => Security Options,[COM_PLUGINS_RL_SETUP_FIELDSET_LABEL] => Setup,[COM_PLUGINS_RL_STYLING_FIELDSET_LABEL] => Styling,[COM_PLUGINS_RL_TAG_SYNTAX_FIELDSET_LABEL] => Tag Syntax,[RL_ACCESS_LEVELS] => Access Levels,[RL_ACCESS_LEVELS_DESC] => Select the access levels to assign to.,[RL_ACTION_CHANGE_DEFAULT] => Change Default,[RL_ACTION_CHANGE_STATE] => Change Publish State,[RL_ACTION_CREATE] => Create,[RL_ACTION_DELETE] => Delete,[RL_ACTION_INSTALL] => Install,[RL_ACTION_UNINSTALL] => Uninstall,[RL_ACTION_UPDATE] => Update,[RL_ACTIONLOG_EVENTS] => Events To Log,[RL_ACTIONLOG_EVENTS_DESC] => Select the actions to include in the User Actions Log.,[RL_ADMIN] => Admin,[RL_ADVANCED] => Advanced,[RL_AFTER] => After,[RL_AFTER_NOW] => After NOW,[RL_AKEEBASUBS] => Akeeba Subscriptions,[RL_ALL] => ALL,[RL_ALL_DESC] => Will be published if ALL of below assignments are matched.,[RL_ALL_RIGHTS_RESERVED] => All Rights Reserved,[RL_ALSO_ON_CHILD_ITEMS] => Also on child items,[RL_ALSO_ON_CHILD_ITEMS_DESC] => Also assign to child items of the selected items?,[RL_ALSO_ON_CHILD_ITEMS_MENUITEMS_DESC] => The child items refer to actual sub-items in the above selection. They do not refer to links on selected pages.,[RL_ANY] => ANY,[RL_ANY_DESC] => Will be published if ANY (one or more) of below assignments are matched.
Assignment groups where 'Ignore' is selected will be ignored.,[RL_ARE_YOU_SURE] => Are you sure?,[RL_ARTICLE] => Article,[RL_ARTICLE_AUTHORS] => Authors,[RL_ARTICLE_AUTHORS_DESC] => Select the authors to assign to.,[RL_ARTICLES] => Articles,[RL_ARTICLES_DESC] => Select the articles to assign to.,[RL_AS_EXPORTED] => As exported,[RL_ASSIGNMENTS] => Assignments,[RL_ASSIGNMENTS_DESC] => By selecting the specific assignments you can limit where this %s should or shouldn't be published.
To have it published on all pages, simply do not specify any assignments.,[RL_AUSTRALIA] => Australia,[RL_AUTHORS] => Authors,[RL_AUTO] => Auto,[RL_BEFORE] => Before,[RL_BEFORE_NOW] => Before NOW,[RL_BEGINS_WITH] => Begins with,[RL_BEHAVIOR] => Behaviour,[RL_BEHAVIOUR] => Behaviour,[RL_BETWEEN] => Between,[RL_BOOTSTRAP] => Bootstrap,[RL_BOOTSTRAP_FRAMEWORK_DISABLED] => You have disabled the Bootstrap Framework to be initiated. %s needs the Bootstrap Framework to function. Make sure your template or other extensions load the necessary scripts to replace the required functionality.,[RL_BOTH] => Both,[RL_BOTTOM] => Bottom,[RL_BROWSERS] => Browsers,[RL_BROWSERS_DESC] => Select the browsers to assign to. Keep in mind that browser detection is not always 100% accurate. Users can setup their browser to mimic other browsers,[RL_BUTTON_ICON] => Button Icon,[RL_BUTTON_ICON_DESC] => Select which icon to show in the button.,[RL_BUTTON_TEXT] => Button Text,[RL_BUTTON_TEXT_DESC] => This text will be shown in the Editor Button.,[RL_CACHE_TIME] => Cache Time,[RL_CACHE_TIME_DESC] => The maximum length of time in minutes for a cache file to be stored before it is refreshed. Leave empty to use the global setting.,[RL_CATEGORIES] => Categories,[RL_CATEGORIES_DESC] => Select the categories to assign to.,[RL_CATEGORY] => Category,[RL_CHANGELOG] => Changelog,[RL_CLASSNAME] => CSS Class,[RL_COLLAPSE] => Collapse,[RL_COM] => Component,[RL_COMBINE_ADMIN_MENU] => Combine Admin Menu,[RL_COMBINE_ADMIN_MENU_DESC] => Select to combine all Regular Labs - components into a submenu in the administrator menu.,[RL_COMPARISON] => Comparison,[RL_COMPONENTS] => Components,[RL_COMPONENTS_DESC] => Select the components to assign to.,[RL_CONTAINS] => Contains,[RL_CONTAINS_ONE] => Contains one of,[RL_CONTENT] => Content,[RL_CONTENT_KEYWORDS] => Content Keywords,[RL_CONTENT_KEYWORDS_DESC] => Enter the keywords found in the content to assign to. Use commas to separate the keywords.,[RL_CONTINENTS] => Continents,[RL_CONTINENTS_DESC] => Select the continents to assign to.,[RL_COOKIECONFIRM] => Cookie Confirm,[RL_COOKIECONFIRM_COOKIES] => Cookies allowed,[RL_COOKIECONFIRM_COOKIES_DESC] => Assign to whether cookies are allowed or disallowed, based on the configuration of Cookie Confirm (by Twentronix) and the visitor's choice to accept or decline cookies.,[RL_COPY_OF] => Copy of %s,[RL_COPYRIGHT] => Copyright,[RL_COUNTRIES] => Countries,[RL_COUNTRIES_DESC] => Select the countries to assign to.,[RL_CSS_CLASS] => Class (CSS),[RL_CSS_CLASS_DESC] => Define a css class name for styling purposes.,[RL_CURRENT] => Current,[RL_CURRENT_DATE] => Current date/time: %s,[RL_CURRENT_USER] => Current User,[RL_CURRENT_VERSION] => Your current version is %s,[RL_CUSTOM] => Custom,[RL_CUSTOM_CODE] => Custom Code,[RL_CUSTOM_CODE_DESC] => Enter the code the Editor Button should insert into the content (instead of the default code).,[RL_CUSTOM_FIELD] => Custom Field,[RL_CUSTOM_FIELDS] => Custom Fields,[RL_DATE] => Date,[RL_DATE_DESC] => Select the type of date comparison to assign by.,[RL_DATE_FROM] => From,[RL_DATE_RECURRING] => Recurring,[RL_DATE_RECURRING_DESC] => Select to apply date range every year. (So the year in the selection will be ignored),[RL_DATE_TIME] => Date & Time,[RL_DATE_TIME_DESC] => The date and time assignments use the date/time of your servers, not that of the visitors system.,[RL_DATE_TO] => To,[RL_DAYS] => Days of the week,[RL_DAYS_DESC] => Select days of the week to assign to.,[RL_DEFAULT_ORDERING] => Default Ordering,[RL_DEFAULT_ORDERING_DESC] => Set the default ordering of the list items,[RL_DEFAULT_SETTINGS] => Default Settings,[RL_DEFAULTS] => Defaults,[RL_DEVICE_DESKTOP] => Desktop,[RL_DEVICE_MOBILE] => Mobile,[RL_DEVICE_TABLET] => Tablet,[RL_DEVICES] => Devices,[RL_DEVICES_DESC] => Select the devices to assign to. Keep in mind that device detection is not always 100% accurate. Users can setup their device to mimic other devices,[RL_DIRECTION] => Direction,[RL_DIRECTION_DESC] => Select the direction,[RL_DISABLE_ON_ADMIN_COMPONENTS_DESC] => Select in which administrator components NOT to enable the use of this extension.,[RL_DISABLE_ON_ALL_COMPONENTS_DESC] => Select in which components NOT to enable the use of this extension.,[RL_DISABLE_ON_COMPONENTS] => Disable on Components,[RL_DISABLE_ON_COMPONENTS_DESC] => Select in which frontend components NOT to enable the use of this extension.,[RL_DISPLAY_EDITOR_BUTTON] => Display Editor Button,[RL_DISPLAY_EDITOR_BUTTON_DESC] => Select to display an editor button.,[RL_DISPLAY_LINK] => Display link,[RL_DISPLAY_LINK_DESC] => How do you want the link to be displayed?,[RL_DISPLAY_TOOLBAR_BUTTON] => Display Toolbar Button,[RL_DISPLAY_TOOLBAR_BUTTON_DESC] => Select to show a button in the toolbar.,[RL_DISPLAY_TOOLBAR_BUTTONS] => Display Toolbar Buttons,[RL_DISPLAY_TOOLBAR_BUTTONS_DESC] => Select to show button(s) in the toolbar.,[RL_DISPLAY_TOOLTIP] => Display Tooltip,[RL_DISPLAY_TOOLTIP_DESC] => Select to display a tooltip with extra info when mouse hovers over link/icon.,[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_ARTICLE_ID] => The id number of the current article.,[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_ARTICLE_OTHER] => Any other available data from the current article.,[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_ARTICLE_TITLE] => The title of the current article.,[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_COUNTER] => This places the number of the occurrence.
If your search is found, say, 4 times, the count will show respectively 1 to 4.,[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_DATE] => Date using %1$sphp strftime() format%2$s. Example: %3$s,[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_ESCAPE] => Use to escape dynamic values (add slashes to quotes).,[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_LOWERCASE] => Convert text within tags to lowercase.,[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_RANDOM] => A random number within the given range,[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_TEXT] => A language string to translate into text (based on the active language),[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_UPPERCASE] => Convert text within tags to uppercase.,[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_USER_ID] => The id number of the user,[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_USER_NAME] => The name of the user,[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_USER_OTHER] => Any other available data from the user or the connected contact. Example: [[user:misc]],[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_USER_TAG_DESC] => The user tag places data from the logged in user. If the visitor is not logged in, the tag will be removed.,[RL_DYNAMIC_TAG_USER_USERNAME] => The login name of the user,[RL_DYNAMIC_TAGS] => Dynamic Tags,[RL_EASYBLOG] => EasyBlog,[RL_ENABLE] => Enable,[RL_ENABLE_ACTIONLOG] => Log User Actions,[RL_ENABLE_ACTIONLOG_DESC] => Select to store User Actions. These actions will be visible in the User Actions Log module.,[RL_ENABLE_IN] => Enable in,[RL_ENABLE_IN_ADMIN] => Enable in administrator,[RL_ENABLE_IN_ADMIN_DESC] => If enabled, the plugin will also work in the administrator side of the website.

Normally you will not need this. And it can cause unwanted effects, like slowing down the administrator and the plugin tags being handled in areas you don't want it.,[RL_ENABLE_IN_ARTICLES] => Enable in articles,[RL_ENABLE_IN_COMPONENTS] => Enable in components,[RL_ENABLE_IN_DESC] => Select whether to enable in the frontend or administrator side or both.,[RL_ENABLE_IN_FRONTEND] => Enable in frontend,[RL_ENABLE_IN_FRONTEND_DESC] => If enabled, it will also be available in the frontend.,[RL_ENABLE_OTHER_AREAS] => Enable other areas,[RL_ENDS_WITH] => Ends with,[RL_EQUALS] => Equals,[RL_EXCLUDE] => Exclude,[RL_EXPAND] => Expand,[RL_EXPORT] => Export,[RL_EXPORT_FORMAT] => Export Format,[RL_EXPORT_FORMAT_DESC] => Select the file format for the export files.,[RL_EXTRA_PARAMETERS] => Extra Parameters,[RL_EXTRA_PARAMETERS_DESC] => Enter any extra parameters that cannot be set with the available settings,[RL_FALL] => Fall / Autumn,[RL_FEATURED_DESC] => Select to use the feature state in the assignment.,[RL_FEATURES] => Features,[RL_FIELD] => Field,[RL_FIELD_NAME] => Field Name,[RL_FIELD_PARAM_MULTIPLE] => Multiple,[RL_FIELD_PARAM_MULTIPLE_DESC] => Allow multiple values to be selected.,[RL_FIELD_VALUE] => Field Value,[RL_FIELDS_DESC] => Select the field(s) you want to assign to and enter the desired value(s).,[RL_FILES_NOT_FOUND] => Required %s files not found!,[RL_FILTERS] => Filters,[RL_FINISH_PUBLISHING] => Finish Publishing,[RL_FINISH_PUBLISHING_DESC] => Enter the date to end publishing,[RL_FIX_HTML] => Fix HTML,[RL_FIX_HTML_DESC] => Select to let the extension fix any html structure issues it finds. This is often necessary to deal with surrounding html tags.

Only switch this off if you have issues with this.,[RL_FLEXICONTENT] => FLEXIcontent,[RL_FOR_MORE_GO_PRO] => For more functionality you can purchase the PRO version.,[RL_FORM2CONTENT] => Form2Content,[RL_FRAMEWORK_NO_LONGER_USED] => The Old NoNumber Framework does not seem to be used by any other extensions you have installed. It is probably safe to disable or uninstall this plugin.,[RL_FROM_TO] => From-To,[RL_FRONTEND] => Frontend,[RL_GALLERY] => Gallery,[RL_GEO] => Geolocating,[RL_GEO_DESC] => Geolocating is not always 100% accurate. The geolocation is based on the IP address of the visitor. Not all IP addresses are fixed or known.,[RL_GEO_GEOIP_COPYRIGHT_DESC] => This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from [[%1:link%]],[RL_GEO_NO_GEOIP_LIBRARY] => The Regular Labs GeoIP library is not installed. You need to [[%1:link start%]]install the Regular Labs GeoIP library[[%2:link end%]] to be able to use the Geolocating assignments.,[RL_GO_PRO] => Go Pro!,[RL_GREATER_THAN] => Greater than,[RL_HEADING_1] => Heading 1,[RL_HEADING_2] => Heading 2,[RL_HEADING_3] => Heading 3,[RL_HEADING_4] => Heading 4,[RL_HEADING_5] => Heading 5,[RL_HEADING_6] => Heading 6,[RL_HEADING_ACCESS_ASC] => Access ascending,[RL_HEADING_ACCESS_DESC] => Access descending,[RL_HEADING_CATEGORY_ASC] => Category ascending,[RL_HEADING_CATEGORY_DESC] => Category descending,[RL_HEADING_CLIENTID_ASC] => Location ascending,[RL_HEADING_CLIENTID_DESC] => Location descending,[RL_HEADING_COLOR_ASC] => Colour ascending,[RL_HEADING_COLOR_DESC] => Colour descending,[RL_HEADING_DEFAULT_ASC] => Default ascending,[RL_HEADING_DEFAULT_DESC] => Default descending,[RL_HEADING_DESCRIPTION_ASC] => Description ascending,[RL_HEADING_DESCRIPTION_DESC] => Description descending,[RL_HEADING_ID_ASC] => ID ascending,[RL_HEADING_ID_DESC] => ID descending,[RL_HEADING_LANGUAGE_ASC] => Language ascending,[RL_HEADING_LANGUAGE_DESC] => Language descending,[RL_HEADING_ORDERING_ASC] => Ordering ascending,[RL_HEADING_ORDERING_DESC] => Ordering descending,[RL_HEADING_PAGES_ASC] => Menu Items ascending,[RL_HEADING_PAGES_DESC] => Menu Items descending,[RL_HEADING_POSITION_ASC] => Position ascending,[RL_HEADING_POSITION_DESC] => Position descending,[RL_HEADING_STATUS_ASC] => Status ascending,[RL_HEADING_STATUS_DESC] => Status descending,[RL_HEADING_STYLE_ASC] => Style ascending,[RL_HEADING_STYLE_DESC] => Style descending,[RL_HEADING_TEMPLATE_ASC] => Template ascending,[RL_HEADING_TEMPLATE_DESC] => Template descending,[RL_HEADING_TITLE_ASC] => Title ascending,[RL_HEADING_TITLE_DESC] => Title descending,[RL_HEADING_TYPE_ASC] => Type ascending,[RL_HEADING_TYPE_DESC] => Type descending,[RL_HEIGHT] => Height,[RL_HEMISPHERE] => Hemisphere,[RL_HEMISPHERE_DESC] => Select the hemisphere your website is located in,[RL_HIGH] => High,[RL_HIKASHOP] => HikaShop,[RL_HOME_PAGE] => Home Page,[RL_HOME_PAGE_DESC] => Unlike selecting the home page (default) item via the Menu Items, this will only match the real home page, not any URL that has the same Itemid as the home menu item.

This might not work for all 3rd party SEF extensions.,[RL_HTML_LINK] => [[%1:text%]],[RL_HTML_TAGS] => HTML Tags,[RL_ICON_ONLY] => Icon only,[RL_IGNORE] => Ignore,[RL_IMAGE] => Image,[RL_IMAGE_ALT] => Image Alt,[RL_IMAGE_ALT_DESC] => The Alt value of the image.,[RL_IMAGE_ATTRIBUTES] => Image Attributes,[RL_IMAGE_ATTRIBUTES_DESC] => The extra attributes of the image, like: alt="My image" width="300",[RL_IMPORT] => Import,[RL_IMPORT_ITEMS] => Import Items,[RL_INCLUDE] => Include,[RL_INCLUDE_CHILD_ITEMS] => Include child items,[RL_INCLUDE_CHILD_ITEMS_DESC] => Also include child items of the selected items?,[RL_INCLUDE_NO_ITEMID] => Include no Itemid,[RL_INCLUDE_NO_ITEMID_DESC] => Also assign when no menu Itemid is set in URL?,[RL_INITIALISE_EVENT] => Initialise on Event,[RL_INITIALISE_EVENT_DESC] => Set the internal Joomla event on which the plugin should be initialised. Only change this if you experience issues with the plugin not working.,[RL_INPUT_TYPE] => Input Type,[RL_INPUT_TYPE_ALNUM] => A string containing A-Z or 0-9 only (not case sensitive).,[RL_INPUT_TYPE_ARRAY] => An array.,[RL_INPUT_TYPE_BOOLEAN] => A boolean value.,[RL_INPUT_TYPE_CMD] => A string containing A-Z, 0-9, underscores, periods or hyphens (not case sensitive).,[RL_INPUT_TYPE_DESC] => Select an input type:,[RL_INPUT_TYPE_FLOAT] => A floating point number, or an array of floating point numbers.,[RL_INPUT_TYPE_INT] => An integer, or an array of integers.,[RL_INPUT_TYPE_STRING] => A fully decoded and sanitised string (default).,[RL_INPUT_TYPE_UINT] => An unsigned integer, or an array of unsigned integers.,[RL_INPUT_TYPE_WORD] => A string containing A-Z or underscores only (not case sensitive).,[RL_INSERT] => Insert,[RL_INSERT_DATE_NAME] => Insert Date / Name,[RL_IP_RANGES] => IP Addresses / Ranges,[RL_IP_RANGES_DESC] => A comma and/or enter separated list of IP addresses and IP ranges. For instance:
129,[RL_IPS] => IP Addresses,[RL_IS_FREE_VERSION] => This is the FREE version of %s.,[RL_ITEM] => Item,[RL_ITEM_IDS] => Item IDs,[RL_ITEM_IDS_DESC] => Enter the item ids to assign to. Use commas to separate the ids.,[RL_ITEMS] => Items,[RL_ITEMS_DESC] => Select the items to assign to.,[RL_JCONTENT] => Joomla! Content,[RL_JED_REVIEW] => Like this extension? [[%1:start link%]]Leave a review at the JED[[%2:end link%]],[RL_JOOMLA2_VERSION_ON_JOOMLA3] => You are running a Joomla 2.5 version of %1$s on Joomla 3. Please reinstall %1$s to fix the problem.,[RL_JQUERY_DISABLED] => You have disabled the jQuery script. %s needs jQuery to function. Make sure your template or other extensions load the necessary scripts to replace the required functionality.,[RL_K2] => K2,[RL_K2_CATEGORIES] => K2 Categories,[RL_LANGUAGE] => Language,[RL_LANGUAGE_DESC] => Select the language to assign to.,[RL_LANGUAGES] => Languages,[RL_LANGUAGES_DESC] => Select the languages to assign to.,[RL_LAYOUT] => Layout,[RL_LAYOUT_DESC] => Select the layout to use. You can override this layout in the component or template.,[RL_LESS_THAN] => Less than,[RL_LEVELS] => Levels,[RL_LEVELS_DESC] => Select the levels to assign to.,[RL_LIB] => Library,[RL_LINK_TEXT] => Link Text,[RL_LINK_TEXT_DESC] => The text to display as link.,[RL_LIST] => List,[RL_LOAD_BOOTSTRAP_FRAMEWORK] => Load Bootstrap Framework,[RL_LOAD_BOOTSTRAP_FRAMEWORK_DESC] => Disable to not initiate the Bootstrap Framework.,[RL_LOAD_JQUERY] => Load jQuery Script,[RL_LOAD_JQUERY_DESC] => Select to load the core jQuery script. You can disable this if you experience conflicts if your template or other extensions load their own version of jQuery.,[RL_LOAD_MOOTOOLS] => Load Core MooTools,[RL_LOAD_MOOTOOLS_DESC] => Select to load the core MooTools script. You can disable this if you experience conflicts if your template or other extensions load their own version of MooTools.,[RL_LOAD_STYLESHEET] => Load Stylesheet,[RL_LOAD_STYLESHEET_DESC] => Select to load the extensions stylesheet. You can disable this if you place all your own styles in some other stylesheet, like the templates stylesheet.,[RL_LOW] => Low,[RL_LTR] => Left-to-Right,[RL_MATCH_ALL] => Match All,[RL_MATCH_ALL_DESC] => Select to only let the assignment pass if all of the selected items are matched.,[RL_MATCHING_METHOD] => Matching Method,[RL_MATCHING_METHOD_DESC] => Should all or any assignments be matched?

[[%2:all description%]]

[[%4:any description%]],[RL_MAX_LIST_COUNT] => Maximum List Count,[RL_MAX_LIST_COUNT_DESC] => The maximum number of elements to show in the multi-select lists. If the total number of items is higher, the selection field will be displayed as a text field.

You can set this number lower if you experience long pageloads due to high number of items in lists.,[RL_MAX_LIST_COUNT_INCREASE] => Increase Maximum List Count,[RL_MAX_LIST_COUNT_INCREASE_DESC] => There are more than [[%1:max%]] items.

To prevent slow pages this field is displayed as a textarea instead of a dynamic select list.

You can increase the '[[%2:max setting%]]' in the Regular Labs Library plugin settings.,[RL_MAXIMIZE] => Maximize,[RL_MEDIA_VERSIONING] => Use Media Versioning,[RL_MEDIA_VERSIONING_DESC] => Select to add the extension version number to the end of media (js/css) urls, to make browsers force load the correct file.,[RL_MEDIUM] => Medium,[RL_MENU_ITEMS] => Menu Items,[RL_MENU_ITEMS_DESC] => Select the menu items to assign to.,[RL_META_KEYWORDS] => Meta Keywords,[RL_META_KEYWORDS_DESC] => Enter the keywords found in the meta keywords to assign to. Use commas to separate the keywords.,[RL_MIJOSHOP] => MijoShop,[RL_MINIMIZE] => Minimize,[RL_MOBILE_BROWSERS] => Mobile Browsers,[RL_MOD] => Module,[RL_MONTHS] => Months,[RL_MONTHS_DESC] => Select months to assign to.,[RL_MORE_INFO] => More info,[RL_MY_STRING] => My string!,[RL_N_ITEMS_ARCHIVED] => %s items archived.,[RL_N_ITEMS_ARCHIVED_1] => %s item archived.,[RL_N_ITEMS_CHECKED_IN_0] => No items checked in.,[RL_N_ITEMS_CHECKED_IN_1] => %d item checked in.,[RL_N_ITEMS_CHECKED_IN_MORE] => %d items checked in.,[RL_N_ITEMS_DELETED] => %s items deleted.,[RL_N_ITEMS_DELETED_1] => %s item deleted.,[RL_N_ITEMS_FEATURED] => %s items featured.,[RL_N_ITEMS_FEATURED_1] => %s item featured.,[RL_N_ITEMS_PUBLISHED] => %s items published.,[RL_N_ITEMS_PUBLISHED_1] => %s item published.,[RL_N_ITEMS_TRASHED] => %s items trashed.,[RL_N_ITEMS_TRASHED_1] => %s item trashed.,[RL_N_ITEMS_UNFEATURED] => %s items unfeatured.,[RL_N_ITEMS_UNFEATURED_1] => %s item unfeatured.,[RL_N_ITEMS_UNPUBLISHED] => %s items unpublished.,[RL_N_ITEMS_UNPUBLISHED_1] => %s item unpublished.,[RL_N_ITEMS_UPDATED] => %d items updated.,[RL_N_ITEMS_UPDATED_1] => One item has been updated,[RL_NEW_CATEGORY] => Create New Category,[RL_NEW_CATEGORY_ENTER] => Enter a new category name,[RL_NEW_VERSION_AVAILABLE] => A new version is available,[RL_NEW_VERSION_OF_AVAILABLE] => A new version of %s is available,[RL_NO_ICON] => No icon,[RL_NO_ITEMS_FOUND] => No items found.,[RL_NORMAL] => Normal,[RL_NORTHERN] => Northern,[RL_NOT] => Not,[RL_NOT_CONTAINS] => Does not contain,[RL_NOT_EQUALS] => Is not equal to,[RL_ONLY] => Only,[RL_ONLY_AVAILABLE_IN_JOOMLA] => Only available in Joomla %s or higher.,[RL_ONLY_AVAILABLE_IN_PRO] => Only available in PRO version!,[RL_ONLY_AVAILABLE_IN_PRO_LIST_OPTION] => (Only available in PRO version),[RL_ONLY_VISIBLE_TO_ADMIN] => This message will only be displayed to (Super) Administrators.,[RL_OPTION_SELECT] => - Select -,[RL_OPTION_SELECT_CLIENT] => - Select Client -,[RL_OS] => Operating Systems,[RL_OS_DESC] => Select the operating systems to assign to. Keep in mind that operating system detection is not always 100% accurate. Users can setup their browser to mimic other operating systems.,[RL_OTHER] => Other,[RL_OTHER_AREAS] => Other Areas,[RL_OTHER_OPTIONS] => Other Options,[RL_OTHER_SETTINGS] => Other Settings,[RL_OTHERS] => Others,[RL_PAGE_TYPES] => Page types,[RL_PAGE_TYPES_DESC] => Select on what page types the assignment should be active.,[RL_PHP] => Custom PHP,[RL_PHP_DESC] => Enter a piece of PHP code to evaluate. The code must return the value true or false.

For instance:

[[%1:code%]],[RL_PLACE_HTML_COMMENTS] => Place HTML comments,[RL_PLACE_HTML_COMMENTS_DESC] => By default HTML comments are placed around the output of this extension.

These comments can help you troubleshoot when you don't get the output you expect.

If you prefer to not have these comments in your HTML output, turn this option off.,[RL_PLG_ACTIONLOG] => Action Log Plugin,[RL_PLG_EDITORS-XTD] => Editor Button Plugin,[RL_PLG_FIELDS] => Field Plugin,[RL_PLG_SYSTEM] => System Plugin,[RL_POSTALCODES] => Postal Codes,[RL_POSTALCODES_DESC] => A comma separated list of postal codes (12345) or postal code ranges (12300-12500).
This can only be used for [[%1:start link%]]a limited number of countries and IP addresses[[%2:end link%]].,[RL_POWERED_BY] => Powered by %s,[RL_PRODUCTS] => Products,[RL_PUBLISHED_DESC] => You can use this to (temporarily) disable this item.,[RL_PUBLISHING_ASSIGNMENTS] => Publishing Assignments,[RL_PUBLISHING_SETTINGS] => Publish items,[RL_RANDOM] => Random,[RL_REDSHOP] => RedShop,[RL_REGEX] => Regular Expressions,[RL_REGIONS] => Regions / States,[RL_REGIONS_DESC] => Select the regions / states to assign to.,[RL_REGULAR_EXPRESSIONS] => Use Regular Expressions,[RL_REGULAR_EXPRESSIONS_DESC] => Select to treat the value as regular expressions.,[RL_REMOVE_IN_DISABLED_COMPONENTS] => Remove in Disabled Components,[RL_REMOVE_IN_DISABLED_COMPONENTS_DESC] => If selected, the plugin syntax will get removed from the component. If not, the original plugins syntax will remain intact.,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES] => Resize Images,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_CROP] => Crop,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_CROP_DESC] => The resized image will always have the set width and height.,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_DESC] => If selected, resized images will be automatically created for images if they do not exist yet. The resized images will be created using below settings.,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_FILETYPES] => Only on Filetypes,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_FILETYPES_DESC] => Select the filetypes to do resizing on.,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_FOLDER] => Folder,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_FOLDER_DESC] => The folder containing the resized images. This will be a subfolder of the folder containing your original images.,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_HEIGHT_DESC] => Set the height of the resized image in pixels (ie 180).,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_NO_HEIGHT_DESC] => The Height will be calculated based on the Width defined above and the aspect ratio of the original image.,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_NO_WIDTH_DESC] => The Width will be calculated based on the Height defined below and the aspect ratio of the original image.,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_QUALITY] => JPG Quality,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_QUALITY_DESC] => The quality of the resized images. Choose from Low, Medium or High. The higher the quality, the larger the resulting files.
This only affects jpeg images.,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_SCALE] => Scale,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_SCALE_DESC] => The resized image will be resized to the maximum width or height maintaining its aspect ratio.,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_SCALE_USING] => Scale using fixed...,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_SCALE_USING_DESC] => Select whether to resize images using the maximum width or height. The other dimension will be calculated based on the aspect ratio of the original image.,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_TYPE] => Resize Method,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_TYPE_DESC] => Set the type of resizing.,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_USE_WIDTH_OR_HEIGHT] => Set,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_USE_WIDTH_OR_HEIGHT_DESC] => Select whether to resize images using the maximum width or height.,[RL_RESIZE_IMAGES_WIDTH_DESC] => Set the width of the resized image in pixels (ie 320).,[RL_RTL] => Right-to-Left,[RL_SAVE_CONFIG] => After saving the Options it will not pop up on page load anymore.,[RL_SEASONS] => Seasons,[RL_SEASONS_DESC] => Select seasons to assign to.,[RL_SELECT] => Select,[RL_SELECT_A_CATEGORY] => Select a Category,[RL_SELECT_ALL] => Select all,[RL_SELECT_AN_ARTICLE] => Select an Article,[RL_SELECT_FIELD] => Select Field,[RL_SELECTED] => Selected,[RL_SELECTION] => Selection,[RL_SELECTION_DESC] => Select whether to include or exclude the selection for the assignment.

Publish only on selection.

Publish everywhere except on selection.,[RL_SETTINGS_ADMIN_MODULE] => Administrator Module Options,[RL_SETTINGS_EDITOR_BUTTON] => Editor Button Options,[RL_SETTINGS_SECURITY] => Security Options,[RL_SHOW_ASSIGNMENTS] => Show Assignments,[RL_SHOW_ASSIGNMENTS_DESC] => Select whether to only show the selected assignments. You can use this to get a clean overview of the active assignments.,[RL_SHOW_ASSIGNMENTS_SELECTED_DESC] => All not-selected assignment types are now hidden from view.,[RL_SHOW_COPYRIGHT] => Show Copyright,[RL_SHOW_COPYRIGHT_DESC] => If selected, extra copyright info will be displayed in the admin views. Regular Labs extensions never show copyright info or backlinks on the frontend.,[RL_SHOW_HELP_MENU] => Show Help Menu Item,[RL_SHOW_HELP_MENU_DESC] => Select to show a link to the Regular Labs website in the Administrator Help menu.,[RL_SHOW_ICON] => Show Button Icon,[RL_SHOW_ICON_DESC] => If selected, the icon will be displayed in the Editor Button.,[RL_SHOW_UPDATE_NOTIFICATION] => Show Update Notification,[RL_SHOW_UPDATE_NOTIFICATION_DESC] => If selected, an update notification will be shown in the main component view when there is a new version for this extension.,[RL_SIMPLE] => Simple,[RL_SLIDES] => Slides,[RL_SOUTHERN] => Southern,[RL_SPECIFIC] => Specific,[RL_SPRING] => Spring,[RL_START] => Start,[RL_START_PUBLISHING] => Start Publishing,[RL_START_PUBLISHING_DESC] => Enter the date to start publishing,[RL_STRIP_SURROUNDING_TAGS] => Strip Surrounding Tags,[RL_STRIP_SURROUNDING_TAGS_DESC] => Select to always remove html tags (div, p, span) surrounding the plugin tag. If switched off, the plugin will try to remove tags that break the html structure (like p inside p tags).,[RL_STYLING] => Styling,[RL_SUMMER] => Summer,[RL_TABLE_NOT_FOUND] => Required %s database table not found!,[RL_TABS] => Tabs,[RL_TAG_CHARACTERS] => Tag Characters,[RL_TAG_CHARACTERS_DESC] => The surrounding characters of the tag syntax.

Note: If you change this, all existing tags will not work anymore.,[RL_TAG_SYNTAX] => Tag Syntax,[RL_TAG_SYNTAX_DESC] => The word to be used in the tags.

Note: If you change this, all existing tags will not work anymore.,[RL_TAGS] => Tags,[RL_TAGS_DESC] => Enter the tags to assign to. Use commas to separate the tags.,[RL_TEMPLATES] => Templates,[RL_TEMPLATES_DESC] => Select the templates to assign to.,[RL_TEXT] => Text,[RL_TEXT_HTML] => Text (HTML),[RL_TEXT_ONLY] => Text only,[RL_THIS_EXTENSION_NEEDS_THE_MAIN_EXTENSION_TO_FUNCTION] => This extension needs %s to function correctly!,[RL_TIME] => Time,[RL_TIME_FINISH_PUBLISHING_DESC] => Enter the time to end publishing.

Format: 23:59,[RL_TIME_START_PUBLISHING_DESC] => Enter the time to start publishing.

Format: 23:59,[RL_TOGGLE] => Toggle,[RL_TOOLTIP] => Tooltip,[RL_TOP] => Top,[RL_TOTAL] => Total,[RL_TYPES] => Types,[RL_TYPES_DESC] => Select the types to assign to.,[RL_UNSELECT_ALL] => Unselect All,[RL_UNSELECTED] => Unselected,[RL_UPDATE_TO] => Update to version %s,[RL_URL] => URL,[RL_URL_PARAM_NAME] => Parameter Name,[RL_URL_PARAM_NAME_DESC] => Enter the name of the url parameter.,[RL_URL_PARTS] => URL matches,[RL_URL_PARTS_DESC] => Enter (part of) the URLs to match.
Use a new line for each different match.,[RL_URL_PARTS_REGEX] => Url parts will be matched using regular expressions. So make sure the string uses valid regex syntax.,[RL_USE_CONTENT_ASSIGNMENTS] => For category & article (item) assignments, see the above Joomla! Content section.,[RL_USE_CUSTOM_CODE] => Use Custom Code,[RL_USE_CUSTOM_CODE_DESC] => If selected, the Editor Button will insert the given custom code instead.,[RL_USE_SIMPLE_BUTTON] => Use Simple Button,[RL_USE_SIMPLE_BUTTON_DESC] => Select to use a simple insert button, that simply inserts some example syntax into the editor.,[RL_USER_GROUP_LEVELS] => User Group Levels,[RL_USER_GROUPS] => User Groups,[RL_USER_GROUPS_DESC] => Select the user groups to assign to.,[RL_USER_IDS] => User IDs,[RL_USER_IDS_DESC] => Enter the user ids to assign to. Use commas to separate ids.,[RL_USERS] => Users,[RL_UTF8] => UTF-8,[RL_VIDEO] => Video,[RL_VIEW] => View,[RL_VIEW_DESC] => Select what default view should be used when creating a new item.,[RL_VIRTUEMART] => VirtueMart,[RL_WIDTH] => Width,[RL_WINTER] => Winter,[RL_ZOO] => ZOO,[RL_ZOO_CATEGORIES] => ZOO Categories,[ADD_TO_MENU] => Add to Menu,[ADVANCED_MODULE_MANAGER] => Advanced Module Manager,[ADVANCED_TEMPLATE_MANAGER] => Advanced Template Manager,[ARTICLES_ANYWHERE] => Articles Anywhere,[ARTICLES_FIELD] => Articles Field,[BETTER_PREVIEW] => Better Preview,[BETTER_TRASH] => Better Trash,[CACHE_CLEANER] => Cache Cleaner,[CDN_FOR_JOOMLA] => CDN for Joomla!,[COMPONENTS_ANYWHERE] => Components Anywhere,[CONDITIONAL_CONTENT] => Conditional Content,[CONTENT_TEMPLATER] => Content Templater,[DB_REPLACER] => DB Replacer,[DUMMY_CONTENT] => Dummy Content,[EMAIL_PROTECTOR] => Email Protector,[REGULAR_LABS_EXTENSION_MANAGER] => Regular Labs Extension Manager,[GEOIP] => GeoIP,[IP_LOGIN] => IP Login,[KEYBOARD_SHORTCUTS] => Keyboard Shortcuts,[MODALS] => Modals,[MODULES_ANYWHERE] => Modules Anywhere,[QUICK_INDEX] => Quick Index,[REREPLACER] => ReReplacer,[SIMPLE_USER_NOTES] => Simple User Notes,[SLIDERS] => Sliders,[SNIPPETS] => Snippets,[SOURCERER] => Sourcerer,[TABS] => Tabs,[TOOLTIPS] => Tooltips,[WHAT_NOTHING] => What? Nothing!,[PLG_SYSTEM_RSFPRECAPTCHAV2_DESC] => RSForm!Pro - reCAPTCHA v2 plugin allows you to add reCAPTCHA v2 spam protection to your form.,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_LABEL] => reCAPTCHA v2,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_SITE_KEY] => Site key,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_SECRET_KEY] => Secret key,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_LANGUAGE] => Language,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_LANGUAGE_AUTO] => Auto (Detected by Google),[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_LANGUAGE_SITE] => Site (Joomla! language),[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_GET_RECAPTCHA_HERE] => Don't have a reCAPTCHA account? Click here to get started.,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_NO_SITE_KEY] => You'll need to setup your Site key in order to use reCAPTCHA.,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_MISSING_INPUT_SECRET] => (reCAPTCHA) The secret parameter is missing. Did you setup the correct Secret Key in the Configuration?,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_INVALID_INPUT_SECRET] => (reCAPTCHA) The secret parameter is invalid or malformed. Please double check the Secret Key in your Configuration.,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_MISSING_INPUT_RESPONSE] => (reCAPTCHA) The response is missing. Did you tick the 'I am not a robot' checkbox?,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_INVALID_INPUT_RESPONSE] => (reCAPTCHA) The response is invalid or malformed. Did you tick the 'I am not a robot' checkbox?,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_TIMEOUT_OR_DUPLICATE] => (reCAPTCHA) The response has expired or is a duplicate. Please try again.,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_NOSCRIPT] => Fallback for users without Javascript,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_NOSCRIPT_DESC] => A noscript tag will be added for users without Javascript active, if you'd like to support them.,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_ASYNC_DEFER] => Use async & defer,[RSFP_RECAPTCHAV2_ASYNC_DEFER_DESC] => Setting this to Yes will set the async and defer attributes on the external ReCAPTCHA script tag.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_BADGE] => Badge Location,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_NORMAL] => Normal,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_COMPACT] => Compact,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_IMAGE] => Image,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_AUDIO] => Audio,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_LIGHT] => Light,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_DARK] => Dark,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_INLINE] => Inline,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_BOTTOMRIGHT] => Bottom Right,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_BOTTOMLEFT] => Bottom Left,[TGEOIP] => Tassos.gr GeoIP Plugin,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP] => System - Tassos.gr GeoIP Plugin,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_DESC] => This plugin provides GeoIP features (finding out the country of an IP address) for Tassos.gr extensions. Without it the GeoIP features will not be available. This plugin includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind http://www.maxmind.com.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_ERR_NOGZSUPPORT] => Your server does not support extraction of GZip (.gz) files. The GeoLite2 Country database update cannot proceed.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_ERR_EMPTYDOWNLOAD] => Downloading the GeoLite2 Country database failed: empty file retrieved from server. Please contact your host.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_ERR_WRITEFAILED] => Writing the temporary file failed. Please make sure that the temporary directory defined in your site's Global Configuration is writeable. The GeoLite2 Country database update cannot proceed.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_ERR_CANTUNCOMPRESS] => Cannot decompress the GeoLite2 Country database file. Probably a corrupt download? The GeoLite2 Country database update cannot proceed.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_ERR_MAXMINDRATELIMIT] => MaxMind's servers are busy. Please retry updating the GeoLite2 Country database in 24 hours.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_ERR_MAXMIND_GENERIC] => A connection error occurred. Please retry updating the GeoLite2 Country database in 24 hours.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_ERR_INVALIDDB] => Downloaded database seems to be invalid. Please retry updating the GeoLite2 Country database in 24 hours.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_ERR_WRONG_LICENSE_KEY] => Your MaxMind license key appears to be incorrect.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_ERR_CANTWRITE] => Moving the database file failed. Please make sure that the database directory is writeable: %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_UPDATE_DATABASE] => Update Database,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_UPDATE_DATABASE_DESC] => Update the GeoLite2 database from MaxMind servers. This might take several seconds to finish. Please be patient.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_DATABASE] => Database,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_LAST_UPDATED] => Last Updated,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_LAST_UPDATED_DESC] => Indicates the last datetime the database updated.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_CHECK_IP] => Lookup IP Address,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_CHECK_IP_DESC] => Test drive the GeoIP plugin by looking up an IP address.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_MAINTENANCE] => GeoIP Database Maintenance,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_MAINTENANCE_DESC] => %s finds the country of your visitors' IP addresses using the MaxMind GeoLite2 Country database. You are advised to update it at least once per month. On most servers you can perform the update by clicking the button below.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_DATABASE_UPDATED] => GeoIP database successfully updated!,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_LICENSE_KEY] => License Key,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_LICENSE_KEY_DESC] => Get your free License Key to download the latest MaxMind GeoLite2 Database.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_LICENSE_KEY_GET] => Get a free License Key,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_LICENSE_KEY_EMPTY] => Please enter a valid MaxMind License Key.,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_ENABLE_PLUGIN] => To be able to update the database you will need to enable this plugin first,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_ENABLE_DOC_LINK_LABEL] => Click to learn how to enable Geolocation features in Tassos.gr extensions,[PLG_SYSTEM_TGEOIP_PLEASE_WAIT] => Please wait...,[PLG_SYSTEM_RSFPREGISTRATION_DESC] => The Joomla! Registration Plugin allows integration between RSForm! Pro and the Joomla! registration. The integration is done silently while running in the background, so the user (form submitter) will not notice anything in the frontend.,[RSFP_REG_TITLE] => Joomla! User Registration,[RSFP_REG_USE_INTEGRATION] => Use Joomla! Registration Integration,[RSFP_REG_SHOW_PASSWORD_STREGTH] => Show Password Strength Indicator,[RSFP_REG_SHOW_PASSWORD_STREGTH_DESC] => Shows a visual representation of the strength of user's desired password as he types it, according to the parameters setup in the Joomla! Users component.,[RSFP_REG_ACTION] => Action,[RSFP_REG_ACTION_DESC] => Defines the action - either always register the user or register the user based on a field selection (eg. a checkbox has been checked).,[RSFP_REG_ACTION_WARNING] => If you want to create the user based on a field selection, make sure the field you use has ANY of the following values set: 1 or register. Any other value provided and the registration will be ignored (i.e. no user will be created).,[RSFP_REG_ALWAYS_REGISTER] => Always create the user,[RSFP_REG_BASED_ON_SELECTION] => Based on another field,[RSFP_REG_ACTIVATION] => New User Account Activation,[RSFP_REG_ACTIVATION_DESC] => If set to Self, the User will receive an e-mail with a link to activate their account before they can log in. If set to Admin, the user will have to verify his account through a link sent to his email address, but will only be able to login after an administrator activates the account.,[RSFP_REG_ACTIVATION_WARNING] => If you're using anything other than None, remember to add the {user_activation} and {admin_activation} placeholders in your emails. They will allow the user to activate their account and the administrator to approve it.,[RSFP_REG_NONE] => None,[RSFP_REG_SELF] => Self,[RSFP_REG_ADMIN] => Admin,[RSFP_REG_DEFER_ADMIN_EMAIL] => Defer Admin Email,[RSFP_REG_DEFER_ADMIN_EMAIL_DESC] => Setting this to Yes will defer the sending of the Admin Email until the user clicks on the activation link.,[RSFP_REG_GROUPS] => User Group,[RSFP_REG_GROUPS_DESC] => The default group that will be applied when the user is created.,[RSFP_REG_ACTIVATION_CB] => Confirm user in Community Builder,[RSFP_REG_ACTIVATION_CB_DESC] => Confirm the newly created user in Community Builder,[RSFP_REG_ITEMID] => Menu Item ID,[RSFP_REG_ITEMID_DESC] => This is the Item ID that will be appended to the links received in the email. Use this if you'd like to create a SEF link pointing to another menu item than the default one the user is on.,[RSFP_REG_SELECT_ITEMID] => - Default -,[RSFP_REG_USER_ACTIVATION] => User Activation,[RSFP_REG_ACTIVATION_ACTIONS] => Activation Actions,[RSFP_REG_USER_ACTIVATION_ACTION] => User Activation Action,[RSFP_REG_USER_ACTIVATION_ACTION_DESC] => This is the action that will be performed after the user validates his account by clicking on the activation link.,[RSFP_REG_REDIRECT_DEFAULT] => None (Joomla! default),[RSFP_REG_REDIRECT_TO_URL] => Redirect to URL specified below,[RSFP_REG_SHOW_MESSAGE] => Show message specified below,[RSFP_REG_USER_ACTIVATION_URL] => URL,[RSFP_REG_USER_ACTIVATION_URL_DESC] => This is the URL the user will be redirected to after activating his account.,[RSFP_REG_USER_ACTIVATION_TEXT] => Message,[RSFP_REG_USER_ACTIVATION_TEXT_DESC] => This is the message that will be presented to the user after activating this account. Placeholders and HTML code are permitted.,[RSFP_REG_ADMIN_ACTIVATION] => Admin Activation,[RSFP_REG_ADMIN_ACTIVATION_ACTION] => Admin Activation Action,[RSFP_REG_ADMIN_ACTIVATION_ACTION_DESC] => This is the action that will be performed after the admin validates the account by clicking on the activation link.,[RSFP_REG_ADMIN_ACTIVATION_URL] => URL,[RSFP_REG_ADMIN_ACTIVATION_URL_DESC] => This is the URL the admin will be redirected to after activating the user's account.,[RSFP_REG_ADMIN_ACTIVATION_TEXT] => Message,[RSFP_REG_ADMIN_ACTIVATION_TEXT_DESC] => This is the message that will be presented to the admin after activating the user's account. Placeholders and HTML code are permitted.,[RSFP_REG_MERGE_VARS] => Map Fields,[RSFP_REG_MERGE_VARS_DESC] => On the left side you will find the fields from Joomla! registration. You can map them to RSForm! Pro fields, so that they will automatically be populated with user-supplied data.,[RSFP_REG_NAME] => Name,[RSFP_REG_USERNAME] => Username,[RSFP_REG_EMAIL] => E-mail,[RSFP_REG_EMAIL2] => Verify E-mail,[RSFP_REG_PASSWORD1] => Password,[RSFP_REG_PASSWORD2] => Verify Password,[RSFP_REG_CONSENT] => Consent,[RSFP_REG_FORM_NAME_LABEL] => Registration form,[RSFP_REG_FORM_NAME_DESC] => Choose which form you want to be displayed in the registration page.,[RSFP_REG_DEFAULT_JOOMLA_FORM] => Default Joomla! User Registration Form,[RSFP_REDIRECT_URL_LABEL] => Redirect URL,[RSFP_REDIRECT_URL_DESC] => Manually enter the URL you want to be redirected to when you click on the Register link.,[RSFP_REG_OR] => OR,[RSFP_REG_REGISTRATION_BIND_FAILED] => Failed to bind registration data: %s,[RSFP_REG_REGISTRATION_SAVE_FAILED] => Registration failed: %s,[RSFP_REG_ERROR_VALID_AZ09] => Please enter a valid username. No space at beginning or end, at least 2 characters and must not contain the following characters: < > \ " ' % ; ( ) &,[RSFP_REG_ERROR_USERNAME_INUSE] => Username in use,[RSFP_REG_ERROR_VALID_MAIL] => Please enter a valid email address.,[RSFP_REG_ERROR_EMAIL_INUSE] => This email is already registered.,[RSFP_REG_EMAIL_DO_NOT_MATCH] => E-mail addresses do not match. Please re-type your e-mail address.,[RSFP_REG_EMPTY_PASSWORD] => Empty passwords are not allowed. Please fill in your desired password.,[RSFP_REG_ERROR_PASSWORD_NOT_MATCH] => Passwords do not match. Please re-enter password.,[RSFP_REG_DATABASE_ERROR] => Error getting the user from the database: %s,[RSFP_REG_ACTIVATION_TOKEN_NOT_FOUND] => Verification code not found.,[RSFP_REG_MISSING_ACTIVATION_PARAMETERS] => Some parameters needed for account activation are missing from the URL.,[RSFP_REG_MISSING_SUBMISSION] => The account you're trying to activate seems to be missing the provided submission.,[RSFP_REG_WRONG_USER_SUBMISSION] => The account you're trying to activate doesn't seem to be tied to the provided submission.,[RSFP_REG_REGISTRATION_ACTIVATION_SAVE_FAILED] => Failed to save activation data: %s,[RSFP_REG_REGISTRATION_SAVE_SUCCESS] => Thank you for registering. You may now log in using the username and password you registered with.,[RSFP_REG_REGISTRATION_ACTIVATE_SUCCESS] => Your Account has been successfully activated. You can now log in using the username and password you chose during the registration.,[RSFP_REG_REGISTRATION_VERIFY_SUCCESS] => Your email has been verified. Once an administrator approves your account, you will be notified by email, and you can login to the site.,[RSFP_REG_REGISTRATION_ADMINACTIVATE_SUCCESS] => The user's account has been successfully activated and the user has been notified about it.,[RSFP_REG_EMAIL_ACTIVATED_BY_ADMIN_ACTIVATION_BODY] => Hello %s,\n\nYour account has been activated by an administrator. You can now login at %s using the username %s and the password you chose while registering.,[RSFP_REG_EMAIL_ACTIVATED_BY_ADMIN_ACTIVATION_SUBJECT] => Account activated for %s at %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_JQUERYEASY] => jQuery Easy Modifications Report,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_NOCHANGESMADE] => No changes,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_EXECUTIONTIME] => Execution time (in seconds),[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REORDEREDLIBRARIES] => AOK:re-ordered header libraries,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDMOOTOOLSLIBRARY] => DEL:removed the MooTools library %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVECAPTION] => DEL:removed JCaption script declaration,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDCAPTIONLIBRARY] => DEL:removed the caption library,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEBLANKLINES] => DEL:removed %s blank line(s),[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_STRIPPEDREMAININGSCRIPT] => DEL:stripped the remaining script %s %s time(s),[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_STRIPPEDREMAININGCSS] => DEL:stripped the remaining stylesheet %s %s time(s),[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDNOCONFLICTSCRIPTDECLARATIONS] => DEL:removed %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDNOCONFLICTSCRIPTS] => DEL:removed %s jquery-noconflict.js script(s),[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDJQUERY] => DEL:removed %s jQuery library(ies),[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_ADDEDJQUERY] => ADD:added the jQuery library %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_ADDEDNOCONFLICTDECLARATION] => ADD:added jQuery.noConflict();,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_ADDEDNOCONFLICTSCRIPT] => ADD:added the script %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REPLACEDDOCUMENTREADY] => INF:replaced %s $(document).ready(function($) script declaration(s) with jQuery(document).ready(function($),[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDJQUERYUI] => DEL:removed %s jQuery UI library(ies),[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_ADDEDJQUERYUI] => ADD:added the jQuery UI library %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDJQUERYUICSS] => DEL:removed %s jQuery UI CSS file(s),[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDEMPTYLINKTAGS] => DEL:removed %s empty link tag(s),[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_ADDEDJQUERYUICSS] => ADD:added the jQuery UI CSS file %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDEMPTYSCRIPTTAGS] => DEL:removed %s empty script tag(s),[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_ADDEDSCRIPT] => ADD:added script %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_ADDEDSCRIPTDECLARATION] => ADD:added script declaration %s ...,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_ADDEDSTYLESHEET] => ADD:added stylesheet %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_ADDEDSTYLESHEETDECLARATION] => ADD:added stylesheet declaration %s ...,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_ERRORADDINGJQUERY] => ERR:error adding the jQuery library,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_ERRORADDINGJQUERYUI] => ERR:error adding the jQuery UI library,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_ERRORADDINGJQUERYUICSS] => ERR:error adding the jQuery UI theme,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_ENABLEPLUGININPAGES] => AOK:found one of the set pages to enable the plugin into,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_DISABLEPLUGININPAGES] => AOK:found one of the set pages in which to disable the plugin,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_DISABLEMOOTOOLSINPAGES] => AOK:found one of the set pages in which to keep the MooTools libraries,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_CURRENTURI] => AOK:the current URL is %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_CURRENTURIMATCH] => AOK:the current URL matches the path %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_COULDNOTFINDFILE] => ERR:error: could not find file %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_EMPTYLOCALFILE] => ERR:error: the local %s library is selected but there is no local version path,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_EMPTYLOCALCSSFILE] => ERR:error: the local jQuery UI stylesheet is selected or jQuery UI's version is set to custom/Joomla but there is no local version path,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_IGNORESCRIPT] => INF:skipped the removal of %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDJQUERYLIBRARY] => DEL:removed jQuery library %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_NOJQUERYLIBRARIESADDED] => INF:no jQuery added to the page,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_KEEPINGUNIQUELIBRARY] => INF:kept unique jQuery library %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_MOVEDJQUERY] => INF:moved the jQuery library %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_KEEPINGUNIQUELIBRARYUI] => INF:kept unique jQuery UI library %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDJQUERYUILIBRARY] => DEL:removed jQuery UI library %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_MOVEDJQUERYUI] => INF:moved the jQuery UI library %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_KEEPINGUNIQUECSSUI] => INF:kept unique jQuery UI CSS file %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDJQUERYUICSSLINK] => DEL:removed jQuery UI CSS file %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_MOVEDJQUERYUICSS] => INF:moved the jQuery UI CSS file %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDEMPTYSCRIPTJQUERYON] => DEL:removed jQuery(window).on code left empty by removing JCaption,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDEMPTYSCRIPTWINDOWADDEVENT] => DEL:removed window.addEvent code left empty by removing JCaption,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_ADDEDJQUERYMIGRATE] => ADD:added the jQuery Migrate plugin %s,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDMIGRATE] => DEL:removed %s Migrate script(s),[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_MIGRATEUNNECESSARY] => ERR:Migrate was selected but is unnecessary and will not be added to the page,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_JQUERYLOADEDBYTEMPLATE] => INF:jQuery is loaded by the template,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_JQUERYUILOADEDBYTEMPLATE] => INF:jQuery UI is loaded by the template,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_BOOTSTRAPLOADEDBYTEMPLATE] => INF:Bootstrap is loaded by the template,[PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY_VERBOSE_REMOVEDNOCONFLICTFROMTEMPLATE] => DEL:removed the jquery-noconflict.js script from the template,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5] => System - Gantry 5,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5_DESCRIPTION] => Gantry 5 system plugin. Needs to be enabled at all times.,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5_LIBRARY_MISSING] => %s: Gantry 5 Library is missing!,[GANTRY5_THEME_LOADING_FAILED] => Failed to load '%s' template: %s,[GANTRY5_THEME_INCLUDE_FAILED] => Include failed,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5_FIELD_PRODUCTION_LABEL] => Production Mode,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5_FIELD_PRODUCTION_DESC] => Production mode makes Gantry faster by more aggressive caching and ignoring changed files in the filesystem. Most changes made from administration should still be detected, but changes made in filesystem or database will be ignored.,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5_FIELD_ASSET_TIMESTAMPS_LABEL] => Asset Timestamps,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5_FIELD_ASSET_TIMESTAMPS_DESC] => Adds timestamps on changed asset files, like images, css and js. The option makes browser to get fresh assets without forcing reload on the page.,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5_FIELD_ASSET_TIMESTAMPS_PERIOD_LABEL] => Timestamp Period,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5_FIELD_ASSET_TIMESTAMPS_PERIOD_DESC] => Number of days which timestamp is kept after updating the file. Accepts also decimal numbers, eg. 0.5 = 12 hours. Set to 0 to add timestamps on every single asset file.,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5_FIELD_COMPILE_YAML_LABEL] => Compile YAML,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5_FIELD_COMPILE_YAML_DESC] => Compile YAML configuration files into PHP, making page loads significantly faster.,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5_FIELD_COMPILE_TWIG_LABEL] => Compile Twig,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5_FIELD_COMPILE_TWIG_DESC] => Compile Twig template files into PHP, making page loads significantly faster.,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5_FIELD_USE_MEDIA_FOLDER_LABEL] => Use Joomla Images Folder,[PLG_SYSTEM_GANTRY5_FIELD_USE_MEDIA_FOLDER_DESC] => By default Gantry media picker saves all files into the theme. If you want to save files into
folder instead, please select this option. Files in the old location can still be used, but are overridden by the files in the selected folder.,[PLG_SYSTEM_FIELDS] => System - Fields,[PLG_SYSTEM_FIELDS_XML_DESCRIPTION] => The system fields plugin that is required to display the custom fields.,[PLG_SYSTEM_NRFRAMEWORK] => System - Novarain Framework,[PLG_SYSTEM_NRFRAMEWORK_DESC] => Novarain Framework - used by Tassos.gr extensions,[NOVARAIN_FRAMEWORK] => Novarain Framework,[NR_IGNORE] => Ignore,[NR_INCLUDE] => Include,[NR_EXCLUDE] => Exclude,[NR_SELECTION] => Selection,[NR_ASSIGN_MENU_NOITEM] => Include no Itemid,[NR_ASSIGN_MENU_NOITEM_DESC] => Also assign when no menu Itemid is set in URL?,[NR_ASSIGN_MENU_CHILD] => Also on child items,[NR_ASSIGN_MENU_CHILD_DESC] => Also assign to child items of the selected items?,[NR_COPY_OF] => Copy of %s,[NR_ASSIGN_DATETIME_DESC] => Target visitors based on your server's datetime,[NR_DATETIME] => Datetime,[NR_TIME] => Time,[NR_DATE] => Date,[NR_DATETIME_DESC] => Enter the datetime to auto publish/unpublish,[NR_START_PUBLISHING] => Start Datetime,[NR_START_PUBLISHING_DESC] => Enter the date to start publishing,[NR_FINISH_PUBLISHING] => End Datetime,[NR_FINISH_PUBLISHING_DESC] => Enter the date to end publishing,[NR_DATETIME_NOTE] => The date and time assignments use the date/time of your servers, not that of the visitors system.,[NR_ASSIGN_PHP] => PHP,[NR_PHPCODE] => PHP Code,[NR_ASSIGN_PHP_DESC] => Enter a piece of PHP code to evaluate.,[NR_ASSIGN_PHP_DESC2] => Target visitors evaluating custom PHP code. The code must return the value true or false.

For instance:
return ($user->name == 'Tassos Marinos');,[NR_ASSIGN_TIMEONSITE] => Time on Site,[NR_SECONDS] => Seconds,[NR_ASSIGN_TIMEONSITE_DESC] => Enter a duration in seconds to compare with the user's total time (Visit duration) spent on your entire site .

If you want to display a box after the user has spent 3 minutes on your the entire site, enter 180.,[NR_ASSIGN_URLS] => URL,[NR_ASSIGN_URLS_DESC2] => Target visitors who are browsing specific URLs,[NR_ASSIGN_URLS_DESC] => Enter (part of) the URLs to match.
Use a new line for each different match.,[NR_ASSIGN_URLS_LIST] => URL Matches,[NR_ASSIGN_URLS_REGEX] => Use Regular Expression,[NR_ASSIGN_URLS_REGEX_DESC] => Select to treat the value as regular expressions.,[NR_ASSIGN_LANGS] => Language,[NR_ASSIGN_LANGS_DESC] => Target visitors who are browsing your website in specific language,[NR_ASSIGN_LANGS_LIST_DESC] => Select the Languages to assign to,[NR_ASSIGN_DEVICES] => Device,[NR_ASSIGN_DEVICES_DESC2] => Target visitors using specific device such as Mobile, Tablet or Desktop.,[NR_ASSIGN_DEVICES_DESC] => Select the devices to assign to.,[NR_ASSIGN_DEVICES_NOTE] => Keep in mind that device detection is not always 100% accurate. Users can setup their browser to mimic other devices,[NR_MENU] => Menu,[NR_MENU_ITEMS] => Menu Item,[NR_MENU_ITEMS_DESC] => Target visitors who are browsing specific menu items,[NR_USERGROUP] => User Group,[NR_ACCESSLEVEL] => User Group,[NR_ACCESSLEVEL_DESC] => Select the User Groups to assign to.

Note: If you want to make it public just set to Ignore and not select the Public.,[NR_SHOW_COPYRIGHT] => Show Copyright,[NR_SHOW_COPYRIGHT_DESC] => If selected, extra copyright info will be displayed in the admin views. Tassos.gr extensions never show copyright info or backlinks on the frontend.,[NR_WIDTH] => Width,[NR_WIDTH_DESC] => Enter width in px, em or %

Example: 400px,[NR_HEIGHT] => Height,[NR_HEIGHT_DESC] => Enter height in px, em or %

Example: 400px,[NR_PADDING] => Padding,[NR_PADDING_DESC] => Enter padding in px, em or %

Example: 20px,[NR_MARGIN] => Margin,[NR_MARGIN_DESC] => The CSS margin propertiy is used to generate space around the box and set the size of the white space outside the border in pixels or in %.

Example 1: 25px
Example 2: 5%

Specifying the margin for each side [top right bottom left]:

Top side only: 25px 0 0 0
Right side only: 0 25px 0 0
Bottom side only: 0 0 25px 0
Left side only: 0 0 0 25px,[NR_COLOR_HOVER] => Hover Color,[NR_COLOR] => Color,[NR_COLOR_DESC] => Define a color in HEX or RGBA format.,[NR_TEXT_COLOR] => Text Color,[NR_BACKGROUND] => Background,[NR_BACKGROUND_COLOR] => Background Color,[NR_BACKGROUND_COLOR_DESC] => Define a background color in HEX or RGBA format. To disable enter 'none'. For absolute transparency enter 'transparent'.,[NR_URL_SHORTENING_FAILED] => Shortening %s with %s failed. %s.,[NR_EXPORT] => Export,[NR_IMPORT] => Import,[NR_PLEASE_CHOOSE_A_VALID_FILE] => Please choose a valid filename,[NR_IMPORT_ITEMS] => Import Items,[NR_PUBLISH_ITEMS] => Publish items,[NR_AS_EXPORTED] => As exported,[NR_TITLE] => Title,[NR_ACYMAILING] => AcyMailing,[NR_ACYMAILING_LIST] => AcyMailing List,[NR_ACYMAILING_LIST_DESC] => Select AcyMailing lists to assign to.,[NR_ASSIGN_ACYMAILING_DESC] => Target visitors who have subscribed to specific AcyMailing lists,[NR_AKEEBASUBS] => Akeeba Subscriptions,[NR_AKEEBASUBS_LEVELS] => Levels,[NR_AKEEBASUBS_LEVELS_DESC] => Select Akeeba Subscription levels to assign to.,[NR_ASSIGN_AKEEBASUBS_DESC] => Target visitors who have subscribed to specific Akeeba Subscriptions,[NR_MATCH] => Match,[NR_MATCH_DESC] => The used matching method to compare the value,[NR_ASSIGN_MATCHING_METHOD] => Matching Method,[NR_ASSIGN_MATCHING_METHOD_DESC] => Should all or any assignments be matched?

Will be published if All of below assignments are matched.

Will be published if Any (one or more) of below assignments are matched.
Assignment groups where 'Ignore' is selected will be ignored.,[NR_ANY] => Any,[NR_ASSIGN_REFERRER] => Referrer URL,[NR_ASSIGN_REFERRER_DESC2] => Target visitors who land on your site from a specific traffic source,[NR_ASSIGN_REFERRER_DESC] => Enter one Referrer URL per line: Eg:

facebook.com/mypage,[NR_ASSIGN_REFERRER_NOTE] => Keep in mind that URL Referrer discovery is not always 100% accurate. Some servers may use proxies that strip this information out and it can be easily forged.,[NR_PROFEATURE_HEADER] => %s is a PRO Feature,[NR_PROFEATURE_DESC] => We're sorry, %s is not available on your plan. Please upgrade to the PRO plan to unlock all these awesome features.,[NR_PROFEATURE_DISCOUNT] => Bonus: %s free users get 20% off regular price, automatically applied at checkout.,[NR_ONLY_AVAILABLE_IN_PRO] => Only available in PRO version,[NR_UPGRADE_TO_PRO] => Upgrade to Pro,[NR_UPGRADE_TO_PRO_TO_UNLOCK] => Upgrade to Pro version to unlock,[NR_UPGRADE_TO_PRO_VERSION] => Awesome! Only one step left. Click on the button below to complete the upgrade to the Pro version.,[NR_UNLOCK_PRO_FEATURE] => Unlock Pro Feature,[NR_USING_THE_FREE_VERSION] => You are using the FREE version of Convert Forms. Purchase the PRO version for the full functionality.,[NR_LEFT_TO_RIGHT] => Left to Right,[NR_RIGHT_TO_LEFT] => Right to Left,[NR_BGIMAGE] => Background Image,[NR_BGIMAGE_DESC] => Sets a background image,[NR_BGIMAGE_FILE] => Image,[NR_BGIMAGE_FILE_DESC] => Select or a upload a file for the background-image.,[NR_BGIMAGE_REPEAT] => Repeat,[NR_BGIMAGE_REPEAT_DESC] => The background-repeat property sets if/how a background image will be repeated. By default, a background-image is repeated both vertically and horizontally.

Repeat: The background image will be repeated both vertically and horizontally.

Repeat-x: The background image will be repeated only horizontally

Repeat-y: The background image will be repeated only vertically

No-repeat: The background-image will not be repeated,[NR_BGIMAGE_SIZE] => Size,[NR_BGIMAGE_SIZE_DESC] => Specify the size of a background image.

Auto:The background-image contains its width and height

Cover: Scale the background image to be as large as possible so that the background area is completely covered by the background image. Some parts of the background image may not be in view within the background positioning area

Contain: Scale the image to the largest size such that both its width and its height can fit inside the content area

100% 100%: Stretch the background image to completely cover the content area.,[NR_BGIMAGE_POSITION] => Position,[NR_BGIMAGE_POSITION_DESC] => The background-position property sets the starting position of a background image. By default, a background-image is placed at the top-left corner. The first value is the horizontal position and the second value is the vertical.

You can use either one of the predefined values, or enter a custom value in percentage: x% y% or in pixel xPos yPos.,[NR_RTL] => Enable RTL,[NR_RTL_DESC] => The right-to-left text direction is essential for right-to-left scripts such as Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac, and Thaana.,[NR_HORIZONTAL] => Horizontal,[NR_VERTICAL] => Vertical,[NR_FORM_ORIENTATION] => Form Orientation,[NR_FORM_ORIENTATION_DESC] => Select the form orientation,[NR_ASSIGN_CATEGORY] => Categories,[NR_ASSIGN_CATEGORY_DESC] => Select the categories to assign to,[NR_ASSIGN_CATEGORY_CHILD] => Also on child items,[NR_ASSIGN_CATEGORY_CHILD_DESC] => Also assign to child items of the selected items?,[NR_NEW] => New,[NR_LIST] => List,[NR_DOCUMENTATION] => Documentation,[NR_KNOWLEDGEBASE] => Knowledgebase,[NR_FAQ] => FAQ,[NR_INFORMATION] => Information,[NR_EXTENSION] => Extension,[NR_VERSION] => Version,[NR_CHANGELOG] => Changelog,[NR_DOWNLOAD_KEY_MISSING] => Download Key is missing,[NR_DOWNLOAD_KEY] => Download Key,[NR_DOWNLOAD_KEY_DESC] => To find your Download Key log-in to Tassos.gr website and then go to downloads section.,[NR_DOWNLOAD_KEY_HOW] => To be able to update %s via the Joomla updater, you will need enter your Download Key in the settings of the Novarain Framework Plugin,[NR_DOWNLOAD_KEY_FIND] => Find Download Key,[NR_DOWNLOAD_KEY_UPDATE] => Update Download Key,[NR_OK] => OK,[NR_MISSING] => Missing,[NR_LICENSE] => License,[NR_AUTHOR] => Author,[NR_FOLLOWME] => Follow me,[NR_FOLLOW] => Follow %s,[NR_TRANSLATE_INTEREST] => Would you be interested in helping out with translating %s into your Language?,[NR_TRANSIFEX_REQUEST] => Send me a request on Transifex,[NR_HELP_WITH_TRANSLATIONS] => Help with translations,[NR_PUBLISHING_ASSIGNMENTS] => Publishing Assignments,[NR_ADVANCED] => Advanced,[NR_USEGLOBAL] => Use Global,[NR_WEEKDAY] => Day of Week,[NR_MONTH] => Month,[NR_MONDAY] => Monday,[NR_TUESDAY] => Tuesday,[NR_WEDNESDAY] => Wednesday,[NR_THURSDAY] => Thursday,[NR_FRIDAY] => Friday,[NR_SATURDAY] => Saturday,[NR_WEEKEND] => Weekend,[NR_WEEKDAYS] => Weekdays,[NR_SUNDAY] => Sunday,[NR_JANUARY] => January,[NR_FEBRUARY] => February,[NR_MARCH] => March,[NR_APRIL] => April,[NR_MAY] => May,[NR_JUNE] => June,[NR_JULY] => July,[NR_AUGUST] => August,[NR_SEPTEMBER] => September,[NR_OCTOBER] => October,[NR_NOVEMBER] => November,[NR_DECEMBER] => December,[NR_NEVER] => Never,[NR_MINUTES] => Minutes,[NR_HOURS] => Hours,[NR_DAYS] => Days,[NR_SESSION] => Session,[NR_EVER] => Ever,[NR_COOKIE] => Cookie,[NR_BOTH] => Both,[NR_NONE] => None,[NR_DESKTOPS] => Desktop,[NR_MOBILES] => Mobile,[NR_TABLETS] => Tablet,[NR_PER_SESSION] => Per Session,[NR_PER_DAY] => Per Day,[NR_PER_WEEK] => Per Week,[NR_PER_MONTH] => Per Month,[NR_FOREVER] => Forever,[NR_FEATURE_UNDER_DEV] => This feature is under development,[NR_LIKE_THIS_EXTENSION] => Like this extension?,[NR_LEAVE_A_REVIEW] => Leave a review on JED,[NR_SUPPORT] => Support,[NR_NEED_SUPPORT] => Need support?,[NR_DROP_EMAIL] => Drop me an e-mail,[NR_READ_DOCUMENTATION] => Read the Documentation,[NR_COPYRIGHT] => %s - Tassos.gr All Rights Reserved,[NR_DASHBOARD] => Dashboard,[NR_NAME] => Name,[NR_WRONG_COORDINATES] => The coordinates you provided are not valid,[NR_ENTER_COORDINATES] => Latitude,Longitude,[NR_NO_ITEMS_FOUND] => No Items Found,[NR_ITEM_IDS] => No Item IDs,[NR_TOGGLE] => Toggle,[NR_EXPAND] => Expand,[NR_COLLAPSE] => Collapse,[NR_SELECTED] => Selected,[NR_MAXIMIZE] => Maximize,[NR_MINIMIZE] => Minimize,[NR_INSTALL] => Install,[NR_INSTALL_NOW] => Install Now,[NR_INSTALLED] => Installed,[NR_COMING_SOON] => Coming soon,[NR_ROADMAP] => On the roadmap,[NR_MEDIA_VERSIONING] => Use Media Versioning,[NR_MEDIA_VERSIONING_DESC] => Select to add the extension version number to the end of media (js/css) urls, to make browsers force load the correct file.,[NR_LOAD_JQUERY] => Load jQuery,[NR_LOAD_JQUERY_DESC] => Select to load the core jQuery script. You can disable this if you experience conflicts if your template or other extensions load their own version of jQuery.,[NR_SELECT_CURRENCY] => Select a Currency,[NR_CONVERTFORMS] => Convert Forms,[NR_CONVERTFORMS_LIST] => Campaign,[NR_ASSIGN_CONVERTFORMS_DESC] => Target visitors who have subscribed to specific ConvertForms campaigns,[NR_CONVERTFORMS_LIST_DESC] => Select ConvertForms campaigns to assign to.,[NR_LEFT] => Left,[NR_CENTER] => Center,[NR_RIGHT] => Right,[NR_BOTTOM] => Bottom,[NR_TOP] => Top,[NR_AUTO] => Auto,[NR_CUSTOM] => Custom,[NR_UPLOAD] => Upload,[NR_IMAGE] => Image,[NR_INTRO_IMAGE] => Intro Image,[NR_FULL_IMAGE] => Full Image,[NR_IMAGE_SELECT] => Select Image,[NR_IMAGE_SIZE_COVER] => Cover,[NR_IMAGE_SIZE_CONTAIN] => Contain,[NR_REPEAT] => Repeat,[NR_REPEAT_X] => Repeat x,[NR_REPEAT_Y] => Repeat y,[NR_REPEAT_NO] => No repeat,[NR_FIELD_STATE_DESC] => Set item's state,[NR_CREATED_DATE] => Created Date,[NR_CREATED_DATE_DESC] => The date the item was created,[NR_MODIFIFED_DATE] => Modified Date,[NR_MODIFIFED_DATE_DESC] => The date that the item was last modified.,[NR_CATEGORIES] => Category,[NR_CATEGORIES_DESC] => Select the categories to assign to.,[NR_ALSO_ON_CHILD_ITEMS] => Also on child items,[NR_ALSO_ON_CHILD_ITEMS_DESC] => Also assign to child items of the selected items?,[NR_PAGE_TYPE] => Page type,[NR_PAGE_TYPES] => Page types,[NR_PAGE_TYPES_DESC] => Select on what page types the assignment should be active.,[NR_ARTICLE_VIEW] => Article View,[NR_ARTICLE_VIEW_DESC] => Enable to take into account the Article view,[NR_CATEGORY_VIEW] => Category View,[NR_CATEGORY_VIEW_DESC] => Enable to take into account the Category view,[NR_ARTICLES] => Articles,[NR_ARTICLES_DESC] => Select the articles to assign to.,[NR_ARTICLE] => Article,[NR_ARTICLE_AUTHORS] => Authors,[NR_ARTICLE_AUTHORS_DESC] => Select the authors to assign to.,[NR_ONLY] => Only,[NR_OTHERS] => Others,[NR_SMARTTAGS] => Smart Tags,[NR_SMARTTAGS_SHOW] => Show Smart Tags,[NR_SMARTTAGS_NOTFOUND] => No Smart Tags found,[NR_SMARTTAGS_SEARCH_PLACEHOLDER] => Search for Smart Tags,[NR_CONTACT_US] => Contact us,[NR_FONT_COLOR] => Font Color,[NR_FONT_SIZE] => Font Size,[NR_FONT_SIZE_DESC] => Choose a font size in pixels,[NR_TEXT] => Text,[NR_URL] => URL,[NR_EXECUTE_ON_OUTPUT_OVERRIDE] => Enable on Output Override,[NR_EXECUTE_ON_OUTPUT_OVERRIDE_DESC] => Enables the extension rendering when the page layout (tmpl) is overriden. Examples: tmpl=component or tmpl=modal.,[NR_EXECUTE_ON_FORMAT_OVERRIDE] => Enable on Format Override,[NR_EXECUTE_ON_FORMAT_OVERRIDE_DESC] => Enables the extension rendering when the page format is not other than HTML. Examples: format=raw or format=json.,[NR_GEOLOCATING] => Geolocating,[NR_GEOLOCATING_DESC] => Geolocating is not always 100% accurate. The geolocation is based on the IP address of the visitor. Not all IP addresses are fixed or known.,[NR_CITY] => City,[NR_CITY_NAME] => City Name,[NR_CONDITION_CITY_DESC] => Enter a city name in English. Enter multiple cities separated by comma.,[NR_CONTINENT] => Continent,[NR_REGION] => Region,[NR_CONDITION_REGION_DESC] => The value consists of two parts, the two letter ISO 3166-1 country code and the region code. So the value should be in the following form: COUNTRY_CODE-REGION_CODE. For a full list of region codes click on the Find a Region Code link.,[NR_ASSIGN_COUNTRIES] => Country,[NR_ASSIGN_COUNTRIES_DESC2] => Target visitors who are physically in a specific country,[NR_ASSIGN_COUNTRIES_DESC] => Select the countries to assign to,[NR_ASSIGN_CONTINENTS] => Continent,[NR_ASSIGN_CONTINENTS_DESC] => Select the continents to assign to,[NR_ASSIGN_CONTINENTS_DESC2] => Target visitors who are physically in a specific continent,[NR_ICONTACT_ACCOUNTID_ERROR] => The iContact AccountID could not be retrieved,[NR_TAG_CLIENTDEVICE] => Visitor Device Type,[NR_TAG_CLIENTOS] => Visitor Operating System,[NR_TAG_CLIENTBROWSER] => Visitor Browser,[NR_TAG_CLIENTUSERAGENT] => Visitor Agent String,[NR_TAG_IP] => Visitor IP Address,[NR_TAG_URL] => Page URL,[NR_TAG_URLENCODED] => Page URL Encoded,[NR_TAG_URLPATH] => Page Path,[NR_TAG_REFERRER] => Page Referrer,[NR_TAG_SITENAME] => Site Name,[NR_TAG_SITEURL] => Site URL,[NR_TAG_PAGETITLE] => Page Title,[NR_TAG_PAGEDESC] => Page Meta Description,[NR_TAG_PAGELANG] => Page Language Code,[NR_TAG_USERID] => User ID,[NR_TAG_USERNAME] => User Full Name,[NR_TAG_USERLOGIN] => User Login,[NR_TAG_USEREMAIL] => User Email,[NR_TAG_USERFIRSTNAME] => User First Name,[NR_TAG_USERLASTNAME] => User Last Name,[NR_TAG_USERGROUPS] => User Groups IDs,[NR_TAG_DATE] => Date,[NR_TAG_TIME] => Time,[NR_TAG_RANDOMID] => Random ID,[NR_ICON] => Icon,[NR_SELECT_MODULE] => Select a Module,[NR_SELECT_CONTINENT] => Select a Continent,[NR_SELECT_COUNTRY] => Select a Country,[NR_PLUGIN] => Plugin,[NR_GMAP_KEY] => Google Maps API Key,[NR_GMAP_KEY_DESC] => The Google Maps API Key is being used by Tassos.gr extensions. If you face any troubles with a Google Map not being loaded then you probably need to enter your own API Key.,[NR_GMAP_FIND_KEY] => Get an API key,[NR_ARE_YOU_SURE] => Are you sure?,[NR_CUSTOMURL] => Custom URL,[NR_SAMPLE] => Sample,[NR_DEBUG] => Debug,[NR_READMORE] => Read More,[NR_IPADDRESS] => IP Address,[NR_ASSIGN_BROWSERS] => Browser,[NR_ASSIGN_BROWSERS_DESC] => Select the browsers to assign to,[NR_ASSIGN_BROWSERS_DESC2] => Target visitors who are browsing your site with specific browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer,[NR_CHROME] => Chrome,[NR_FIREFOX] => Firefox,[NR_EDGE] => Edge,[NR_IE] => Internet Explorer,[NR_SAFARI] => Safari,[NR_OPERA] => Opera,[NR_ASSIGN_OS] => Operating System,[NR_ASSIGN_OS_DESC] => Select the operating systems to assign to,[NR_ASSIGN_OS_DESC2] => Target visitors who are using specific operating systems such as Windows, Linux or Mac,[NR_LINUX] => Linux,[NR_MAC] => MacOS,[NR_ANDROID] => Android,[NR_IOS] => iOS,[NR_WINDOWS] => Windows,[NR_BLACKBERRY] => Blackberry,[NR_CHROMEOS] => Chrome OS,[NR_ASSIGN_PAGEVIEWS] => Number of Pageviews,[NR_ASSIGN_PAGEVIEWS_DESC] => Target visitors who have viewed certain number of pages,[NR_ASSIGN_PAGEVIEWS_VIEWS] => Pageviews,[NR_ASSIGN_PAGEVIEWS_VIEWS_DESC] => Enter the number of page views,[NR_ASSIGN_COOKIENAME_NAME] => Cookie Name,[NR_ASSIGN_COOKIENAME_NAME_DESC] => Enter the name of the cookie to assign to,[NR_ASSIGN_COOKIENAME_NAME_DESC2] => Target visitors who have specific cookies stored in their browser,[NR_FEWER_THAN] => Fewer than,[NR_GREATER_THAN] => Greater than,[NR_EXACTLY] => Exactly,[NR_EXISTS] => Exists,[NR_IS_EQUAL] => Equals,[NR_CONTAINS] => Contains,[NR_STARTS_WITH] => Starts with,[NR_ENDS_WITH] => Ends with,[NR_ASSIGN_COOKIENAME_CONTENT] => Cookie Content,[NR_ASSIGN_COOKIENAME_CONTENT_DESC] => The cookie's content,[NR_ASSIGN_IP_ADDRESSES_DESC2] => Target visitors who are behind a specific IP address (range),[NR_ASSIGN_IP_ADDRESSES_DESC] => Enter a list of comma and/or 'enter' separated ip addresses and ranges

168,[NR_ASSIGN_USER_ID] => User ID,[NR_ASSIGN_USER_ID_DESC] => Target specific Joomla Users by their IDs,[NR_ASSIGN_USER_ID_SELECTION_DESC] => Enter comma separated Joomla user IDs,[NR_ASSIGN_COMPONENTS] => Component,[NR_ASSIGN_COMPONENTS_DESC] => Select the components to assign to,[NR_ASSIGN_COMPONENTS_DESC2] => Target visitors who are browsing specific components,[NR_ASSIGN_TIMERANGE] => Time Range,[NR_ASSIGN_TIMERANGE_DESC] => Target visitors based on your server's time,[NR_START_TIME] => Start Time,[NR_END_TIME] => End Time,[NR_START_PUBLISHING_TIMERANGE_DESC] => Enter the time to start publishing,[NR_FINISH_PUBLISHING_TIMERANGE_DESC] => Enter the time to end publishing,[NR_RECAPTCHA] => ReCaptcha,[NR_RECAPTCHA_DESC] => To get a site and secret key for your domain, go to https://www.google.com/recaptcha.,[NR_RECAPTCHA_SITE_KEY] => Site Key,[NR_RECAPTCHA_SITE_KEY_DESC] => Used in the JavaScript code that is served to your users.,[NR_RECAPTCHA_SECRET_KEY] => Secret Key,[NR_RECAPTCHA_SECRET_KEY_DESC] => Used in the communication between your server and the reCAPTCHA server. Be sure to keep it a secret.,[NR_RECAPTCHA_SITE_KEY_ERROR] => The reCaptcha Site Key is either missing or invalid,[NR_PREVIOUS_MONTH] => Previous Month,[NR_NEXT_MONTH] => Next Month,[NR_ASSIGN_GROUP_PAGE_URL] => Page / URL,[NR_ASSIGN_GROUP_PAGE_URL_DESC] => Target visitors who are browsing specific menu items or URLs,[NR_ASSIGN_GROUP_DATETIME_DESC] => Trigger a box based on your server's date and time,[NR_ASSIGN_GROUP_USER_VISITOR] => Joomla User / Visitor,[NR_ASSIGN_GROUP_USER_VISITOR_DESC] => Target registered users or visitors who have viewed a certain number of pages,[NR_ASSIGN_GROUP_PLATFORM] => Visitor Platform,[NR_ASSIGN_GROUP_PLATFORM_DESC] => Target visitors who are using Mobile, Google Chrome, or even Windows,[NR_ASSIGN_GROUP_GEO_DESC] => Target visitors who are physically in a specific region,[NR_ASSIGN_GROUP_JCONTENT] => Joomla! Content,[NR_ASSIGN_GROUP_JCONTENT_DESC] => Target visitors who are viewing specific Joomla articles or categories,[NR_ASSIGN_GROUP_SYSTEM] => System / Integrations,[NR_ASSIGN_GROUP_SYSTEM_DESC] => Target visitors who have interacted with specific 3rd party Joomla Extensions,[NR_ASSIGN_GROUP_ADVANCED] => Advanced visitor targeting,[NR_ASSIGN_USERGROUP_DESC] => Target specific Joomla user groups,[NR_ASSIGN_ARTICLE_DESC] => Target visitors who are viewing specific Joomla articles,[NR_ASSIGN_ARTICLE_CATEGORIES_DESC] => Target visitors who are viewing specific Joomla categories,[NR_EXTENSION_REQUIRED] => %s component requires %s plugin to be enabled in order to function properly.,[NR_ASSIGN_K2] => K2,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_DESC] => Target visitors who are browsing specific K2 Items, Categories or Tags,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_ITEMS] => Item,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_ITEMS_DESC] => Target visitors who are browsing specific K2 items.,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_ITEMS_LIST_DESC] => Select the K2 Items to assign to,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_ITEMS_CONTENT_KEYWORDS_DESC] => Match on specific keywords in the item's content. Seperate by a comma or a new line.,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_ITEMS_META_KEYWORDS_DESC] => Match on the item's meta keywords. Seperate by a comma or a new line.,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_PAGETYPES_DESC] => Target visitors who are browsing specific K2 page types,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_ITEM_OPTION] => Item,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_LATEST_OPTION] => Latest items from users or categories,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_TAG_OPTION] => Tag Page,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_CATEGORY_OPTION] => Category Page,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_ITEM_FORM_OPTION] => Item Edit Form,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_USER_PAGE_OPTION] => User Page (blog),[NR_ASSIGN_K2_TAGS_DESC] => Target visitors who are browsing K2 items with specific tags,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_CATEGORIES_DESC] => Target visitors who are browsing specific K2 categories,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_CATEGORIES_CATEGORIES_OPTION] => Categories,[NR_ASSIGN_K2_CATEGORIES_ITEMS_OPTION] => Items,[NR_ASSIGN_PAGE_TYPES_DESC] => Select the page types to assign to,[NR_ASSIGN_TAGS_DESC] => Select the tags to assign to,[NR_CONTENT_KEYWORDS] => Content keywords,[NR_META_KEYWORDS] => Meta keywords,[NR_TAG] => Tag,[NR_NORMAL] => Normal,[NR_COMPACT] => Compact,[NR_LIGHT] => Light,[NR_DARK] => Dark,[NR_SIZE] => Size,[NR_THEME] => Theme,[NR_SINGLE] => Single,[NR_MULTIPLE] => Multiple,[NR_RANGE] => Range,[NR_RECAPTCHA_PLEASE_VALIDATE] => Please validate,[NR_RECAPTCHA_INVALID_SECRET_KEY] => Invalid secret key,[NR_PAGE] => Page,[NR_YOU_ARE_USING_EXTENSION] => You are using %s %s,[NR_UPDATE] => Update,[NR_SHOW_UPDATE_NOTIFICATION] => Show Update Notification,[NR_SHOW_UPDATE_NOTIFICATION_DESC] => If selected, an update notification will be shown in the main component view when there is a new version for this extension.,[NR_EXTENSION_NEW_VERSION_IS_AVAILABLE] => %s is available,[NR_ERROR_EMAIL_IS_DISABLED] => Mail sending is turned off. Emails could not be sent.,[NR_ASSIGN_ITEMS] => Item,[NR_COUNTRY_AF] => Afghanistan,[NR_COUNTRY_AX] => Aland Islands,[NR_COUNTRY_AL] => Albania,[NR_COUNTRY_DZ] => Algeria,[NR_COUNTRY_AS] => American Samoa,[NR_COUNTRY_AD] => Andorra,[NR_COUNTRY_AO] => Angola,[NR_COUNTRY_AI] => Anguilla,[NR_COUNTRY_AQ] => Antarctica,[NR_COUNTRY_AG] => Antigua and Barbuda,[NR_COUNTRY_AR] => Argentina,[NR_COUNTRY_AM] => Armenia,[NR_COUNTRY_AW] => Aruba,[NR_COUNTRY_AU] => Australia,[NR_COUNTRY_AT] => Austria,[NR_COUNTRY_AZ] => Azerbaijan,[NR_COUNTRY_BS] => Bahamas,[NR_COUNTRY_BH] => Bahrain,[NR_COUNTRY_BD] => Bangladesh,[NR_COUNTRY_BB] => Barbados,[NR_COUNTRY_BY] => Belarus,[NR_COUNTRY_BE] => Belgium,[NR_COUNTRY_BZ] => Belize,[NR_COUNTRY_BJ] => Benin,[NR_COUNTRY_BM] => Bermuda,[NR_COUNTRY_BT] => Bhutan,[NR_COUNTRY_BO] => Bolivia,[NR_COUNTRY_BA] => Bosnia and Herzegovina,[NR_COUNTRY_BW] => Botswana,[NR_COUNTRY_BV] => Bouvet Island,[NR_COUNTRY_BR] => Brazil,[NR_COUNTRY_IO] => British Indian Ocean Territory,[NR_COUNTRY_BN] => Brunei Darussalam,[NR_COUNTRY_BG] => Bulgaria,[NR_COUNTRY_BF] => Burkina Faso,[NR_COUNTRY_BI] => Burundi,[NR_COUNTRY_KH] => Cambodia,[NR_COUNTRY_CM] => Cameroon,[NR_COUNTRY_CA] => Canada,[NR_COUNTRY_CV] => Cape Verde,[NR_COUNTRY_KY] => Cayman Islands,[NR_COUNTRY_CF] => Central African Republic,[NR_COUNTRY_TD] => Chad,[NR_COUNTRY_CL] => Chile,[NR_COUNTRY_CN] => China,[NR_COUNTRY_CX] => Christmas Island,[NR_COUNTRY_CC] => Cocos (Keeling) Islands,[NR_COUNTRY_CO] => Colombia,[NR_COUNTRY_KM] => Comoros,[NR_COUNTRY_CG] => Congo,[NR_COUNTRY_CD] => Congo, The Democratic Republic of the,[NR_COUNTRY_CK] => Cook Islands,[NR_COUNTRY_CR] => Costa Rica,[NR_COUNTRY_CI] => Cote d'Ivoire,[NR_COUNTRY_HR] => Croatia,[NR_COUNTRY_CU] => Cuba,[NR_COUNTRY_CUR] => Curaçao,[NR_COUNTRY_CY] => Cyprus,[NR_COUNTRY_CZ] => Czech Republic,[NR_COUNTRY_DK] => Denmark,[NR_COUNTRY_DJ] => Djibouti,[NR_COUNTRY_DM] => Dominica,[NR_COUNTRY_DO] => Dominican Republic,[NR_COUNTRY_EC] => Ecuador,[NR_COUNTRY_EG] => Egypt,[NR_COUNTRY_SV] => El Salvador,[NR_COUNTRY_GQ] => Equatorial Guinea,[NR_COUNTRY_ER] => Eritrea,[NR_COUNTRY_EE] => Estonia,[NR_COUNTRY_ET] => Ethiopia,[NR_COUNTRY_FK] => Falkland Islands (Malvinas),[NR_COUNTRY_FO] => Faroe Islands,[NR_COUNTRY_FJ] => Fiji,[NR_COUNTRY_FI] => Finland,[NR_COUNTRY_FR] => France,[NR_COUNTRY_GF] => French Guiana,[NR_COUNTRY_PF] => French Polynesia,[NR_COUNTRY_TF] => French Southern Territories,[NR_COUNTRY_GA] => Gabon,[NR_COUNTRY_GM] => Gambia,[NR_COUNTRY_GE] => Georgia,[NR_COUNTRY_DE] => Germany,[NR_COUNTRY_GH] => Ghana,[NR_COUNTRY_GI] => Gibraltar,[NR_COUNTRY_GR] => Greece,[NR_COUNTRY_GL] => Greenland,[NR_COUNTRY_GD] => Grenada,[NR_COUNTRY_GP] => Guadeloupe,[NR_COUNTRY_GU] => Guam,[NR_COUNTRY_GT] => Guatemala,[NR_COUNTRY_GG] => Guernsey,[NR_COUNTRY_GN] => Guinea,[NR_COUNTRY_GW] => Guinea-Bissau,[NR_COUNTRY_GY] => Guyana,[NR_COUNTRY_HT] => Haiti,[NR_COUNTRY_HM] => Heard Island and McDonald Islands,[NR_COUNTRY_VA] => Holy See (Vatican City State),[NR_COUNTRY_HN] => Honduras,[NR_COUNTRY_HK] => Hong Kong,[NR_COUNTRY_HU] => Hungary,[NR_COUNTRY_IS] => Iceland,[NR_COUNTRY_IN] => India,[NR_COUNTRY_ID] => Indonesia,[NR_COUNTRY_IR] => Iran, Islamic Republic of,[NR_COUNTRY_IQ] => Iraq,[NR_COUNTRY_IE] => Ireland,[NR_COUNTRY_IM] => Isle of Man,[NR_COUNTRY_IL] => Israel,[NR_COUNTRY_IT] => Italy,[NR_COUNTRY_JM] => Jamaica,[NR_COUNTRY_JP] => Japan,[NR_COUNTRY_JE] => Jersey,[NR_COUNTRY_JO] => Jordan,[NR_COUNTRY_KZ] => Kazakhstan,[NR_COUNTRY_KE] => Kenya,[NR_COUNTRY_KI] => Kiribati,[NR_COUNTRY_KP] => Korea, Democratic People's Republic of,[NR_COUNTRY_KR] => Korea, Republic of,[NR_COUNTRY_KW] => Kuwait,[NR_COUNTRY_KG] => Kyrgyzstan,[NR_COUNTRY_LA] => Lao People's Democratic Republic,[NR_COUNTRY_LV] => Latvia,[NR_COUNTRY_LB] => Lebanon,[NR_COUNTRY_LS] => Lesotho,[NR_COUNTRY_LR] => Liberia,[NR_COUNTRY_LY] => Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,[NR_COUNTRY_LI] => Liechtenstein,[NR_COUNTRY_LT] => Lithuania,[NR_COUNTRY_LU] => Luxembourg,[NR_COUNTRY_MO] => Macao,[NR_COUNTRY_MK] => Macedonia,[NR_COUNTRY_MG] => Madagascar,[NR_COUNTRY_MW] => Malawi,[NR_COUNTRY_MY] => Malaysia,[NR_COUNTRY_MV] => Maldives,[NR_COUNTRY_ML] => Mali,[NR_COUNTRY_MT] => Malta,[NR_COUNTRY_MH] => Marshall Islands,[NR_COUNTRY_MQ] => Martinique,[NR_COUNTRY_MR] => Mauritania,[NR_COUNTRY_MU] => Mauritius,[NR_COUNTRY_YT] => Mayotte,[NR_COUNTRY_MX] => Mexico,[NR_COUNTRY_FM] => Micronesia, Federated States of,[NR_COUNTRY_MD] => Moldova, Republic of,[NR_COUNTRY_MC] => Monaco,[NR_COUNTRY_MN] => Mongolia,[NR_COUNTRY_ME] => Montenegro,[NR_COUNTRY_MS] => Montserrat,[NR_COUNTRY_MA] => Morocco,[NR_COUNTRY_MZ] => Mozambique,[NR_COUNTRY_MM] => Myanmar,[NR_COUNTRY_NA] => Namibia,[NR_COUNTRY_NR] => Nauru,[NR_COUNTRY_NM] => North Macedonia,[NR_COUNTRY_NP] => Nepal,[NR_COUNTRY_NL] => Netherlands,[NR_COUNTRY_AN] => Netherlands Antilles,[NR_COUNTRY_NC] => New Caledonia,[NR_COUNTRY_NZ] => New Zealand,[NR_COUNTRY_NI] => Nicaragua,[NR_COUNTRY_NE] => Niger,[NR_COUNTRY_NG] => Nigeria,[NR_COUNTRY_NU] => Niue,[NR_COUNTRY_NF] => Norfolk Island,[NR_COUNTRY_MP] => Northern Mariana Islands,[NR_COUNTRY_NO] => Norway,[NR_COUNTRY_OM] => Oman,[NR_COUNTRY_PK] => Pakistan,[NR_COUNTRY_PW] => Palau,[NR_COUNTRY_PS] => Palestinian Territory,[NR_COUNTRY_PA] => Panama,[NR_COUNTRY_PG] => Papua New Guinea,[NR_COUNTRY_PY] => Paraguay,[NR_COUNTRY_PE] => Peru,[NR_COUNTRY_PH] => Philippines,[NR_COUNTRY_PN] => Pitcairn,[NR_COUNTRY_PL] => Poland,[NR_COUNTRY_PT] => Portugal,[NR_COUNTRY_PR] => Puerto Rico,[NR_COUNTRY_QA] => Qatar,[NR_COUNTRY_RE] => Reunion,[NR_COUNTRY_RO] => Romania,[NR_COUNTRY_RU] => Russian Federation,[NR_COUNTRY_RW] => Rwanda,[NR_COUNTRY_SH] => Saint Helena,[NR_COUNTRY_KN] => Saint Kitts and Nevis,[NR_COUNTRY_LC] => Saint Lucia,[NR_COUNTRY_PM] => Saint Pierre and Miquelon,[NR_COUNTRY_VC] => Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,[NR_COUNTRY_WS] => Samoa,[NR_COUNTRY_SM] => San Marino,[NR_COUNTRY_ST] => Sao Tome and Principe,[NR_COUNTRY_SA] => Saudi Arabia,[NR_COUNTRY_SN] => Senegal,[NR_COUNTRY_RS] => Serbia,[NR_COUNTRY_SC] => Seychelles,[NR_COUNTRY_SL] => Sierra Leone,[NR_COUNTRY_SG] => Singapore,[NR_COUNTRY_SK] => Slovakia,[NR_COUNTRY_SI] => Slovenia,[NR_COUNTRY_SB] => Solomon Islands,[NR_COUNTRY_SO] => Somalia,[NR_COUNTRY_ZA] => South Africa,[NR_COUNTRY_GS] => South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands,[NR_COUNTRY_ES] => Spain,[NR_COUNTRY_LK] => Sri Lanka,[NR_COUNTRY_SD] => Sudan,[NR_COUNTRY_SS] => South Sudan,[NR_COUNTRY_SR] => Suriname,[NR_COUNTRY_SJ] => Svalbard and Jan Mayen,[NR_COUNTRY_SZ] => Swaziland,[NR_COUNTRY_SE] => Sweden,[NR_COUNTRY_CH] => Switzerland,[NR_COUNTRY_SY] => Syrian Arab Republic,[NR_COUNTRY_TW] => Taiwan,[NR_COUNTRY_TJ] => Tajikistan,[NR_COUNTRY_TZ] => Tanzania, United Republic of,[NR_COUNTRY_TH] => Thailand,[NR_COUNTRY_TL] => Timor-Leste,[NR_COUNTRY_TG] => Togo,[NR_COUNTRY_TK] => Tokelau,[NR_COUNTRY_TO] => Tonga,[NR_COUNTRY_TT] => Trinidad and Tobago,[NR_COUNTRY_TN] => Tunisia,[NR_COUNTRY_TR] => Turkey,[NR_COUNTRY_TM] => Turkmenistan,[NR_COUNTRY_TC] => Turks and Caicos Islands,[NR_COUNTRY_TV] => Tuvalu,[NR_COUNTRY_UG] => Uganda,[NR_COUNTRY_UA] => Ukraine,[NR_COUNTRY_AE] => United Arab Emirates,[NR_COUNTRY_GB] => United Kingdom,[NR_COUNTRY_US] => United States,[NR_COUNTRY_UM] => United States Minor Outlying Islands,[NR_COUNTRY_UY] => Uruguay,[NR_COUNTRY_UZ] => Uzbekistan,[NR_COUNTRY_VU] => Vanuatu,[NR_COUNTRY_VE] => Venezuela,[NR_COUNTRY_VN] => Vietnam,[NR_COUNTRY_VG] => Virgin Islands, British,[NR_COUNTRY_VI] => Virgin Islands, U.S.,[NR_COUNTRY_WF] => Wallis and Futuna,[NR_COUNTRY_EH] => Western Sahara,[NR_COUNTRY_YE] => Yemen,[NR_COUNTRY_ZM] => Zambia,[NR_COUNTRY_ZW] => Zimbabwe,[NR_CONTINENT_AF] => Africa,[NR_CONTINENT_AS] => Asia,[NR_CONTINENT_EU] => Europe,[NR_CONTINENT_NA] => North America,[NR_CONTINENT_SA] => South America,[NR_CONTINENT_OC] => Oceania,[NR_CONTINENT_AN] => Antarctica,[NR_FRONTEND] => Front-end,[NR_BACKEND] => Back-end,[NR_EMBED] => Embed,[NR_RATE] => Rate %s,[NR_REPORT_ISSUE] => Report an issue,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_HEADER_DEFAULTS] => Defaults,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_DEFAULT_MODE_LABEL] => mootools,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_DEFAULT_MODE_DESC] => This will enable/disable mootools by default for your site. You can then fine tunning in menu items,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_DEFAULT_MOOTOOLS_MORE_LABEL] => mootools-more,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_DEFAULT_MOOTOOLS_MORE_DESC] => mootools-more are additional mootools effects/scripts that may conflict with bootstrap. This will enable/disable them globally,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_HEADER_ADDITIONAL_ASSETS] => Additional assets,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_MANUAL_DISABLED_JS_LABEL] => Disabled scripts,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_MANUAL_DISABLED_JS_DESC] => Additional scripts to remove from page heading (separated by comma or ENTER),[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_MANUAL_DISABLED_CSS_LABEL] => Disabled stylesheets,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_MANUAL_DISABLED_CSS_DESC] => Additional stylesheets to remove from page heading (separated by comma or ENTER),[COM_PLUGINS_AUTOENABLE_FIELDSET_LABEL] => Autoenable,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_COMPONENTS_ENABLE_LABEL] => Autoenabled components,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_COMPONENTS_ENABLE_DESC] => Always enable for the following components. Insert the components urls comma separated. Example: com_content, com_k2. This can be found in the URL when friendly URLs are disabled,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_CONTENT_EDITION_LABEL] => Enable for article edition,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_CONTENT_EDITION_DESC] => Automatically enable Mootools when editing content,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_ENABLE_COM_USERS_LABEL] => Enable frontend com_users,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_ENABLE_COM_USERS_DESC] => Automatically enable Mootools for user login, profile edit, etc.,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_DISABLE_WHEN_DEBUG_LABEL] => Disabled when site is debugging,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_FIELD_DISABLE_WHEN_DEBUG_DESC] => Disable mootools scripts and styles when the site debug mode is enabled in configuration?,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_OPTIONS] => Mootools enable/disable,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_HEADER_MOOTOOLS] => Mootools,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_ENABLE_MOOTOOLS_LABEL] => mootools,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_ENABLE_MOOTOOLS_DESC] => Do you want to enable mootools for this Itemid?,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_ENABLE_MOOTOOLS_MORE_LABEL] => mootools-more,[PLG_SYS_MOOTABLE_ENABLE_MOOTOOLS_MORE_DESC] => Do you want to enable mootools-more for this Itemid?,[PLG_SYSTEM_LOGOUT_XML_DESCRIPTION] => The system logout plugin enables Joomla to redirect the user to the home page if they choose to logout while they are on a protected access page.,[PLG_SYSTEM_LOGOUT] => System - Logout,[PLG_SYSTEM_LOGOUT_REDIRECT] => You have been redirected to the home page following logout.,[COM_RSFORM_PRODUCT_VERSION] => Version,[COM_RSFORM_COPYRIGHT_NAME] => Copyright,[COM_RSFORM_LICENSE_NAME] => License,[COM_RSFORM_UPDATE_CODE] => Update Code,[COM_RSFORM_PLEASE_ENTER_YOUR_CODE_IN_THE_CONFIGURATION] => Please enter your code in the Configuration.,[COM_RSFORM_WHERE_DO_I_FIND_THIS] => Where do I find this?,[COM_RSFORM_RSFIREWALL_APPROVED] => RSFirewall! Approved,[COM_RSFORM_COMMERCIAL] => Commercial,[RSFP_YES] => Yes,[RSFP_NO] => No,[RSFP_EVERYBODY] => Everybody,[RSFP_SAVE] => Save,[RSFP_CLOSE] => Close,[RSFP_MANAGE_FORMS] => Manage Forms,[RSFP_MANAGE_SUBMISSIONS] => Manage Submissions,[RSFP_MANAGE_DIRECTORY_SUBMISSIONS] => Manage Directories,[RSFP_BACKUP_RESTORE] => Backup / Restore,[RSFP_CONFIGURATION] => Configuration,[RSFP_UPDATES] => Check for Updates,[RSFP_SUPPORT] => Support,[RSFP_USER_GUIDE] => Documentation,[RSFP_PLUGINS] => Plugins,[RSFP_MODIFY_CODE] => Modify Code,[RSFP_UPDATE_CODE] => Update Code,[RSFP_REGISTRATION_SAVED] => Registration has been succesfully saved!,[COM_RSFORM_CONFIGURATION] => Configuration,[RSFP_VERSION] => Version,[RSFP_COPYRIGHT] => Copyright,[RSFP_LICENSE] => License,[RSFP_AUTHOR] => Author,[COM_RSFORM_SEARCH_FILTER_PLACEHOLDER] => Search. Prefix with ID: to search for a specific form ID.,[RSFP_FORM_TITLE] => Form Title,[RSFP_SHOW_FORM_TITLE] => Show Form Title,[RSFP_FORM_NAME] => Form Name,[RSFP_FORM_ID] => Form ID,[RSFP_TODAY_SUBMISSIONS] => Today: %d,[RSFP_MONTH_SUBMISSIONS] => This Month: %d,[RSFP_ALL_SUBMISSIONS] => All: %d,[RSFP_CLEAR_SUBMISSIONS] => Clear Submissions,[RSFP_EDITING_FORM] => Editing '%s',[RSFP_EDITING_DIRECTORY] => Editing '%s',[RSFP_EXPORTING] => Exporting (%s) From "%s",[LINK_TO_BACKEND_MENU] => Add To Backend Menu,[LINK_TO_BACKEND_REMOVE_MENU] => Remove from backend menu,[RSFP_LAST_LANGUAGE] => Last Language Used,[COM_RSFORM_ARE_YOU_SURE_YOU_WANT_TO_CLEAR] => Are you sure you want to clear this form's submissions?,[RSFP_FORM_ADDED_BACKEND] => The form has been successfully added to the backend! Access it from the Components menu.,[RSFP_FORM_REMOVED_BACKEND] => The form has been successfully removed from the backend!,[RSFP_FORM_SAVED] => The form has been successfully saved!,[RSFP_FORMS_DELETED] => %d forms have been deleted!,[RSFP_FORMS_COPIED] => %d forms have been copied!,[RSFP_FORMS_PUBLISHED] => %d forms have been successfully published!,[RSFP_FORMS_UNPUBLISHED] => %d forms have been successfully unpublished!,[RSFP_ITEMS_PUBLISHED] => %d items have been successfully published!,[RSFP_ITEMS_UNPUBLISHED] => %d items have been successfully unpublished!,[RSFP_PLEASE_MAKE_SELECTION_TO] => Please make a selection from the list to %s,[RSFP_CHANGES_SAVED] => Your changes have been saved.,[RSFP_RESEND] => resend,[RSFP_COPY] => copy,[RSFP_FORM_FIELD] => Form Field,[RSFP_YOU_ARE_EDITING_IN] => You are currently editing this form in %s. Fields that are translatable have been marked with a %s icon.,[RSFP_YOU_ARE_EDITING_IN_SHORT] => You are currently editing in %s.,[RSFP_YOU_ARE_EDITING_CONDITIONS_IN] => You are currently editing these conditions in %s.,[RSFP_FORM_FIELDS] => Standard Form Fields,[RSFP_ADVANCED_FORM_FIELDS] => Advanced Form Fields,[RSFP_MULTIPAGE] => Multipage,[RSFP_PAGE_BREAK] => Pagebreak,[RSFP_UPDATE] => Update,[RSFP_REMOVE_COMPONENT] => Remove Field :: Click here to remove this field.,[RSFP_REMOVE_COMPONENT_CONFIRM] => Are you sure you want to remove the field '%s'?,[RSFP_EDIT_COMPONENT] => Edit Field :: Click here to edit this field.,[RSFP_COMP_TEXTBOX] => Textbox,[RSFP_COMP_TEXTAREA] => Textarea,[RSFP_COMP_DROPDOWN] => Dropdown,[RSFP_COMP_CHECKBOX] => Checkbox Group,[RSFP_COMP_RADIO] => Radio Group,[RSFP_COMP_SUBMITBUTTON] => Submit Button,[RSFP_COMP_PASSWORD] => Password,[RSFP_COMP_FILE] => File Upload,[RSFP_COMP_FREETEXT] => Free Text,[RSFP_COMP_CALENDAR] => Calendar,[RSFP_COMP_JQUERY_CALENDAR] => Date and Time Picker,[RSFP_COMP_BUTTON] => Button,[RSFP_COMP_RANGE_SLIDER] => Range Slider,[RSFP_COMP_IMAGEBUTTON] => Image Button,[RSFP_COMP_CAPTCHA] => CAPTCHA Antispam,[RSFP_COMP_HIDDEN] => Hidden Field,[RSFP_COMP_TICKET] => Support Ticket,[RSFP_COMP_BIRTHDAY] => Birthday Field,[RSFP_COMP_GMAP] => Google Map,[RSFP_CAPTION] => Caption,[COM_RSFORM_FIELDS_REMOVED] => %d fields have been removed.,[RSFP_ADD_NEW_ROW] => Add New Row,[RSFP_DELETE_ROW] => Delete Row,[RSFP_ROW_OPTIONS] => Options,[RSFP_GRID_LAYOUT] => Grid Layout,[RSFP_GRID_OPTIONS] => Select the number of columns,[RSFP_GRID_ONE_COLUMN] => One column,[RSFP_GRID_TWO_COLUMNS] => Two columns,[RSFP_GRID_THREE_COLUMNS] => Three columns,[RSFP_GRID_FOUR_COLUMNS] => Four columns,[RSFP_GRID_CANNOT_REMOVE_ROW] => Cannot remove a row that has fields - please place the fields in another row or remove them first.,[RSFP_GRID_REMOVE_ROW_CONFIRM] => Are you sure you want to remove this row?,[RSFP_GRID_HIDDEN_FIELDS] => Hidden Fields,[RSFP_GRID_NOTHING_TO_PASTE] => Nothing to paste,[RSFP_GRID_PASTE_ITEMS] => Paste below (%d items),[RSFP_GRID_CUT] => Cut,[RSFP_GRID_PUBLISHED] => Published,[RSFP_GRID_UNPUBLISHED] => Unpublished,[RSFP_GRID_NOTHING_TO_PUBLISH] => Nothing to publish,[RSFP_GRID_CANT_CHANGE_REQUIRED] => Can't set as required,[RSFP_GRID_SET_AS_REQUIRED] => Required,[RSFP_GRID_SET_AS_NOT_REQUIRED] => Not Required,[RSFP_HIDDEN_FIELD_PLACEHOLDER] => -- HIDDEN FIELD --,[RSFP_PHP_CODE_PLACEHOLDER] => -- PHP CODE --,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_NAME] => Name,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_NAME_DESC] => This is used internally to reference this field (eg. through a placeholder).,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_CAPTION] => Caption,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_CAPTION_DESC] => This is the caption that appears on your form next to the field.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_REQUIRED] => Required,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_REQUIRED_DESC] => Mark this field as mandatory.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SIZE] => Size,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SIZE_DESC] => This is the HTML size attribute for the field. If you want to change the width consider using CSS instead.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_FILESIZE] => File Size (KB),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_FILESIZE_DESC] => Configure the maximum allowable size for the uploaded file, in kilobytes eg. 1024 will allow files up to 1 megabyte to be uploaded.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAXSIZE] => Max Size,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAXSIZE_DESC] => This is the maximum number of characters that can be typed in this field eg. 255,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOW_CHAR_COUNT] => Show Character Count,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOW_CHAR_COUNT_DESC] => This will display a paragraph showing the character count.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONRULE] => Validation Rule,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONMULTIPLE] => Multiple Validation Rules,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONMESSAGE] => Validation Message,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONMESSAGE_DESC] => This is the message displayed if field is required and not filled in or if it fails validation.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONEXTRA] => Extra Accepted Characters,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONEXTRAREGEX] => Regex Syntax,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONEXTRASAMEAS] => Field Name To Compare With,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ADDITIONALATTRIBUTES] => Additional Attributes,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ADDITIONALATTRIBUTES_DESC] => Specify additional HTML attributes for this field eg. autocomplete="off",[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATENEXTPAGE] => Validate When Changing Page?,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATENEXTPAGE_DESC] => Validate the current page through AJAX when attempting to advance to the next page.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DISPLAYPROGRESS] => Display Progress Text?,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DISPLAYPROGRESS_DESC] => Enabling this option will insert a progress bar in your form (usable for multi-page scenarios),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DISPLAYPROGRESSMSG] => Progress Message,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DISPLAYPROGRESSMSG_DESC] => Add a message to your progress bar. HTML code is allowed. Placeholders available: {page}, {total}, {percent}.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DEFAULTVALUE] => Default Value,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DEFAULTVALUE_DESC] => Type in a default value for this field.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DESCRIPTION] => Description,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DESCRIPTION_DESC] => Type in a description. Depending on the Form Layout you select, this will appear as a descriptive text next to the field or through a popup.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_COMPONENTTYPE] => Component Type,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_COLS] => Cols,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_COLS_DESC] => Number of columns.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ROWS] => Rows,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ROWS_DESC] => Number of rows.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MULTIPLE] => Multiple,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MULTIPLE_DESC] => If you want allow the selection of multiple values, set this to Yes.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ITEMS] => Items,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ITEMS_DESC] => The actual items of this input field. Add one value per line, and you can specify a value and a label by separating them with a pipeline | character. e.g. red|Red Dress.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_FLOW] => Flow,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_FLOW_DESC] => Choose how you want to display multiple options.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAXSELECTIONS] => Max Selections,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAXSELECTIONS_DESC] => Limit the number of selections. 0 means unlimited.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DATEFORMAT] => Date Format,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DATEFORMAT_DESC] => The format of the selected date.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_CALENDARLAYOUT] => Calendar Layout,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_CALENDARLAYOUT_DESC] => Controls how the calendar is displayed. Popup will add a button that will popup the calendar.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_LABEL] => Label,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_LABEL_DESC] => This is the label that appears on your button.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_RESET] => Show Reset Button,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_RESET_DESC] => Display a reset button on your form (clicking it resets all field values).,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_RESETLABEL] => Reset Button Label,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_RESETLABEL_DESC] => This is the label that appears on the reset button.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_LENGTH] => Length,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_LENGTH_DESC] => Input the length of the code.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_BACKGROUNDCOLOR] => Background Color,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_BACKGROUNDCOLOR_DESC] => Specify a background color in hexadecimal notation. Example: #FFFFFF.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TEXTCOLOR] => Text Color,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TEXTCOLOR_DESC] => Specify the text color in hexadecimal notation. Example: #000000.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VIEW_TYPE] => View Type,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_NEXTBUTTON] => Next Button Label,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_NEXTBUTTON_DESC] => This is the label that appears on the next page button.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_PREVBUTTON] => Prev Button Label,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_PREVBUTTON_DESC] => This is the label that appears on the previous page button.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_PREFIX] => File Prefix (leave blank for default),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_PREFIX_DESC] => Files will automatically have a random prefix added to their filename. Either type in another prefix or generate a new one through a PHP code below.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_IMAGETYPE] => Image Generation,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_IMAGETYPE_DESC] => Choose how to generate the image. FreeType generates a nicer image, Invisible will not display Captcha but will add a hidden field to your form as a spamtrap.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TYPE] => Type,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TYPE_DESC] => Choose which characters to use when generating the code.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ACCEPTEDFILES] => Accepted extensions (use enter to add after typing in),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ACCEPTEDFILES_DESC] => Use this field to configure the accepted file extensions. Specify an extension and press enter to specify another eg. jpg,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ACCEPTEDFILESIMAGES] => Allow Only Images,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ACCEPTEDFILESIMAGES_DESC] => Set this to Yes if you would like to only allow images to be uploaded. You can also resize them.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_THUMBSIZE] => Thumb Width (Pixels),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_THUMBSIZE_DESC] => Specify the width of the thumbnail, in pixels. Use 0 if you do not want to create a thumb, keeping the original image instead.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_THUMBQUALITY] => Thumb Quality (Percent),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_THUMBQUALITY_DESC] => Specify the quality of the resulting JPEG thumbnail.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DESTINATION] => Destination,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DESTINATION_DESC] => Configure the path where uploaded files will be stored. The default value should suffice but feel free to type in another path.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SANITIZEFILENAME] => Sanitize Filename,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SANITIZEFILENAME_DESC] => Set this to Yes if you want the filename to be lowercased, transliterated and stripped of characters that are not in the alphanumeric range.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_FILESSEPARATOR] => Separator,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_FILESSEPARATOR_DESC] => Set the separator to use when displaying multiple values.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MINFILES] => Minimum Uploads,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MINFILES_DESC] => Require a minimum amount of files to be uploaded in this field.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAXFILES] => Maximum Uploads,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAXFILES_DESC] => Require a maximum amount of files to be uploaded in this field. Use 0 for unlimited.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MULTIPLEPLUS] => 'Add More Files' Button,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MULTIPLEPLUS_DESC] => Set this to Yes if you would like to add more files by clicking a button.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWIMAGEPREVIEW] => Show Image Preview,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWIMAGEPREVIEW_DESC] => Set this to Yes if you would like to automatically load the image and display it below the input.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TEXT] => Text,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TEXT_DESC] => Insert your text here. Can contain HTML code.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_IMAGERESET] => Image Reset,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_IMAGEBUTTON] => Image URL,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_IMAGEBUTTON_DESC] => This is the URL to the image you want to show on your button.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWREFRESH] => Show Refresh,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWREFRESH_DESC] => Choose if you want to display a refresh link next to the image. Clicking it will generate a new image.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_REFRESHTEXT] => Refresh Text,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_REFRESHTEXT_DESC] => This is the text that appears on the refresh link next to the image.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_READONLY] => Readonly,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_READONLY_DESC] => Make the input field read-only (cannot be typed in).,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_POPUPLABEL] => Popup Label,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_POPUPLABEL_DESC] => If the Popup layout is being used, you can add the label of the button that triggers it,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_CHARACTERS] => Characters,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_CHARACTERS_DESC] => Choose which characters to use when generating the code.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ATTACHUSEREMAIL] => Attach User Email,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ATTACHADMINEMAIL] => Attach Admin Email,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_WYSIWYG] => Enable WYSIWYG Editor,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_WYSIWYG_DESC] => Enabling this option will load the WYSIWYG editor in the frontend.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_WYSIWYGBUTTONS] => Show Editor Buttons,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_WYSIWYGBUTTONS_DESC] => Enabling this option will display the editor-xtd plugin buttons below the editor.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOW] => Show in front-end?,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_PBKEY] => Public Key,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_PRKEY] => Private Key,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_THEME] => Theme,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_THEME_DESC] => Select one of the pre-defined themes, light or dark.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MINDATE] => Min Date (m/d/Y),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MINDATE_DESC] => The submitter will not be able to select a date below the one specified here. Custom PHP codes can be used in between the //&lt;code&gt; and //&lt;/code&gt; tags,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAXDATE] => Max Date (m/d/Y),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAXDATE_DESC] => The submitter will not be able to select a date past the one specified in this field. Custom PHP codes can be used in between the //&lt;code&gt; and //&lt;/code&gt; tags,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_PRICE] => Price,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_EMAILATTACH] => Attach file to,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_EMAILATTACH_DESC] => You can attach the uploaded files to configured emails. Hold down CTRL and click to select and deselect.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_BUTTONTYPE] => Button Type,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_BUTTONTYPE_DESC] => Choose which HTML tag to use to generate the button.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWDAY] => Show Day Selector,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWDAY_DESC] => Allow the user to choose the day.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWMONTH] => Show Month Selector,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWMONTH_DESC] => Allow the use to choose the month.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWMONTHTYPE] => Month Display,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWMONTHTYPE_DESC] => Select how the months will display.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_PLACEHOLDER] => Placeholder,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_PLACEHOLDER_DESC] => Add a HTML5 placeholder attribute.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_INPUTTYPE] => Type,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_INPUTTYPE_DESC] => Choose a HTML5 input type.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SLIDERTYPE] => Slider Type,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SLIDERTYPE_DESC] => Single sliders provide a single marker. Double sliders provide two markers to select two values (from - to).,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALUES] => Values,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALUES_DESC] => Add specific values. Please add each value on a new line.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SKIN] => Skin,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SKIN_DESC] => Choose a skin type.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MINVALUE] => Minimum Value,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MINVALUE_DESC] => Set the minimum value that the marker can reach.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAXVALUE] => Maximum Value,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAXVALUE_DESC] => Set the maximum value that the marker can reach.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_GRID] => Show Grid,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_GRID_DESC] => Shows the grid below the slider.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_GRIDSNAP] => Grid Snap,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_GRIDSNAP_DESC] => Snap grid to sliders step (Grid Step field).,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_GRIDSTEP] => Grid Step,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_GRIDSTEP_DESC] => Set the step for the grid.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_FORCEEDGES] => Force Edges,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_FORCEEDGES_DESC] => Slider will be always inside it's container.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_FROMFIXED] => From Fixed,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_FROMFIXED_DESC] => Forces the first marker to remain fixed (cannot be moved).,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TOFIXED] => To Fixed,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TOFIXED_DESC] => Forces the second marker to remain fixed (cannot be moved).,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_KEYBOARD] => Allow Keyboard Controls,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_KEYBOARD_DESC] => Allows users to modify the slider using the keyboard, through the LEFT and RIGHT arrows.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_USEVALUES] => Use Values,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_USEVALUES_DESC] => Allows you to add specific values for the slider instead of a Minimum Value and Maximum Value.,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_MONTH_TYPE_01] => Number with leading zero (01),[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_MONTH_TYPE_1] => Number without leading zero (1),[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_MONTH_TYPE_TEXT_SHORT] => Short (Jan),[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_MONTH_TYPE_TEXT_LONG] => Long (January),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWDAYTYPE] => Day Display,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWDAYTYPE_DESC] => Toggle if you want to display the leading zero in numbers.,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_DAY_TYPE_01] => Number with leading zero (01),[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_DAY_TYPE_1] => Number without leading zero (1),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWYEAR] => Show Year Selector,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWYEAR_DESC] => Allow the user to choose the year.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_STARTYEAR] => Start Year,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_STARTYEAR_DESC] => The starting year.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ENDYEAR] => End Year,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ENDYEAR_DESC] => The ending year.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DATESEPARATOR] => Date Separator,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DATESEPARATOR_DESC] => Change the date separator to something that fits your scenario,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DATEORDERING] => Fields Ordering,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_DATEORDERING_DESC] => You can choose the order of the date drop-downs.,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_DMY] => Day, Month, Year,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_MDY] => Month, Day, Year,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_YMD] => Year, Month, Day,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_YDM] => Year, Day, Month,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_MYD] => Month, Year, Day,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_DYM] => Day, Year, Month,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWDAYPLEASE] => Show 'Please Select' on Day Selector - leave blank to remove,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWDAYPLEASE_DESC] => Name of the first item that will represent the according drop-down, leave blank to remove,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWMONTHPLEASE] => Show 'Please Select' on Month Selector - leave blank to remove,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWMONTHPLEASE_DESC] => Name of the first item that will represent the according drop-down, leave blank to remove,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWYEARPLEASE] => Show 'Please Select' on Year Selector - leave blank to remove,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_SHOWYEARPLEASE_DESC] => Name of the first item that will represent the according drop-down, leave blank to remove,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONRULE_DATE] => Validation Rule,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONRULE_DATE_DESC] => Validate user input against a pre-defined validation rule.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATION_ALLOW_INCORRECT_DATE] => Allow Incorrect Dates (eg. 31 Feb 2013),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATION_ALLOW_INCORRECT_DATE_DESC] => Choose if you want to allow invalid selections.,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_FROMTODAY] => From today (including today),[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_FROMTOMORROW] => From tomorrow,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_BEFORETODAYEXCLUDING] => Until today (excluding today),[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_BEFORETODAYINCLUDING] => Until today (including today),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONCALENDAR] => Date Modifier,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONCALENDAR_DESC] => Choose to link this calendar to another calendar on your form.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONCALENDAROFFSET] => Date Offset,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONCALENDAROFFSET_DESC] => Choose how many days to add or subtract.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONDATE] => Date Validation,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_VALIDATIONDATE_DESC] => Set this to Yes if you'd like to validate the date upon submission based on the current date format.,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_NO_DATE_MODIFIER] => No Modifier,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_STORELEADINGZERO] => Store Leading Zero in Day/Month?,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_STORELEADINGZERO_DESC] => Choose if you want to save the leading 0. e.g. 06 or 6,[RSFP_CALENDAR_SETS_MINDATE] => Selected date becomes '%s' minimum date,[RSFP_CALENDAR_SETS_MAXDATE] => Selected date becomes '%s' maximum date,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAPWIDTH] => Map Width,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAPWIDTH_DESC] => Set the width of the Google Map specified in pixels.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAPHEIGHT] => Map Height,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAPHEIGHT_DESC] => Set the height of the Google Map specified in pixels.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAPCENTER] => Map Center,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAPCENTER_DESC] => Set the coordinates to center the Google Map on load.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_REQUESTLOCATION] => Request Current Location,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_REQUESTLOCATION_DESC] => Set this to Yes if you would like to ask the user to supply his current location on the map.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAPZOOM] => Map Zoom,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAPZOOM_DESC] => Configure the default zoom level for the map.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAPRESULT] => Result Output,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAPRESULT_DESC] => Choose between showing the address or the actual coordinates when moving the map pointer.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAPTYPE] => Map Type,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAPTYPE_DESC] => Choose between four types of maps available within the Google Maps.,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_COORDINATES] => Coordinates,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_ADDRESS] => Address,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_ROADMAP] => Roadmap,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_SATELLITE] => Satellite,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_HYBRID] => Hybrid,[RSFP_COMP_FVALUE_TERRAIN] => Terrain,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_GEOLOCATION] => Enable Geolocation Search,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_GEOLOCATION_DESC] => A list of suggestions will appear while typing in the address.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MINDATEJQ] => Min Date (m/d/Y H:i),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MINDATEJQ_DESC] => The submitter will not be able to select a date below the one specified here. Custom PHP codes can be used in between the //&lt;code&gt; and //&lt;/code&gt; tags.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAXDATEJQ] => Max Date (m/d/Y H:i),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAXDATEJQ_DESC] => The submitter will not be able to select a date past the one specified in this field. Custom PHP codes can be used in between the //&lt;code&gt; and //&lt;/code&gt; tags.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ALLOWDATERE] => Allowed Dates Regex (m/d/Y),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ALLOWDATERE_DESC] => The calendar will display only the dates that matches the regex specified here.
eg. <code>\d{2}/25/\d{4}</code> - this will match any month in any year but only the 25th day can be selected.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ALLOWDATES] => Allowed Dates (m/d/Y),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ALLOWDATES_DESC] => Only the dates specified here will be allowed. Add one value per line. Custom PHP code can be used in between the //&lt;code&gt; and //&lt;/code&gt; tags.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TIMEPICKER] => Display Timepicker,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TIMEPICKER_DESC] => Allow the user to specify his own time (hour and minute) by selecting options from a list next to the calendar.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TIMEPICKERFORMAT] => Timepicker format (eg. H:i),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TIMEPICKERFORMAT_DESC] => This option will allow you to define the timepicker display format,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TIMESTEP] => Minute Step (eg. 10),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TIMESTEP_DESC] => This option will allow you to set the minute intervals.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MINTIMEJQ] => Min Time (H:i),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MINTIMEJQ_DESC] => The submitter will not be able to select an hour before the one specified here. Custom PHP codes can be used in between the //&lt;code&gt; and //&lt;/code&gt; tags,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAXTIMEJQ] => Max Time (H:i),[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_MAXTIMEJQ_DESC] => The submitter will not be able to select an hour past the one specified in this field. Custom PHP codes can be used in between the //&lt;code&gt; and //&lt;/code&gt; tags,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ATTRMIN] => Minimum Value,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ATTRMIN_DESC] => This is the minimum value (number) allowed for the input field.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ATTRMAX] => Maximum Value,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ATTRMAX_DESC] => This is the maximum value (number) allowed for the input field.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ATTRSTEP] => Step,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_ATTRSTEP_DESC] => This is the step for the input field. If you want to allow decimals, consider adding 0.1 here instead of 1.,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TICKETTYPE] => Type,[RSFP_COMP_FIELD_TICKETTYPE_DESC] => Choose what ticket type would you like
Random - Generates a random string based on your characters selection.